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  1. The ticketing situation was stupid imo, i'm one of the people who lives around Mote Park and thus will have my weekend disrupted and yet no tickets! And the same with my neighbours and the majority of people in my road! If you're going to inconvenience us for two days radio 1, at least let us in on the party! However i'm very lucky in that i have a good friend who is giving me his plus 1 for saturday!
  2. I wouldn't say Fremlins Walk has 'any chain store!' It's good but it's not that big, Maidstone isn't too good for shopping. The Mote Park leisure centre is again nothing special and i'm sure Mote Park will be too full of Big Weekend preperations for it to be enjoyed properly! Maidstone is a nice town but there is little to make it stand out, i would reccomend the museum if your into that sort of thing as entry is free The nightlife is also very good, with numerous clubs and pubs in the town centre, so don't limit yourself to just daytime activities folks!
  3. hey, i'm a big weekend noob so ive got a few questions firstly, will there be anywhere to buy band/radio 1 stuff? i'm wondering how much money i should be saving! and second, will i need to get there early to avoid a massive queue? thanks
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