January 2012 Podcasts


January 2012 Podcasts

Scotts back - 10th January 2012 Yesssssss, Scott's finally back from his holidays. Plus, Beccy's got a new business idea and we find out if it's acceptable to order pizza to A&E.
24 Years At the Tap End Returns - 11th January 2012 Becky enlightens Scott on ...expect more from this in 2012! Chris brings in the new year with more from his auto-bography '24 Years At The Tap End', this week featuring The Pizza Challenge!
Taxidermytastic - 12th January 2012 In the last 24 hours, Scott's decided to take up taxidermy and been Bhangra dancing with Nihal. Plus, animals peeing on you, extra long notes in songs and find out how easy it is to write David Guetta style hits.
Random Body Art - 13th January 2012 Another listener introduces the show and reveals a very strange tattoo. Plus, Scott's organising a restaurant opening, the PR4L has your Dear Scotts and some nudists appear in 24 Years At The Tap End.
Pant Throwing - 16th January 2012 Scott starts the weekend in style... by talking about throwing his pants at celebs. Plus, we phone an IT helpdesk which appears to be offering a very unique type of computer support.
Come On Kids - 17th January 2012 Bianca off Eastenders tries a Go On Pigs but gets it wrong. Plus, egg yolk sweats, old Radio 1 DJs singing and The Comments Game is back.
Innuendo Bingo - 18th January 2012 Beccy's off so Chris plays Innuendo Bingo by himself. Plus, more 24 Years At The Tap End, Hoo-Poes from Midsomer Murders and Chris's new obsession with Les Miserables.
Go On Pigs... - 19th January 2012 Beccy returns from The Alan Titchmarsh Show with an incredible revelation. Plus, injuring celebrities, saying no and Ed Sheeran gets mistaken for Braveheart.
Beccy Has Had An Accident... - 23rd January 2012 Oli from Hereford introduces the show, but why is he hanging around outside Radio 1? Also we find out why Beccy has a very nasty gash!
Scott gets his own back - 24th January 2012 After Beccy's fake 'Go On Pigs!' from last week, Scott gets his revenge. Plus, cat whispering, hospital emergency cord issues and Scott calling himself.
11th Year At The Tap End - 25th January 2012 Chris reads more from his auto-bography, plus passing out in restaurants, falling down wells, loads of 'Go On Pigs!'and some more Innuendo Bingo.
Scary 1940s Music - 26th January 2012 Scott's flatmate is starting to worry him as he's listening to some very strange old music. Plus, food deliveries gone wrong, Tilly the harmonica player and smelling of bacon.
Australia Day Fail - 27th January 2012 Chris's plans to celebrate Australia day end up a disaster. Plus, more 24 Years At The Tap End, the Jeremy Kyle game and your texts & emails in Dear Scott.
Marcus Collins - 30th January 2012 The X Factor runner up pops in for a chat. Plus, Scott starts the weekend with some shouty business and Official Show Introducer, Brad, shows off his incredible impressions.
Travie McCoy - 31st January 2012 The Gym Class Heroes boys pop in for a chat. Plus, accidentally kissing your mate's dad, asking Scott for a holiday and Jamie Oliver's winkles.

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