Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2016 – Live Updates

Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2016 – Live Updates

Jono from Unofficial Mills is in Exeter covering Radio 1's Big Weekend. Get updates here (providing he has phone signal!)

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Jono | 3:24 PM

The TOP fans are not happy about Twenty One Pilots have their set shortened by Radio 1. Apparently it was cut short because of the band climbing the tent poles. Fans, however, say this is normal for the band and they knew the risks involved in doing so.

Jono | 3:21 PM

I’ve hardly had my back turned five minutes and Chris and Scott have been up to no good! I assume that’s the explanation for why there’s now an aubergine flag above Powderham Castle…

Jono | 3:20 PM

Not sure what year this is. New music from Take That and Craig David…

Jono | 3:18 PM

As expected Paloma Faith and Take That were Sigma’s special guests on-stage. And what a show they delivered! Big grins all around! I didn’t know how many songs I knew, but evidently a set list that delivered all of the hits.

Jono | 2:22 PM

Heading down to the Main Stage and it’s clear people have had a spot here for most of the day. Who can blame them? It’s perfect weather! The DJs are showing how much they love the music they play on Radio 1 during the sets, and when they’re not doing that there’s videos of Live Lounges to enjoy.

Jono | 1:56 PM

Look it’s Scott Mills and Alice Levine on the Radio 1 website right now. Why not tune in if you’re reading this at home? Katt’s dedicated enough to do so!

Jono | 1:38 PM

Twenty One Pilots completely ignored the health and safety rules for their set. Talk about bringing the roof down, they nearly did literally.

Jono | 1:31 PM

Twenty One Pilots are incredible in The New Music We Trust stage. Stressed Out got so much love from the audience, it’s got to be one of the biggest tracks of the year so far. Well worth looking back at that on the Radio 1 website.

Meanwhile on the rest of the festival site it’s got such an awesome vibe going on. You do forget you’re standing in a castle ground, where there would have been conflicts going on back in the olden days. Now it’s nothing but great music and there’s no better place to be!

Jono | 12:41 PM

Don’t forget there is live coverage from Radio 1’s Big Weekend on the radio throughout the day, on the BBC Red Button, and on the Radio 1 website. It’s not really like being here, but it’s the best you can do without tickets!

Jono | 12:34 PM

I’ll be checking out Take That later when they appear on-stage with Sigma!


Phone signal recovered, time to explore! Craig David is absolutely killing it in the In New Music We Trust tent this afternoon.


Phone signal is a massive problem at the Big Weekend every year. You can bring massive bands to Devon, you can put on a music festival in the middle of a field, but the possibility of people being able to use their ‘smartphones’ is near on impossible!


It’s actual boiling! I think a mission for the weekend has to be to go up the massive wheel over the site. The views must be spectacular in the sunshine!


It’s Scott Mills opening the Big Weekend. He even managed to fit a “whoooo?!” In for Norwich. How rude! But it is Exeter’s time to shine, and they’re starting big with Nick Jonas. Nick knows how to get the crowds moving throwing in references to “Big Weekend” in his track.

Jono | 10:44 AM

Powderham Castle! Home to the #bigweekend

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And we are in! The weather is glorious I’m so excited! First stop is the drinks tent!

Jono | 8:27 AM

There’s always someone who will post up the set times from the programme. Here’s this year’s helpful vigilante.

Jono | 7:59 AM

It’s not even 9am and there’s already reportedly a sizeable queue!

Jono | 7:53 AM

The view from my house for the weekend! Fingers crossed the fog clears very soon!

Jono | 7:27 AM Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2016 – Live Updates
Jono | 7:04 AM

It’s 8am, it’s foggy, and I’m awake. It feels like Christmas! The big day is here!

Jono | 8:14 PM

Looks like the Radio 1 DJs are having a less than enjoyable experience on the train from London tonight. The only seats available are on the floor…

Jono | 6:50 PM

clashfinder big weekend

So are these the times for this weekend’s acts at the Big Weekend? This is the rumoured set times according to the website Clashfinder, but the disclaimer for this is that the website wasn’t particularly accurate last year!

