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  1. Grimmy will be live tomorrow from the location of the Big Weekend.
  2. BlueSkies

    Q4 RAJAR

    Don't they usually go up after Q3 as more people are listening because of being back to school/uni/work etc? However, I can see a big drop in Breakfast listening figures with Moyles' departure. But I suppose its not about the number of listeners anymore, instead the age group of them. I can probably see the overall figures of the station remaining stable. Unfortunately, I think an increase will be unlikely, but we will see...
  3. According to Wikipedia, it has been confirmed as being held at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire, and will be 11/12 May?? Apparently it was confirmed on air?? I have a suspicion that this is nonsense!
  4. If I had to take a guess, perhaps East Anglia this time. I see there's a petition online to get it to Derry, but would think that costs would be too high to get everything and everyone over to Northern Ireland.
  5. I wonder how far ahead they actually plan the Big Weekend? I would have thought this years would have been sorted by now? On another note, I hope that this year, as it was for Bangor and Carlisle, that the breakfast and afternoon show will go and stay wherever it is for the week before. Should be Grimmy and Scott then. Although it would have been good a Moyles and Mills run-up to the weekend with live cameras. Oh we'll
  6. Was brilliant hearing her best bits, especially the calls to Chappers. Will really miss her on the show. Very sad day... :cry:
  7. Do you think Beccy will be replaced, or will it just be Scott and Chris from now on, with other presenters and staff coming in for Innuendo Bingo, Real Or No Real etc.?
  8. Really sad news Unfortunately though I have kind of been waiting for it with her ill health the past year. When Beccy didn't announce she was leaving before Christmas I thought that, for now anyway, she would remain on the show. Beccy has been a fantastic team member, and she will be really missed. What with Moyles leaving, Scott being swapped to afternoons and now Beccy leaving the show, all the bits I love about Radio 1 are vanishing. Good luck Beccy for the future, and with your health. You will be missed.
  9. The webcams are definitely not returning. :cry: Apparently they don't have them in the new studios, instead only the proper cameras will be used for certain features and guests. A shame as I did like the old webcams.
  10. They've gone today too. Looks like they're getting rid of them. :cry:
  11. I did wonder when they got rid of the link when they did the new homepage if they were going to phase it out. Hopefully though they're just making the page look the same as the newer pages.
  12. Hi all! New here. Was looking at this thread before as I've also been waiting for the webcams to be switched on. Just went onto bbc.co.uk/radio1/webcam and it is now re-directing to the homepage. :cry:
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