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  1. Where's your picture then jono? After all, you volunteered to wear them...
  2. Shame we couldn't get coxy to wear hoop earrings today! Upload a picture then viv?!
  3. Shame we couldn't get coxy to today. Picture viv?
  4. Text 81199 now then sal and ask sara to wear hoop earrings tomorrow! We'll then see if you do...
  5. 81199 text sara at 4pm to request she wears big hoop earrings for tomorrow show. Show support to becky after her onair humiliation yesterday!
  6. We text in today for sara to then wear 2moro, thats what I mean jono! 81199 come on everyone...
  7. Following on from yesterday as can be seen on forum topic big, big campaign I propose as many people as possible today text saras show on 81199 after 4pm, requesting that she herself wears a pair of big hoop earrings, like the ones she mimicked becky for wearing, to present fridays show! The more people who text obviously means the more chance we have. Show your support for becky, the poor girl got humiliated live on air yesterday!
  8. A picture of sara in them jono would be much more sufficient however, if your ears are pierced jono now you've said that why not unload it? I'm sure a big pair would look great hanging from your ears...
  9. Lets try it today then. If we can get sara wearing hoop earrings we can achieve a lot more! Show your support to becky
  10. No not a fetish, I just reckon this is a big chance to see how influencial this forum can be on the show. Besides, it would be good to see sara in them! ;-) send your texts today to 81199 from 4pm onwards..
  11. Following yesterdays (wednesday 14th october) on air humiliation of beckys appearance by sarah cox, I propose a big campaign on todays show that involves the following.... We send as many texts as possible (81199) to todays show requesting that sara turns up to fridays show wearing a large pair of hoop earrings and broadcasts the show in them! These very earrings are not new to sara, she used to wear them regulary in 2001! Lets make a stance and stick up for our becky. Apart from that sara will look pretty hot presenting fridays show! Your support would be greatly appreciated!
  12. this is great jono, is this from today?? has becky just started wearing these earrings or have i been majorly been missing out?!
  13. according to sara on todays show (Wednesday 14th Ocyober 2009), Becky was wearing heavy eyeliner and large hoop earrings in her ears. does anyone have any pictures of this? Also has becky ever wore any earrings before as every pic ive ever seen of her before she isnt wearing them!??
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