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  1. 50th Birthday Celebrations

    Jordan is going to go to bigger and better things quickly. Matt seems to be focusing a lot more on TV presenting and producing, so I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan replaced Matt as Scott's cover presenter very soon. Radio 1 has 2 very good northerner presenters in Danny and Jordan and a bit of a rubbish one in Grimmy. All from Lancashire though, wouldn't mind seeing some representation from Yorkshire.
  2. Schedule Re-Think is Imminent!

    If anyone should go out the door for not working it should be Grimmy. There are 2 main reasons why Matt has quite a few weekends off 1) He's been a father since late last year and possibly has a lot of baby commitements. 2) Grimmy has been off A LOT (3-4 weeks at least this year so far). This means Scott has been covering breakfast a lot, which means Matt has been on weekday afternoons a lot. You cant expect the presenters to do all 7 days! If you actually compare Matt's days off compared to Grimmy's, Matt has probably had around 14 days off while Grimmy has had at least 15-20!
  3. Schedule Re-Think is Imminent!

    This would be my ideal Weekday Schedule: Breakfast - Greg James Mid Morning - Alice Levine Early Afternoon - Matt Edmondson Drivetime - Scott Mills I know the chances of that happening are very very minimal. Grimmy is just not interesting and neither is Clara, they could probably go on Breakfast and Mid Morning weekend I guess.