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  1. Clearly his R1 career is not dying if he's only been moved to 1-4. The show did go down in quality slightly after Chappers left but it was still the best show on Radio 1. Now that they got Chris it's back up so until today I thought his Radio 1 career would progress. Alas, I was wrong. The bosses have definitely attracted attention, shame it's negative.
  2. I think Greg's original promotion from Early Morning was a good move but they should have just left it at that. He has not developed from there that much and he is not entertaining enough to replace Scott. Plus his features are quite poor. Scott's slot and Breakfast Show should be reserved for teams. Radio 1 are obsessed with changes - any change seems good change to them. It will be interesting to hear the Dance Anthems but I think it should be on at 7 instead of replacing the Request Show.
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