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  1. Jordan is going to go to bigger and better things quickly. Matt seems to be focusing a lot more on TV presenting and producing, so I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan replaced Matt as Scott's cover presenter very soon. Radio 1 has 2 very good northerner presenters in Danny and Jordan and a bit of a rubbish one in Grimmy. All from Lancashire though, wouldn't mind seeing some representation from Yorkshire.
  2. If anyone should go out the door for not working it should be Grimmy. There are 2 main reasons why Matt has quite a few weekends off 1) He's been a father since late last year and possibly has a lot of baby commitements. 2) Grimmy has been off A LOT (3-4 weeks at least this year so far). This means Scott has been covering breakfast a lot, which means Matt has been on weekday afternoons a lot. You cant expect the presenters to do all 7 days! If you actually compare Matt's days off compared to Grimmy's, Matt has probably had around 14 days off while Grimmy has had at least 15-20!
  3. This would be my ideal Weekday Schedule: Breakfast - Greg James Mid Morning - Alice Levine Early Afternoon - Matt Edmondson Drivetime - Scott Mills I know the chances of that happening are very very minimal. Grimmy is just not interesting and neither is Clara, they could probably go on Breakfast and Mid Morning weekend I guess.