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  1. Thank you! I don't mind iffy quality, as long as it works I'm happy.
  2. Ah, I wondered if he might be on here, should have thought of searching the forum members for him. Thank you!
  3. Hi. I just joined the forum, and as I mentioned over in the intro thread, for ages I only listened to Scott casually and mainly knew him as the guy who subbed in for Nick Grimshaw (sorry, I'm American, I haven't been able to listen to Radio 1 live until recently) -- but over the past week I have become thoroughly obsessed with Scott (and a little bit with Chris). I'm trying to find some stuff to feed my new addiction, and I figured this would be the place to come to ask. I'm listening to the recent podcasts before working my way through the older ones, but the download page on here only goes
  4. Hello there. I'm in America and I'm a Scott MIlls newbie -- but I am so, so hooked. I was aware of him as the guy who sometimes subbed in for Nick Grimshaw on the Breakfast Show, and I enjoyed listening to him, but within the past week or so he just clicked for me, and now I've been binge-watching Innuendo Bingos and binge-listening to the podcasts while at work. Still trying to catch up on recent stuff before diving into the older podcasts, thank you to this site for feeding my addiction.



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