Jono | 5:51 PM

Looks like one of the surprise acts may have just let the cat out of the bag.


This video is giving me vertigo, but it’s exciting to see the full festival site!

Jono | 4:28 PM

The rumours are rife about who could be surprised acts at this year’s event. They include Justin Bieber, who has a notable gap in his diary at the moment. Others have suggested Justin Timberlake could make an appearance after appearing at Eurovision this month.

Rihanna, no stranger to a Big Weekend, is all over the charts at the moment and has collaborated with Coldplay before. Could she pop up on Sunday night? And could Beyoncé make an impromptu performance just like her partner Jay Z did in Hackney in 2012? She’s currently performing in the States, so it seems hugely unlikely, but not impossible.

Jono | 4:11 PM

The Radio 1 line-up this weekend is as follows:


6am Yasser in for Dev
10am Matt and Clara at Big Weekend
1pm Alice, Scott and Chris at Big Weekend with highlights from Tom Odell, Meghan Trainor, and Sigma.
4pm Greg, Huw, and Dev at Big Weekend with highlights from Jake Bugg, Jess Glynne, and Bastille.
7pm Annie, Grimmy and Mistajam at Big Weekend with highlights from Chase and Status and Mumford & Sons.
10pm The Rap Show with Charlie Sloth with highlights of Fetty Wap and Stormzy.


6am Yasser in for Dev
10am Matt and Clara at Big Weekend with highlights of One Republic
1pm Alice, Grimmy and Chris at Big Weekend with highlights of Kygo, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Years and Years.
4pm Greg, Huw and Dev at Big Weekend with highlights of Iggy Azalea, the 1975, and Ellie Goulding.
7pm Annie, Scott and Cel with highlights from the Weeknd and Coldplay.
10pm Phil Taggart with highlights from Bring Me The Horizon, Biffy Clyro, Skepta, and more!

Jono | 4:06 PM

So I’m required to inform you that it’s all going be on the radio, television, and internet if you aren’t going to be at Powderham Castle this weekend.

There’s live coverage between 11.30am and 10pm on the BBC Red Button. The headline acts are going to be appearing on BBC Four (Mumford and Sons and Coldplay). Plus it’s all going to be streamed online for you to watch live or when you want.

Jono | 3:57 PM

Things to look out for this weekend. Chris’ dodgy fake tan, and the shenanigans over flags.


Radio 1’s Newsbeat are reporting that tomorrow it could be wet. That’s very unfortunate I’m sat outside typing this on my laptop and it’s gloriously sunny! Fingers crossed the predictions are wrong!


Last year the festival was on my doorstep in Norwich. It went from being an event only young people seemed to know much about, to everyone and anyone talking about it. It was an incredible weekend and one I think everyone will remember for their lifetime – but I’m equally excited to see how Exeter handle the weekend and how they make it their own.


This liveblog is only going to work if Exeter’s phone infastructure can cope, and if my battery lasts the whole of the event. So far, so good. However after hearing Grimmy live in Exeter on Scott’s show this morning I’m not confident.


Exeter is beautiful and the Devon countryside is stunning. I’m very impressed with my Tripadvisor rental for the weekend!

Escape to the Country! #Devon #Exeter #Green #Scenery #Scenic

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So many great bands and artists to see this weekend. Coldplay will be the big one, but can’t wait to see the likes of Biffy Clyro, Mumford and Sons, and Bastille too. It’s also been reported there will be up to three surprise acts on-stage over the weekend too.

Big Weekend 2016


Passing through Essex, London, Reading, and Taunton until eventually arriving in Exeter this afternoon!

Hooray I'm here! #Exeter #Devon #BigWeekend #UK

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This morning’s journey to Exeter began from Norwich with Scott Mills on the radio, and plenty of snacks!

First leg of the journey to Exeter

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