One More Game – The Petition

One More Game – The Petition

Sign our petition and let's call on BBC bosses to give Scott and Chris #onemoregame.

Scott and Chris commentated on their final game for the World Cup tournament on Tuesday night, but we think there’s demand for another game before it all finishes. Clearly the viewers want it from the fact that #onemoregame was trending on Twitter, but we need to push bosses to make it happen. Sign our petition and let’s call on BBC bosses to give Scott and Chris #onemoregame.

One More Game


487 signatures

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Latest Signatures
487Su KenOnly Scott and Chris pleaseJun 28, 2014
486Ryan RhodesC'mon bbc, these guys are ace! Much more entertaining than Phil Neville! #onemorematch #whereisthepizzaJun 27, 2014
485maltese mariaone more gameJun 27, 2014
484Sally ClarkI loved Scott and Chris doing the alternative commentary!Jun 26, 2014
483Gia BrownONE MORE PLSJun 25, 2014
482Lucy RoxburghPlease! One More Game!Jun 23, 2014
481Connor MidgleyIt just goes without saying (of course?!)Jun 23, 2014
480Sam Taylor Very enjoyable commentary Jun 22, 2014
479Mark HousePlease keep the spirts alive with one more game. It will give me something to look forward tooJun 22, 2014
478Stephanie GomezPlease don't take this wonderful station from us! Many great series will be lost, especially In the Flesh! Jun 22, 2014
477Jenny TuppenBring them back!! You'll get way more viewers!! Jun 22, 2014
476Shinyi LeeJun 22, 2014
475kerry tollafieldI am all done with the World Cup unless Scott and Chris do some more alternative commentary!Jun 22, 2014
474Jamie LawrenceJun 22, 2014
473Katy TaylorPlease can we have one more commentary from Scott and Chris, they are much better than all the other commentatorsJun 22, 2014
472Clare HigginsJun 22, 2014
471Chloe BaileyJun 22, 2014
470Daniel Mayes I love football and this shows how hard it is to commentate Scott tries his hardest and Scott is just funny. #onemoregame #makeithappenbbcJun 21, 2014
469Ciara O'KeeffePlease one more game, it's the only thing that makes me watch the football on the BBCJun 21, 2014
468Shell Tam-litJun 21, 2014
467Carol HamiltonJun 21, 2014
466Serena MacroffJun 21, 2014
465Georgie ParkesThey're amazing - only way to make the football watchable Jun 21, 2014
464Jack RobertsCome on boys! Another game!!Jun 21, 2014
463Rosalyn TJun 21, 2014
462Georgia GreenJun 20, 2014
461Chris HughesONE MORE GAME!!Jun 20, 2014
460Miriam HauptFootball needs more funny, innovative, and outside the box commentary. So, one more game for Scott and Chris!Jun 20, 2014
459Claire McGinnessOne More Game!Jun 20, 2014
458Janet Dunstanplease put Scott on every game!!!Jun 20, 2014
457James robertOne more gameJun 20, 2014
456Justine PittJun 20, 2014
455Joe WCan they commentate ALL the games please?Jun 20, 2014
454Shirley ChenLove Scott and Chris's football commentary! 10 more games please 😉Jun 20, 2014
453Chris NewmanJun 20, 2014
452joshua cdo it you numptys!Jun 20, 2014
451billy tocher'one more game' Jun 19, 2014
450Alan Z#OneMoreGame, PleaseJun 19, 2014
449Jane CliftonBenny Hill!!!!!!Jun 19, 2014
448Ben WardJun 19, 2014
447Ashley BensteadJun 19, 2014
446Laura FarrowJun 19, 2014
445Joanna AstleyI love scott and Chris! Makes the football accessible to all Jun 19, 2014
444Matthew WestonThe only thing that made me watch the World Cup. They need at least one more game!Jun 19, 2014
443Nikki GriffinPlease let Scott and Chris commentate at least one more match. Scott's lack of football knowledge makes it so much fun!!Jun 19, 2014
442Laura SkittWatching World Cup matches without Scott & Chris is rubbish. Make my life less rubbish please!Jun 19, 2014
441Alistair BassettJun 19, 2014
440Mark EdwardsJun 19, 2014
439Dan WalkerJun 19, 2014
438Sophie GylesGive the people what they want - the starsigns of international footballers!Jun 19, 2014