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  1. Toddla T sits in for Benji B on Thursday morning at 1am. The podcasts appear to be starting this Thursday at 3am - starting with 'Nik and Sammy's Peachy Podcast'. Jordan North is doing early breakfast week beginning Monday 26th February, as Adele will be on the road with Greg as part of his three peaks challenge for Sport Relief (I forgot about this originally!).
  2. Interesting that on the show today, Scott and Chris were discussing what would happen if Scott was to resign or was sacked (this came off the back of a discussion point that mentioned a guy writing a 'Sorry for your loss' card to his bosses, announcing he quit). Scott said that when the time comes, he would personally like to make the decision himself as opposed to being forced out. He said that if he was forced out, he would exit in style with hidden secrets potentially being revealed.
  3. I'm sure I read somewhere a long time ago that, under normal Live Lounge appearances, acts are given a list of 'current hits' and they choose the one they like the look of best. I'm not sure how it works under different strands, but it would seem it follows the same lines in that it has to be well known songs by the artists Loyle Carner wanted to cover.
  4. If you thought yesterday's 36 minutes was respectable, you'll enjoy today's 43 minutes - very rare for the 1pm-4pm slot. I haven't listened to it yet, but I suspect that they've used really long jingles in the podcast like they did yesterday.
  5. I am sure many of you out there know this already, but Radio 1 tweeted out this article that explains the playlist, how it is compiled and about the music team too. The thing that most caught my attention is the part about audience testing that helps decide which songs stick around longer than others. The audience must love James Arthur singing about being naked, as it feels like I've been hearing it for months! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1jJsyK6Vt5x3JQgycD9xhdW/heres-how-your-favourite-music-makes-it-to-the-radio-1-playlist?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_radio_1&ns_source=facebook&ns_linkname=radio_and_music
  6. While also covering Greg's show during the same week. That's dedication right there!
  7. Thanks! The chances of me being awake to hear them live are very slim, so it'll be good to download them and listen back.
  8. I'm intrigued by this. Will they be available as podcasts like Scott's and Greg's are, or just available through the BBC Radio iPlayer app?
  9. Fairly sure Alice is in the US on her 'My Dad Wrote a Porno' tour and then comes back in time to start weekend breakfast with Dev on 17th March. I would imagine Jordan would cover Adele's show that week if she's going to be on the road with Greg. The fact he'll be wearing a microphone and the DJ's can just fade him up at any moment is a great idea! Kudos to him, because like yourself, I wouldn't be able to do such a thing!
  10. J Hus, Jess Glynne, Craig David, Niall Horan, Wolf Alice, James Bay and Years & Years have added to the line-up for the Biggest Weekend!
  11. Saturday 24th February. Except Alice and Dev's show which starts on Saturday 17th March.
  12. Jameela Jamil? Don't WHOOOOOoooooOOOOOooo all at once, guys!
  13. Scott and Chris will both be present on Fridays - Maya is simply another co-host. Bosses might decide to pair Chris and Maya together if Scott has a Friday off or is ill, in order for Matt to do other things. Time will tell, I guess.
  14. Now this just got interesting! The first thing I thought when I read about these schedule changes was does this mean Alice could be on the way out of R1? Moving from the afternoons to weekend breakfast is a bit of a demotion I think. At last - Jordan North has a permanent show!!! It may only be one day a week, but that does free him up for cover elsewhere on the station. We can only hope that Jordan continues to shine in this new slot and ends up taking the Saturday show too - as well as dropping the Greatest Hits brand! What I did not expect is for Matt to remain at the station. I honestly thought the next weekend shake-up would see him leave. I'm not at all surprised Mollie King is confirmed to be one of the first co-hosts. She's certainly a favourite within R1. Scarlett would be good though. After all, she does have radio experience, so we can hope it pays off! While I don't quite understand why Scott and Chris need a co-host for Fridays when they work perfectly together as it is, I'm not too bothered. Scott's show has been the more music focused of all the shows on daytime on a Friday for some time now. As long as it doesn't affect the content being out across the rest of the week.
  15. Precisely! The RAJAR's for Q4 are released in just under a month (8th February), and I think it's a safe to say which way they'll swing for R1. Maybe management will make some changes that will hopefully boost figures, but I'm not holding my breath. 2012 is the earliest memory of Radio 1 that I have, and I definitely remember Moyles playing less than 20 tracks per show - sometimes it was just above 10! But I definitely agree with you. I know things have to move with the times, but I haven't been in favour with things that have been implemented over the last year. I'd definitely bring back Real or No Real, if I had my way. You were always guaranteed a laugh - especially when Greg or Charlie Sloth was on and it bumped up the length of the podcast by about 10 minutes. The gripes I have with the station aren't so much about the DJs, more the music policy and the decrease of content and worthwhile links. Although, as I've said before, Jordan North is 2017/2018s Pete Allison. Radio 1 will kick themselves if they don't offer him a permanent show soon and so he ends up being snapped up somewhere else.
