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  1. I don't like the CBBC idea. I would of given Danny Howard that slot. Danny does seem to enjoy the games side of Radio 1 (like Innuendo Bingo and that) so I would like to see him doing that sort of show. He might not want it though considering he is more focused on his dance music.
  2. I will miss Fearne a lot, I reckon she would have been kept on for another 5 years if she chose to stay. I grew up with Fearne ever since her CBBC days on Smile and Eureka TV. I know Fearne wasn't liked on the live lounge at first, but from what I heard, she did get better. To be with, Fearne seemed to have been 'supporting' everything which I found boring. Later on, she did she to show her 'say it how it is' personality more (especially on Celebrity Juice), which is what I love about her. It's those sort of moments which can actually make Fearne quite funny. I will miss Fearne, hope she doesn't go on to Radio 2 soon though as I don't think she is ready for that yet (if she does more radio).
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