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  1. i know we cant see her whilst she's broadcasting, but it still dont stop her from being lush!
  2. In one of their shows they played Pink Floyd's 'Time' in its entirety - all 7mins 21 seconds of it!!! LEGENDS!! Can you imagine Whiley doin that?? Hell no she'd rather play a useless live lounge gold from the pansies that are the feeling or someone. Annie Mac will do - she's lush!!
  3. Yeah no, dont get me wrong she's fantastic when it comes to the music (altho The Zipper Zane Lowe gets a lot of the new music ahead of her) its just she's too "by the book" if you know what I mean, just chill out, relax, she always sounds like someone is proding her telling her to hurry up and dont move from the script. It just really annoyed me this mornin when she cut the legend that is Roachford () just to play scouting for girls for the gajillion'th time!! Remember back in the day when the legends Mark & Lard were on the air? The most entertainin thing was the hand-over from them to Moyles! Genius, neither of them gave a toss about missing the odd track here and there or running late!! Quality, bring em back!! Sorry Jo! haha
  4. I know she's championed some great bands over the years, but seriously how annoying is Jo Whiley? She's such a stick in the mud, take this morning for a prime example, Moyles over-running as usual running late but sounding great, and instead of letting Moyles play his golden years track which we all haven't heard on mainstream radio for ages, she's more concerned with cutting in and making sure we all hear the chuffin' annoying sounds of scouting for girls (dont get me started on this band) God forbid Whiley lets her hair down and has some fun on her show, I wonder how she'd cope with without a producer telling her what to do!! Time for her to pack her radio 1 bags and leave for radio 2 or even 6 music me thinks!!
  5. Is becky the one that ate those tit biscuits?
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