  16. Thank you! I'll repeat what you said when I say a thousand times yes! I have been listening to R1 for coming up to seven years now, and vaguely remember seeing figures from 2012/2013 on the amount of songs played in each show. As was to be expected, Moyles had played considerably less than the others with between 15-19 songs per show, Fearne was between 32-36 (sometimes higher, despite being the shortest show), and Scott and Greg were between 29-38, depending on their content. To me, that sounded absolutely fine and like it has been said, the balance was right. Now, it's just ridiculous. I'd say, and this is also just with my untrained ear, that the breakfast show easily hits 50 songs most days. Clara wouldn't be too far behind that, I don't think. Scott will be low to mid 40s and Greg would be low 40s too. There is FAR TOO MUCH music and it's putting me off. There are too many mixes - restrict it to Throwback Thursday on the breakfast show, the Nixtape and perhaps the final 15 minutes on Scott's show on a Friday only. The summer mixes should also be restricted to one day only. Also, there is far too much emphasis on Greatest Hits. Yes, it was a fantastic idea when R1 hit 50 years old, but we're looking at 8.5 hours of air time right now still dedicated to them. Cut it down to an hour of a show and it'll sound better, rather than repetitive and recycled as it does currently. I love Radio 1, but like you suggested, it's beginning to sound like a commercial radio station sometimes. The DJs on my local radio station (a Bauer operated station) have no personalities at all, play too much music (and rubbish music too!), have links that are just meaningless and say the network slogan ('All the biggest hits, all day long!) during every link. R1 DJ's aren't saying 'Where it begins!' during every link, but increasingly, they are ticking the boxes of the other things I mentioned and it's really sad. I never thought I'd say this at the age of 21, but I am beginning to feel old for Radio 1. I am frequently saying to myself 'this all sounds the same' and 'wasn't this played five minutes ago?' in terms of the music played. The music that is being produced can't be helped by R1, but they can at least ensure there is a good spread of genres and tastes. I mean, is there really need for Ed Sheeran to be potentially featuring up to three times every show? Rita Ora was the same when 'Anywhere' was on the playlist at the same time as her feature with Avicii was knocking around. Some artists get WAY more exposure than others. Some just get one play and then are forgotten about. Putting in a complaint doesn't sound like a bad idea! It may force the BBC to look at how they are currently delivering radio output and how it could be changed - looking at this forum would be a good start! - because I genuinely don't think bosses at R1 are realising they're doing more harm that good. Oh god, I sound like such a anorak.
  17. I think it does have something to do with the music quota, and I just don't understand why such a thing was imposed in the first place. R1 was playing enough songs per hour that was needed - they didn't have to go down the road of cutting songs to fit more in, like you said. It just sounds silly and is really unnecessary. I had hoped 2018 would see just a little less music, but I seems I have had my hopes dashed.
  18. I know this sounds like a mad question considering that Radio 1 is a radio station that prides itself on new music, but does anyone else think that the station is playing too much music? Since the start of the year, we have seen a daily Nixtape between 9:30am-10:05am/10:10am, Throwback Thursday between 8:30am-9am - thus removing a total of 1 hour of content time on Thursdays, plus the dropping of the 'Going Home Song' on Greg's show in favour of an extra one or two tracks. This comes on top of the withdrawal of Innuendo Bingo and Real or No Real on Scott's show (although I think Bingo needed to be dropped for a bit - RoNR has clearly been dropped to allow for more music), as well as doing away with the 5pm news update in November. It would be interesting to hear other people's thoughts/views on this!
  19. Tina is doing increasingly more cover on the Victoria Derbyshire Show on BBC Two these days. She also presents BBC Breakfast most weekends live from Salford. It would be a shame if she moved on, but in an interview with The Telegraph earlier this year, she admitted herself that her time at Radio 1 was 'probably coming to an end'. Something has to change on the breakfast show. Look at how many features they had when Ian, Matt and LMC (WHOOOOO?) were producing - ShowQuizness, The Waking Up Song, guest interviews that were actually worthwhile etc - compared to what they have now; a rubbish rip-off of Bangers, Throwback Thursday, Nixtape, guest interviews broken up by three tracks sometimes, and up to three installments of the Entertainment News. It is little wonder that listening figures are fluctuating. As has been mentioned before, I think Ben Cooper is wanting to keep Nick on that slot for as close to 8 years as possible (next September will be 6). 2018 sees Scott (as well as Aled) mark their 20th year at Radio 1. It would be a shame if management decided Scott's time was up before he had the chance to mark such a big year in his career. He doubt he would leave of his own accord. I feel Matt will leave at some point within the next 12 months. He has been heavily involved in TV work this year, and it is only natural that is priorities have changed since becoming a father last year. Having said that, I would have thought he would have done the 1pm slot this week, which would have saved Dev doing it and Jordan North doing pretty much two weeks straight of cover. I think Jordan would suit 10am at weekends as well as permanent holiday cover on early breakfast, with Nick Bright covering illness etc.
  20. My prediction was wrong. It's Sinead covering the news today. Am I right in thinking that the news stops at 12:30pm? I seem to remember it did on Christmas Day last year. Chris Smith does tomorrow.
  21. Tuesday 2nd-Friday 5th January 4am-6:30am is just billed as 'Christmas and New Year on Radio 1', so I imagine it's just pre-records of some kind. Jordan is on early breakfast from Monday 8th-Wednesday 10th January and Adele returns on the 11th.
  22. My money is on Steve Holden doing the Christmas Day news. He's done it for a couple of years now. I expect Simon Mundie will be doing a day over Christmas & New Year too.
  23. I retract my statement. Ouch! In the words of Mills, 'what a salad!'.
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