How the internet reacted to Scott’s announcement


How the internet reacted to Scott’s announcement


News soon spread of Scott’s announcement that Beccy would be leaving the show. Here are some of the messages that followed.

Beccy’s final show with Scott Mills will be Friday 18 January 2013.



  1. Very sad news! @beccyhuxtable is leaving the @scott_mills show, and her last show will be on Friday.
  2. So our Beccy is leaving the show sadly, on Friday 🙁
    I’m gonna do my best to makesure me Scott & TOTDS give her an amazing sendoff.
  3. @beccyhuxtable raised 4k for MS last year, my gran had it. thanks for opening it up to a bigger audience #goonpigs
  4. @beccyhuxtable OMG ! thanks you so much for letting us know about you having ms and the way you are handling it – your an insperation ! x x
  5. @beccyhuxtable So sad ur leaving the show – it’ll be a health & safety nightmare when you’re gone! Keep rapping! x
  6. @beccyhuxtable are you pursuing a career in rapping instead?? So gutted you’re leaving Beccy 🙁 @scott_mills
  7. There’s no good word to describe what she does. Sidekick? Banterer? Co-host? But whatever it is, @beccyhuxtable‘s best in the world at it.
  8. I’d like to take a moment to praise @scott_mills for the incredible way they’ve handled Becky’s MS announcement on @BBCR1 today.
  9. As you may have heard, @beccyhuxtable is sadly leaving the show on Fri 🙁 Huge response from our audience, thank you!
  10. . @mssocietyuk provide great support/advice for all those affected by the condition, or 0808 800 8000 for free helpline