September 2007 Podcasts


September 2007 Podcasts

Shabnam thinks shes famous - 3rd September 2007 Scott has a purge of his unwanted mobile phone numbers, Miss South Carolina defends her ridiculous answer at the Teen America awards and Shabnam from Big Brother thinks she's famous.
Fearnes charity record - 4th September 2007 More fools phone in on the Flirt Divert number, we rope in Louis Walsh to get Fearne Cotton to do a Christmas charity record, and Scott decides to power-walk his way home after work.
Is farting funny - 5th September 2007 Wedding grooms recycling the same speech, people passing themselves off as dodgy celebs, and we pose the question 'is farting still funny'?
Hell's Kitchen - 6th September 2007 Scott's been on Hell's Kitchen - but he's upset that the strawberries in his dessert aren't fresh. Big Brother winner Brian reads out the Flirt Divert and we test out the 'Essex noise'. Comedy gold in EastEnders - Phil Mitchell falls onto a birthday cake.
Whistling Issues - 7th September 2007 Scott feels inadequate 'cos he can't wolf whistle properly. Scott and Chappers challenge each other to a 'draw off' with predictably lame results. And we ask the nation, what musical instruments are sexy?
Do instruments make you sexy - 10th September 2007 Scott reckons some instruments make you sexy… so he tests this theory out on Chappers. Plus more messages from the Flirt Divert answer phone.
Roll out the freaks! - 11th September 2007 Find out which mingers have been leaving messages on the Flirt Divert answer phone over the weekend. Scott has been suffering from a new condition, he thinks its 'X factor guilt' - is he the only one? Also, amazin' news: There's a new bank holiday… if you live in Russia! Bet you'll never guess what it's for?
McFly - 12th September 2007 Mcfly join Scott in the studio and Laura tries it on with Danny. Scott and Chopper play 'Who the hell are you?' and some more Innuendo bingo, this time from BBC Breakfast TV.
Britneys Bonkers Fan - 13th September 2007 Scott has found Britneys biggest and most bonkers fan. Keith Chegwin reads some text messages from the flirt Divert phone and Scott chats up actual Russians… in Russian
Speaking Russian - 14th September 2007 Scott discovers that when he speaks Russian amazing things happen to ladies. Another round of the bookshop game - Scott calls a book shop with hilarious consequences. Some more cookery innuendo bingo - is Jamie Oliver doing it on purpose?
Million Count Man - 18th September 2007 More messages from the Flirt Divert answer phone and Million Count man reaches 1 million!
Poshest Man - 19th September 2007 Meet the poshest man in the world, more Innuendo Bingo and being mistaken for a celebrity.
Crushing Melons - 21st September 2007 Laura and R1 listeners attempt to use thigh power to crush melons PLUS the Dave Game goes international and goes a bit wrong - if you laugh,
you're sick!
Bored Boys Do Weird Things - 25th September 2007 Weird things some boys get up to when they're bored. More flirt divert messages and Scott makes George from the news vomit.
The phone book game - 26th September 2007 The all new phone book game - we call people who live in the best named places in the world!
Ladies Bras Song - 27th September 2007 Dick and Dom read some texts from the flirt divert phone
We talk to Whisbey - the man behind the Ladies' bras song
And Scott has had enough, he feels the team has been slacking recently and the calibre of guests on the show has been rubbish so he sets Chopper, Laura and the one who doesn't speak a challenge...
Tapeworms - 28th September 2007 Scott and Kelly Osbourne talk tapeworms. Would anyone actually name their baby Spiderpig? Laura has a new favourite TV show and surprise! Its presented by Anthea Turner and more children around the UK sing the ladies bras song.

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