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  1. It's a niche part of the age bracket. 15-29, I'm not sure how many over 18s are fussed, let alone over 20s. They're (pretty much) ignoring half of their youngest audience anyway - not many teenage boys wish to here about 1D, every day. and ALL day at the teen awards.

    Yes, I feel they are alienating the rest of their audience. Personally except Scott I haven't listened to Radio 1 at all since the last Chris Moyles Show.

  2. Radio 2 were just saying this morning that buying all these gadgets is pointless, because, as there is an iPhone 5, there will soon be more technology, and more + more, and you will never keep up anyway.

    That has been the case for a long time, and at one time it was the case with PCs. Innovation in that sector has now mostly slowed compared to then so that now if you buy a new PC it'll be good for a long while yet. That innovation has moved onto phones now meaning new ones are coming out at a really fast pace. Compared to other manufacturers the iPhone is on a fairly slow release cycle, once every year. Other manufacturers may release 20 or 30 different models in a year.

  3. I think they really missed the boat in terms of the lightning connector. The name means many people may just assume it's faster even though it is still using USB 2.0 when many new PCs and even Apple's own Macs are moving towards USB 3.0/Thunderbolt ports. I suppose it was more to try and make the phone thinner, but I'd rather have the new(er) USB 3.0 connection, especially since the current iPhone is not exactly cumbersome...

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