May 2009 Podcasts


May 2009 Podcasts

Beccy annoys Chappers again - 1st May 2009 Beccy's come up with another annoying game involving Chappers on the phone. Will she finally win the prank war? Plus, your letters in Dear Scott and a "drunk" Hugh Jackman calls Lorraine Kelly on Oh! What's Occurring.
Its Only Bley Friday! - 4th May 2009 The weekend is finally here and Scott is very excited as he's got almost 500 people coming round for a party!
Scouting For Girls - 5th May 2009 The boys hung out with us for the whole show - playing Oh! What's Occurring, writing songs on the Beckycam and generally being very excited about Radio 1's Big Weekend!
Jack Penate - 6th May 2009 Jack came in to talk about Radio 1's Big Weekend and hang out on the Beckycam! Plus, Sam the internet guy reads his very exciting Twitters in the street, Scott's thrown out some bin bags and Oh! What's Occurring!
Tinchy Stryder - 7th May 2009 The number 1 himself popped in for a chat on Beccycam. Plus some very interesting missed connections in Beccy's Classifieds and Nick Grimshaw singing power ballads on a powerplate machine for Oh! What's Occurring.
Time Travel - 11th May 2009 Scott's on Breakfast whilst Chris is off on his jollies. The team reflect on the Big Weekend antics, Scott contemplates time travel and the posh Radio 4 lady reads us out the latest Dear Scotts. Plus more Oh What's Occurin' and Fightstar appear to have made up a dodgy new cheese called Portaloo…
The Old People Are Back - 12th May 2009 Scott had an incident with a sock and a lady-wipe whilst getting ready for the Brits last night. Those brilliant old people are back describing celebrities. The team review the TV programme Extreme Male Beauty and discuss random tattoos… Scott's thinking about getting one. Mr Methane strikes again on Oh What's Occurin and Wing makes an appearance on Dear Scott.
Angry Ringtones - 13th May 2009 We learn the amazing Japanese method of learning really useful phrases in a different language.  Scott has a growing concern that he can't bring himself to ever say goodbye, and why do some countries have such angry ringtones? Plus more Oh What's Occurin', some great Dear Scotts including whether Chappers warrants being called 'talent' and some really random offers and requests in Beccy's Classifieds.
Scott Mills The Musical - 14th May 2009 Scott hates feeling left out and is relieved to discover there is an actual condition called 'FOMO' or 'Fear Of Missing Out'.  Breaking news, Scott Mills The Musical is actually going ahead! Plus Scott pretends to be a lady on Oh! What's Occurin, more Dear Scotts and just how gutting it is to be told by the girl you fancy that you're like a brother to her - rubbish.
Uncle Scott - 15th May 2009 Good news! Scott is going to be an uncle - but is that such good news for the baby? Beccy discovers her fat age, and The One That Doesn't Speak has a hot encounter on Oh What's Occurin. Scott finds out he's not only a FOMO, but also a PHOMO. Plus more amazing old people celebrity descriptions and classic Dear Scotts.
Tim Minchin - 18th May 2009 It's Best Guest week this week and Beccy makes an impressive start with her guest, comedian Tim Minchin. He has a tinkle on the ivories and gives Scott some much-needed tips for his upcoming musical. More Dear Scotts and Beccy gets some beauty advice whereas Chappers gets a slating. We marvel at pop sensations the Dollyrockers. Plus Stupid Street is in full force on Oh! What's Occurin'
DJ Talent - 19th May 2009 It's day two of Best Guest week and Scott has DJ Talent in the studio who tells all about his new-found fame and performs an exclusive rap just for the show. Plus more suggestions for the Scott Mills Musical, some useful Dear Scotts and, of course, Oh! What's Occurin' where Bear Grylls shows off his skills with a whoopie cushion.
The Dolly Rockers - 20th May 2009 We're on day three of Best Guest week and Scott puts in some strong competition with his choice The Dolly Rockers! Beccy's found some amazing and useful Classifieds this week including a rug made of an ex-boyfriend's shirt. More Carry On innuendos in Oh! What's Occurin' and, of course, Dear Scott where people are getting itchy for Scott Mills The Musical tickets.
Zoe Salmon - 21st May 2009 It's Day 4 of Best Guest week and today is the choice of Chappers although he isn't here as he's watching the Cricket in Leeds! After a last minute change of plan, Zoe Salmon is today's guest and Scott tries some very uncomfortable flirting. We also talk about novelty underwear and whether DJ Talent is infact the new Sacha Baron Cohen. The posh Radio 4 lady reads out more of your letters in Dear Scott, and the team realise how much they have talked about food this week in Oh! What's Occurin'!
Hairy Bristolian - 22nd May 2009 Today is the final day of Best Guest week and it's the choice of Tulip off of the news! She continues the trend of quality guests by getting the team to eat Sushi of a hairy Bristolian. We also talk about people who have unfortunate names and hear more listener song suggestions for Scott Mills the Musical. There are more of your letters in Dear Scott, and hear what happens when Scott decided to hug random strangers in Oh! What's Occurin'!
Learning English - 27th May 2009 We've found a brilliant lady who teaches American's to speak with a British accent. Plus, more song suggestions for the musical, jock straps, Rasmus toasters and Rav from Crimewatch and Steve Coogan on Oh! What's Occurring!

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Its Only Bley Friday! - 4th May 2009Download
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Jack Penate - 6th May 2009Download
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Time Travel - 11th May 2009Download
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Scott Mills The Musical - 14th May 2009Download
Uncle Scott - 15th May 2009Download
Tim Minchin - 18th May 2009Download
DJ Talent - 19th May 2009Download
The Dolly Rockers - 20th May 2009Download
Zoe Salmon - 21st May 2009Download
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