June 2006 Podcasts


June 2006 Podcasts

Checking Girlfriends Texts - 1st June 2006 Should a listener check his girlfriend's text messages while she is out.  Has she been up to something she shouldn't have been???
Hello Sailor - 5th June 2006 Scott's gullible mum gets her revenge!
Sugababes - 6th June 2006 The Sugababes call a record store to ask about their own single.
Self help call - 7th June 2006 Scott calls an amusement arcade and plays clips from Laura's self help tape.  How will they react to the offer of help?
Lloyd calls a cinema - 12th June 2006 Resident mini comedian Lloyd calls a cinema to complain about the film being rubbish.
Ant and Dec host our new quiz - 13th June 2006 Ant & Dec join Scott in the studio to talk about their new quiz and how they're quiz moguls now!
Lloyd calls a publisher - 13th June 2006 Mini mischief maker Lloyd continues his reign of telephony based terror by calling a publisher with his ideas.
Gay bombs and bad seduction - 14th June 2006 Imagine a bomb dropping that turns everyone gay - like the actual story off of the news. Plus embarrassing tapes from your childhood and we re-enact duff seduction techniques.
Lloyd calls a publisher - 14th June 2006 Is there no end to the anarchy created by mini mischief maker Lloyd? This time he's calling up a convenience store.
Scott calls a German hotel - 20th June 2006 Scott called a hotel in Germany pretending he was interviewing a German footballers wife and needed help with the translation. Listen and find out what happens when the helpful German receptionist is made to translate some very strange phrases.
More fun with German phrases - 21st June 2006 Scott discovers the actual most offensive phrase in the German language... and of course he has to make some calls with it!

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