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  1. I have to agree with the playlist. It’s so predictable with the same 6 songs played in a loop. I listened non-stop from 7am to 7pm recently and felt like screaming whenever the same songs came on repeat - Dua Lipa is forever on as is that Stormzy rubbish. I may not be Radio One’s ideal listener age but I’ve always stayed loyal. Scott and Chris are the best show on and Jordan is a breath of fresh air. Greg is definitely an improvement at breakfast time. Although some of his live broadcasts are poor. The sheep racing was agony to listen to with pop star puns my 8-year-old would make. I like unpopular opinions though and cried with laughter (and shock) that someone could diss Alan Partridge! Matt and Mollie are growing on me as are Dev and Alice. Please don’t get me started on Maya Jama - worst presenter ever!!!!
  2. I thought I was alone in thinking how dreadful Clara and Maya are. So formulaic and have nothing original to say. Jordan North is great and I love Greg’s breakfast show. Obviously Scott and Chris are still the greatest!
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