July 2006 Podcasts


July 2006 Podcasts

Lloyd calls a shop - 14th July 2006 Is there no end to the anarchy created by mini mischief maker Lloyd? This time he's calling up a convenience store.
Orson and Lloyd make some calls - 18th July 2006 Orson make a call about running over a cat and Lloyd calls one of the most exclusive hotels in the world.
Nikki from Big Brother 7 - 19th July 2006 Nikki from Big Brother 7 came in for a chat with Scott. Check out the interview and hear her response to our prank call using clips of her diary room entries.
More fun with Orson and Lloyd - 20th July 2006 Orson make a signing telephone call to someone's boss with a special message and Lloyd calls to complain once more!
Orson make a proposal - 21st July 2006 It's more fun with Orson on the Scott Mills Show on BBC Radio 1. This time a listener uses them to propose marriage to her fella through the medium of song!
Robbie Williams interview - 24th July 2006 Robbie Williams calls up the Scott Mills show to talk about his new single.
Lloyd interviews Liverpool players - 25th July 2006 Lloyd heads to Anfield for the launch of the new Liverpool FC kit. He rang up Scott with some of the interviews he did with the players.
Janet Jackson interview - 26th July 2006 Scott Mills interviews Janet Jackson but what will her reaction be to Chappers' planned 'wardrobe malfuntion'?
Brilliant News - 27th July 2006 We get an update on the progress of Shannon who was featured on Random Act of Kindness a few weeks ago.
Flirt Divert - 31st July 2006 From the Scott Mills show on BBC Radio 1 - a selection of Flirt Divert messages from over the weekend.

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