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  1. Hi Jono, thanks for your reply. This seems to happen with larger files in particular - as an example, the ZIP for the April 2010 podcasts. Is there any chance that you'd offer direct links with a donation or similar? Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone. I've noticed that when attempting to download larger months from the Podcast Archive, my browser is never able to complete the download and it always fails. If it's not too much trouble and if anyone is able to help, is there any chance that instead of downloading the files this way I'd be able to get the URL format? I know these used to be stored under unofficialmills.co.uk/audio/podcasts, but the WordPress plug-in appears to be grabbing these from a different location now which I haven't been able to find! Thanks for your time. Elliott
  3. Hi. Thank you. I've literally wasn't able to find it anywhere. Would you possibly be able to upload it to another file host? It looks as if you can't download from 4shared without signing up for an account now. Thanks again.
  4. Hi. Was wondering if anyone could help. I've got most of the podcasts from last year, but I'm missing this one from the 23rd of July last year (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01kngjr). Would anyone happen to have it? Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone. Firstly, sorry for the somewhat strange post title - nothing interesting could come to mind. I seem to recall hearing on a podcast a couple of months ago a clip of when Scott had found some old exercises (I think they were on vinal?), and was doing them on air. It was an old guy giving the instructions over some music. Sorry I can't be more descriptive, but does anyone know what I'm on about? Cheers. Elliott.
  6. Hi everyone. I've just joined the forum, after spending practically hours last summer listening to the best bits of Scott's show. I was also one of the last contestants on Oh! (it's a shaim that's finished). I was basically wondering, does anyone happen to have the various bomb/smashing glass sounds that can often be heard on Radio 1/1 Xtra? I've managed to get the ones from Westwood's Soundboard on the BBC site, but that's about it. Cheers, Elliott.
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