February 2012 Podcasts


February 2012 Podcasts

All Time Low - 1st February 2012 The boys drop in to talk fans, chicken, bras and showers. Plus, more 24 Years At The Tap End, a very wet Innuendo Bingo and has Gotye been covering old Dannii Minogue songs?
Harry Styles - 2nd February 2012 Scott and Beccy prank Harry Styles with random birthday songs. Plus, Chris chats to Hugh Grant in the loo and there's been a big Dannii Minogue misunderstanding.
Des Lynam reads a poem - 3rd February 2012 Tap End is an emotional one today as Chris cries at a poem read by Des Lynam. Plus, metal detecting, sitting in the shower and your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
Dappy - 6th February 2012 Dappy calls us to talk about Radio 1's Hackney Weekend. Plus actual Madonna introduces the show!
Bank Security or Quiz Show - 7th February 2012 Beccy phones Chris pretending to be from his bank and somehow manages to turn it into a game show! Plus, we're all about #sharetakecare this week - hear Scott's incredible cover of Westwood's 10 Slack Commandments.
Beccy does 24 Years At The Tap End - 8th February 2012 Beccy's done her own version of Chris's auto-bography but will it make him #sharetakecare? Plus, more actual Tap End, Scott dancing for Sport Relief and a very wet Innuendo Bingo.
Chris is such a good friend - 9th February 2012 Scott calls Chris to tell him he woke up with Beccy (who was in just her pants.) Obviously this was a lie, but is Chris a good enough friend to keep it a secret?
More from Chris autoBOGraphy - 10th February 2012 Chris relives moments of his misspent youth for your pleasure. From being thrown out of a foam party to buying energy drinks for girls he hadn't spoken to, this is podcast gold.
Its Only Bley Daniel Radcliffe - 13th February 2012 Daniel Radcliffe joins Scott. Hopefully he won't mind that Scott's never seen any of the Harry Potter films!
A Hero Is More Than Just A Sandwich - 14th February 2012 Can Chris and Scott get a German warm weather front named ‘Go on pigs?’ With Valentines Day looming Scott picks up some dating tips off of the 90ties from Beccy’s show and tell.
Innuendo Bingo - The Pea Duel - 15th February 2012 It's Valentine's Day, and what could be more romantic than listening to Becky and Chris spit soggy peas all over each other in the name of Innuendo Bingo!
High Vis Prankster - 16th February 2012 Scott’s is being pranked by a man in a high vis vest outside Radio 1. How many times did Adam the farmer say barley in country file? In Loose Lips Gary Pounder can’t manage to keep an embarrassing bodies secret for Scott.
Dosey Doe Your Partner - 17th February 2012 Scott might have developed a wee bit of a crush on his dance teacher. Does necking in the cinema still exist? Your questions are answered in Dear Scott. Chris covers barn dancing and egg and spoon in another instalment of Tap End.
Its Only Bley Friday - 20th February 2012 It's a very short download today but you still get Scott screaming and an amazing listener introduction.
Im the sunscreen... - 21st February 2012 Chris has an unfortunate incident in today's 24 Years At The Tap End involving teachers and some sun cream. Plus, win Scott Mills Points and Beccy has today's Show & Tell.
The Brits 2012! - 22nd February 2012 Scott is at the Brit Awards 2012 with all the behind the scenes and red carpet gossip. With interviews from Blur, Florence & The Machine, James Corden, One Direction, Kylie Minogue, Emeli Sande, JLS and many more. Beccy is the team’s photographer this year with some unexpected shots and Scott manages to disrupt the quiet spa area to the stars backstage.
OMD! (Oh My Dog) - 23rd February 2012 Scott has all the backstage gossip from the Brits last night. In Loose Lips Chris speaks to his mate who introduces ‘Oh My Dog!’ as a new phrase while Chris convinces him that they could win some money on the lottery but will he spills the beans? Chris gets drenched playing innuendo bingo on his own and Skrillex is spotted all over the shop.
Jeremy Kyle plays the Jeremy Kyle Game - 24th February 2012 Actual Jeremy Kyle bangs his head and hangs out in the ladies loo while playing the Jeremy Kyle game. In Tap End Chris has a full English with a smurf a shepherd and Harry Potter. Scott's well jell of Adele and wants to see what would happen if you flush all 15 toilets in her house at once. How are people stored in your phone?In your Dear Scott's the PR4L has the edge over Davina when it comes to translating smileys and top tips for speeding up your mum when she's shopping.
Only Bley The Hoff, Nicki Minaj and John Bishop! - 27th February 2012 The Hoff is Scott's special guest, plus Nicki Minaj and John Bishop call in!
Sara Cox in for Scott... - 28th February 2012 Scott's off so Sara's on instead. Win some Scott Mills Points with Fearne and Brian May and hear what noise Grimmy made when Sara's bum accidentally popped out.

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