January 2019 Podcasts


January 2019 Podcasts


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7th January 2019 The Return of Meat & 2 Veg Scott and Chris are back for the new year and there's so much they want to unload. Plus for the new year it's the return of Meat & Two Veg - Chris goes into a strange trance to decipher whether you are a meat eater or a vegan. 35:33.0
8th January 2019 Love Island Foxes & Fleas Should Scott go on celebrity Jeremy Kyle and if so what should the title be? "Are you sniffing my pants" maybe? Also, noisy foxes are back,  we have another round of Funny Business, and we try and help out some new applicants for Love Island. 29:22.0
9th January 2019 Double Tinder Trouble Chris has purchased a slightly odd item believing it will be worth a fortune, Bamboleo is back and we hear more of listener Ross' Tinder troubles - but things are not quite as they seem. 32:53.0
10th January 2019 Lewis Capaldi Sings Miley Cyrus Lewis Capaldi is here with the funniest interview ever and also treats us to a bit of karaoke. Also another listener endures Where Do You Think They Were, this one involves Toy Story - To infinity and beyond! 31:19.0
11th January 2019 Chris's Friday Extra Show: More Capaldi & More WDYTTW Everyone seems to love Lewis Capaldi after he appeared on the show, so Chris brings you an extended version of his interview. Plus extra naughtiness from this week's Where Do You Think They Were where listener Tom heard the grim details of when he was conceived and a classic from the Mills archive - When Chris Met Jennifer Anniston. 20:45.0
14th January 2019 Pin The Trunks On The Hunk? Scott baffles Chris by suddenly having a knack for footy chat, we find out all there is to know about Extreme Ironing in Ask Me Anything and need some hen party advice? Who do you turn to? Why, Scott and Chris of course! 32:14.0
15th January 2019 Theresa May is on the Phone! She has a really busy day but we speak to Theresa May, we have another excellent game of Funny Business and how did a listener get a date just from listening to our podcast? 23:24.0
16th January 2019 Big Bamboleo It’s Wednesday and we have an epic Bamboleo Gap, Lewis Capaldi sends us something very special and the big announcement that we were going to make but didn’t know what it was? Well we still didn’t know...so we made one up and it seems to have excited a lot of you. 32:02.0
17th January 2019 Benidorm Beach Baby Another Where Do You Think They Were, this time last week’s victim Tom’s sister Olivia hears the grim details of a trip her parents made to Benidorm. Also listener Jack is back to read out a review someone gave him after a date and we speak to possibly the world’s biggest Harry Potter fan. 31:53.0
18th January 2019 Chris's Friday Extra Show: More Frolics In The Sand Chris brings more extra stuff including an extended 'Where Do You Think They Were' where Olivia hears the sordid details of fun and frolics her parents had in Benidorm and the whole un-cut story from Jack and his dodgy text from his ex. Also, to celebrate the return of Innuendo Bingo to the show, we have a classic from the archives at Echo Falls. 37:27.0
21st January 2019 Hello, I Lick Planes! Scott has watched a TV show that has made him throw everything out of his house, we speak to a listener that likes to lick planes and wonder what certain popstars may have on their washing lines! 38:29.0
22nd January 2019 Sigrid V Shazam Everyone’s favourite Norwegian, Sigrid is here and plays the Beat Shazam game and a caller has a great idea of how to put all the unused phone boxes to good use. 27:20.0
23rd January 2019 Remember Barry OBama? Did you go to school with a “Famous”? We get some suspicious sounding ones and we get an update from Rhianna the (lucky?) listener who won a bottle of the show’s own fragrance, “Love You Bye Scott” 35:38.0
24th January 2019 Screen 1 Row C Another Where Do You Think They Were makes listener Sam squirm as his Dad recalls a night at the cinema, we get the truth about Barry Obama and we have a pop emergency involving Dua Lipa! 33:40.0
25th January 2019 Chris's Friday Extra Show: Classic Innuendo Bingo From the Archives at Echo Falls Chris brings a classic Innuendo Bingo with Daniel Radcliffe. 13:43.0
28th January 2019 Bohemian Tragedy! We get reactions to our Instagram live session with Lewis Capaldi and they are not quite what we expected. Plus we have another round of the "Newsbeat" game, listen to you stress over your dissertations and speak to a man who foiled a burglary in Ask Me Anything. 32:03.0
29th January 2019 Refunders Beware! Are you a serial refunder? Buy clothes and send the straight back? We speak to an offender. Plus another game of Funny Business and is someone imitating Chris on Grindr? 29:52.0
30th January 2019 The Return Of Innuendo Bingo, The Big Reveal We speak to the ultimate serial returner – she can’t stop buying things just to return them the next day. Also we reveal our first guest for the return of Innuendo Bingo. 31:50.0
31st January 2019 The Postwoman and the Plumber It's Where Do You Think They Were and poor Billy has to endure a tale of a plumber with a poem. Also Scott is disappointed with Drake and the Gerry Cinnamon chant takes on a whole new level. 36:14.0

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