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  1. It did but as Viv reminds us he is an actor. Although he is associated with comedy he is not necessarily a funny guy...thus he is probably a very good actor. I thought Cheryl was ok. I don't understand the problem with her apart from the fact that her new single is awful. In comparison to Le Blanc she is akin to Eddy Izzard.
  2. Chin up, Viv. Hope all goes well in the end
  3. I would offer you comfort and kind words but it might be taken the wrong way by some people considering the difference in our age. However, I'm sure MrDoovde will be around later
  4. Sorry. I drink a lot and get a bit carried away. Time for a fresh start and apologies to all.
  5. Hello all. I wanted to join a long time ago but never got around to it. The forum seems to have died on it's arse recently which is a shame. I don't suppose there is anything much I can do to change that but I wish everybody well.



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