June 2011 Podcasts


June 2011 Podcasts

Craig David auditions for Family Fortunes - 1st June 2011 Scott is considering taking part in Family Fortunes but thinks his real family won't be much help. He auditions Craig David to play the part of his brother.
Plus, so much more fun you won't know what do with it all!
The Blue Peter Challenge - 2nd June 2011 Chris takes his Blue Peter badge out in London to see if he can still get in free at some of the popular tourist spots.

Plus, top up on your Scott Mills Points courtesy of Springwatch...

Nicola Roberts Exclusive - 3rd June 2011 Scott gets the first play of the debut solo single from Nicola Roberts, off of Girls Aloud. She comes in to the studio to and talks about doing the 'shuffle' and Cheryl Cole (well not much!)

Scott and Becky have found a new diet plan courtesy of Brian Butterfield.


Its Only Bley Friday! - 6th June 2011 Bring on the weekend! After going to BGT's live show Scott reveals what he thinks about some of the contestants.

Plus, your chance for some Scott Mills Points!

The Baseballs - 7th June 2011 Scott's favourite German coverband The Baseballs are in the studio talking The Hoff and Uncle Kracker!

Plus, more auditions to play Scott's family.

Innuendo Bingo is back! - 8th June 2011 Innuendo Bingo makes a welcome return...and we've missed it!

Scott's friend Chris decides he wants to be a 'Real Life Superhero' so he investigates how to be part of the gang!

Plus, we learn what classics tracks can help you get an A (but not really, so don't do it!)

Hayley from Paramore - 9th June 2011 Scott's v excited as Hayley from Paramore calls up for a chat. Plus, Charlie Brooker's amazing way of dealing with haters, Beccy's 24 addiction and we finally reveal Chris's superhero name.
The Sexy Mexican - 10th June 2011 Scott's friend Chris becomes Pinner's No. 1 Superhero - The Sexy Mexican. Plus, the PR4L reads out your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
Innuendo Bingo... in the pub! - 15th June 2011 Scott takes Innuendo Bingo to the next level, by sending Chris to play in the pub. Plus, demand grows for the Sexy Mexican, Scott has a girlfriend dilemma and win some Scott Mills Points in our one-off Jennifer Lopez game.
Posh Farts and Wedding Gifts - 16th June 2011 You don't expect trumps on Radio 4, but our listeners have found one. Plus, our new Jeremy Kyle song, drunken ladies at the racing, Kim Kardashian's wedding list, our favourite Newsbeat reporter ever and the Twitter game with Matt Edmondson.
The Worlds Shortest Download... 20th June 2011 Yep. We think this might be it! Enjoy all 58 seconds of Scott screaming over an amazing Bollywood track to celebrate the start of the weekend.
Cher Lloyd - 21st June 2011 X Factor star Cher Lloyd pops in for a chat. Plus, Scott thinks he's psychic and the return of one of our favourite games Just For The Pun Of It.
Innuendo Bingo: The Duel - 22nd June 2011 Listener Elisa challenges Beccy to an Innuendo Bingo Duel, but who will come off drenched?! Plus, Chris wants to become a TV narrator and Scott gets stuck in some v skinny jeans. Ouch!
The Comments Game - 23rd June 2011 Beccy and Mistajam off 1Xtra try and guess the headline in Scott's brilliant new game. Plus, Scott and Beccy are on a date tonight - but where are they going? They won't say!!
Jason Derulo - 24th June 2011 Jason shows off his brilliant English accent, his almost fluent French and his incredible dancing. Plus, your chance to win more Scott Mills Points with our Eastenders game and the Posh Radio 4 lady reads your Dear Scotts.
Truth Or Dare - 29th June 2011 It's Chris's turn to play Truth or Dare... but what will he choose?! Plus, Unlucky Gary has an interesting encounter with Beyonce and Jay-Z.

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