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    jack_0102 reacted to OohErr in Schedule Re-Think is Imminent!   
    I doubt there'll be any changes, at the end of the day it's still Ben Cooper calling the shots, and he seems pretty happy running the station into the ground for the time being. On a side note, can you imagine lovely Aled firing anyone?
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    jack_0102 reacted to OohErr in Luke Frank sitting in for Alice on Sunday   
    God he has an irritating voice. Sounds so forced and unnatural. Reminds me of when Chris Moyles does his wacky deejay impression. 
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    jack_0102 reacted to Lee E in Scott Mills To Be Investigated By OFCOM   
    No TBH, but whatever it was, WTF are people like, they did 24 F***ing hours on radio for homeless people in the UK yes the UK, give them a break... I would be so hurt if I was him - Scott if you're reading, and I know you do - or at least see the Tweets from this site, then you have MY FULL support in this, and everyone else.
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