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  1. 1 hour ago, Jono said:

    I was sent this which is apparently this year's Christmas schedule so far. It's anonymous so take with a pinch of salt!

    Christmas Eve  
    7:00am Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James 
    11:00am Stacey Copeland 
    12:45pm Newsbeat 
    1:00pm Stacey Copeland 
    2:00pm TBC 
    6:00pm Danny Howard 
    8:00pm Radio 1's Future Dance with Sarah Story 
    10:00pm TBC

    Christmas Day 
    6:00am Happy Hour 
    7:00am TBC 
    10:00am Scott Makin (pre-recorded) 
    1:00pm Laurie Dyche (pre-recorded) 
    4:00pm Christmas Anthems with TBC 

    Boxing Day 
    7:00am Kat Cowan 
    10:00am TBC 
    1:00pm Arielle Free (pre-recorded) 
    4:00pm TBC

     Take it Stacey, Scott Makin, Lauren and Kat are new Christmas presenters?

    4pm on Xmas Eve will be the chart.

  2. September marked a big change for radio 1, with numerous new shows launching across the station. 

    My thoughts on the changes were very mixed. I really like the new drive show, Vick and Jordan are the new big stars of the station and they are definitely future breakfast presenters. Rickie, Melvin and Charlie have been a bit more mixed for me. They seem too muted and constrained by the format of their show, I really want them back on evenings where they can get a bit louder and exciting, where they’re at their best for me. Future Artists at 8pm just doesn’t do anything for me at all, it’s too niche and the majority of the music is indie which gets very boring very quickly. Clara on Future Sounds is fine, she’s picking good music and she’s better there than in daytime. On weekends, I know Dean has been a bit marmite but I’m loving his show, great features and chat, very similar to Jordan. 

    But what do you think?

  3. On 9/6/2021 at 10:29 PM, James8787 said:

    Would love Vick and Jordan to have a quiz or game type feature. Works well and something we can play along with (yesterday’s quiz, Scott’s quiz, ballbag with Grimmy.) that’s the only criticism I have. Even North’s knock offs, or one of Jordan’s other games would be good.

    they have more features, they said they just wanted to chat today.

  4. 54 minutes ago, BBCAaron said:

    Get that I felt it’s inaccurate with descriptions Jack Saunders, Katie Thistleton in for Jordan North pass few weeks when pretty much been filling the void think then descriptions should’ve been Katie presents Radio 1 weekend mid morning show filling the gap this summer something like that 

    Katie has her own show page so her shows have been put under the show name ‘Katie Thistleton’ not under ‘Jordan North.’ When Jack covered (and for that matter when Harpz covered Matt and Mollie as well) they put it under the show title ‘Jordan North’ but the episode was called ‘Jack Saunders in for Jordan North.’

  5. 5 hours ago, michaelb said:

    From R1 article:

    The free tickets (note: standard booking fees apply) will be distributed to young people across the UK, with the help of The Prince’s Trust, UK Youth and Youth Music.

    A special selection of tickets will also be available to listeners via on-air competitions. Keep listening to Radio 1 to find out how to join the party.


    Does this mean the general public won’t be able to get tickets other than outside of the competitions?

  6. 22 hours ago, GeekTalk51 said:

    Really great to have someone at the helm with the confidence to talk up Radio 1’s lineup like this. This is the confidence that was missing under Ben Cooper, who seemed embarrassed of the radio station at times.

    Only point to make - why doesn’t he mention the new drive show, surely that’s central for any station?

    Because it’s an interview with music week or are more likely to be interested in The Live Lounge and Future Sounds.

  7. 6 hours ago, michaelb said:

    Sam & Danni in for Arielle next week (not Monday though as that is pre-recorded content)

    Poor old Arielle booked a holiday to a country which has been put on the red list. 

  8. Here is my final version of my schedule. Since I started making this in April, Radio 1 announced an awful lot of schedule changes which seemed to match up with my version, so the only real changes to daytime are some of the timings. When you get to post-4pm, I've made the most changes here, especially on the weekend.

    Leaving you'd have Adele Roberts and Benji B (with DJ Target also leaving Radio 1 but staying on 1Xtra), and joining the station would be Rakeem Omar, Robyn Richford, Dave Treacy, Sam & Danni and Jess Iszatt. 


  9. Arielle Free in for Charlie on Dance Anthems on 4th September.

    Katie solo on Life Hacks on 5th September.

    Victoria Jane’s first show on 5th/6th September, 12am-2am.

    New schedule launches 6th September: new slot for RMC. Vick and Jordan begin their new show. Clara takes over Future Sounds. New slots for Future Artists/The Indie Show (8pm-10pm), The Powerdown Playlist/BBC Introducing Dance (10pm - 11pm) and the specialist shows (11pm - 1am).

    On Friday 10th September: Dean McCullough’s new show begins (10.30am - 1pm). Radio 1’s Future Dance with Sarah Story also launches at 8pm.

    Yasser in for Scott with the chart on Friday 10th September.

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