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  1. I think there won’t be any big changes in 2020. I have a feeling we will see RMC do a lot more covering in the day time. I am excited to see what “big” plans Greg James has for his show like the escape room and hide+seek. hopefully Scott and Chris keep their slot and also the 5live show.
  2. I have only been listening to radio 1 for two years now and I absolutely love Greg James and Scott+Chris shows. For the two years of listening to Clara I have to say that I think nothing has changed and it just doesn’t meet the standard of other presenters. I only listen to about 30 mins of grimmy so can’t fully comment but I don’t think his show is anything special. In in the last few months I catch up with jack Saunders shows from the week on a Friday (instead of listening to the weekend presenters) and it is definitely one of my favourite parts of radio one. I feel like Jack is really underrated and I would like to see him make a feature on Scott’s show, just like when jack had Scott and Chris on for the indie house party mix (which was the first time I listened to his show) Could jack replace Clara as he constantly oozes passion for music and radio (highly unlikely but would be interesting to see him cover) On the few times I have listened to RMC I am not massively impressed nor disappointed but you can still hear the commercial radio style. As as for weekend presenters I can’t stand m&m together but Matt is alright on his own. Mya is awful. D&A are alright. Jordan is class and enjoys him covering other slots. To summarise - Greg, Scott and Chris are fantastic (really enjoy their comedy style). Jack Saunders for me is one of the best presenters and has lead me to get into indie music and I hope his show continues for the foreseeable future. On the note of music I feel like they have introduced older music in the mix recently but do find it repetitive when listening Mon-Thu 7:30 till 4:30
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