December 2018 Podcasts


December 2018 Podcasts


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Awks Pitch To Claude From The Apprentice Scott is back and so is the podcast! It’s Bamboleyo Wednesday, Scott’s had the cheapest haircut ever and Claude from The Apprentice hates us and our perfume! 40:23.0
French Horns & Beef Candles Another listener has to endure Where Do You Think They Were and this one involves an orchestra. Plus the show’s own fragrance is almost ready and Scott wonders if there is such thing as a beef candle. 35:59.0
Chris's Friday Extra Show: The Bridge Revisited More highlights of the week including an extended cut of Where Do You Think They Were with listener Abbey and her French Horn blowing mum, a look back at Claude from The Apprentice's reaction to our show fragrance and some classic archive of the opening of the Scott Mills bridge back in 2016. 32:25.0
The Return Of Francois The Nose Francois The Nose finally brings in the finished Show fragrance, but what's it like? Also Scott and Chris wonder how they can help Greg in his quest to provide the ultimate party for young carers (crab costume maybe?) and have you been a "liability" plus one at a Christmas party? Plus special podcast only, bonus archive as we recall a classic 24 Years At The Tap End episode. 43:33.0
David Guetta v Superfan Steve David Guetta gets the Superfan Steve treatment and on this podcast we have an extended version as well as another classic episode of 24 Years at the Tap End from the archives. Also Scott has to make an apology to a Knight of the Realm and a few listeners try to get their hands on the show’s new fragrance Love You Bye (Scott)! 52:30.0
A Festive Bamboleo It’s Bamboleo Wednesday with a really festive gap. Also Chris has a stamp with Whooo on it and is stamping everything, more of you want to get hold of our new fragrance and another classic episode of 24 Years At The Tap End. 42:31.0
Where Do You Think They Were - The Comedy Night Another cringe fest ensues as listener Sam gets the Where Do You Think They Were treatment, this time involving a half dozen oysters and brown nylon bed sheets. Plus a few more of you bid to win the only bottle of the show's fragrance and more classic 24 Years At The Tap End when Chris attempted to break the world record for eating chicken nuggets. 33:27.0
Chris's Friday Extra Show: Kunis Revisited Chris has more extra bits including an extended Where Do You Think They Were with listener Sam hearing all the grizzly details of when he was conceived. Also we hear the complaints of the complaints we received when Sir Cliff was cut short and a classic from the archives - when Chris met Mila Kunis, 15:21.0
Christmas Eve: Obviously a Halloween Special Tap End As an extra special Christmas Eve present – Chris and Scott delve in to the Archive and look back on a 24 Years at the Tap End Halloween Special 12:16.0
Christmas Day: Year 10 – I’m the Sunscreen Scott and Chris give you a Tap End as a Christmas Present: Chris goes on Work Experience and does a school assembly and ends with a massive sunscreen incident 11:55.0
Boxing Day: 24  Years At the Tap End- The Kavos Massage Chris reminisces about THAT Kavos massage incident in another Tap End Special 10:51.0
December 27th: Tap End Season Two Episode 32 Chris looks back on his German Exchange in 24 Years at the Tap End 13:00.0
December 28th: The Return of 24 years at the Tap End Chris discovers his new Uni Flatmate getting intimate with a Sock 12:50.0

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