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  1. Love the way The Mail have to slag off Moyles in every article they write about Radio 1.
  2. I've just been reading previous Radio 1 articles regarding the DJ selection and the target audience from The Guardian. Interestingly, in their article titled 'Why Not Sack Every DJ on Radio 1?' which appeared on their music blog in February 2011, the only presenter they suggest should stay is Mills. "All you can say about newish boy Greg James, 1pm–4pm, is that he's an innocuous radio salaryman who seems to have got a berth at Radio 1 because of his skill at being inconspicuous. His show leads into Scott Mills's long-running 4pm–7pm programme, and ... actually, Mills can stay. He's no less a careerist than any of the others, and his daily stint revolves around stunts like prank phone calls, but you get the sense he knows how ridiculous the whole thing is, and he knows we know. At least someone on Radio 1 is awake." http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/2011/feb/04/dj-bbc-radio-1-2-jo-whiley?INTCMP=ILCNETTXT3487 In my opinion, if they want to get a lower listening age, moving Scott doesn't seem to be the way to do it. His show always sounds quite connected with youth to me, more so than any of the others. It's bang on trend.
  3. Maybe Scott will team up with Greg during the Brits, didn't they once try and steal a large Brit statue together? As an aside, I'm new, and just thought I'd pop along and say how upset I am that Mills and team are moving from drivetime. It means that I'm almost certainly going to stop listening to Radio 1 on my way home - (perish the thought of R2, but, what's Simon Mayo like??????) Do you think there will still be a Scott Mills Daily? The afternoon shows traditionally don't get podcast priviledges...
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