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October 2017 Podcasts


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Who’s On The List? 02 Oct 17 After Demi Lovato admitted to Grimmy that she used to be a diva, Scott gets honest and reveals which celebs are on his 'not very nice' list. Scott and Chris share a moan about those Instagram show offs who will use ANY excuse to flash a hot bod. Plus, after washing his hands while singing Happy Birthday on Friday stop listener Dale from getting a cold? Can Scott end his 11 day losing streak in Bangers? And who will Muggy Mike from Love Island be playing in panto this year? 31:19.0
“Err…I’m going to say bye…so…” – 03 Oct 17 Chris is rubbish at voicemail, so asks Scott for help to avoid crumbling under the pressure. Scott and Chris are shocked to hear about the celebs who need to shower after a sit down on the toilet – Charlie Sloth even books a hotel room! Can Scott extend his lead on Bangers? Plus, Chris and Kem from Love Island have a new single out, is it a big pile of lit? 37:45.0
The Naked Game Returns! – 04 Oct 17 Three callers claim they're in the nude, but can Scott and Chris tell who's lying and who's actually in their birthday suit? Chris from Love Island measures Kem to find out if he's really 5'10'' (as he claims in their new single). Scott can win the week on Bangers and, even though it's having a rest at the moment, he's found a great clip for Innuendo Bingo. 40:46.0
The Most Awkward Freshers' Game Yet! – 05 Oct 17 Scott & Chris grit their teeth to get through a very awkward Freshers' Game as student Ross and his Mum Alison learn way too much about his antics at university. Expect inflatable penguins, premium rate phone calls and stories of staying round at someone else's as Ross tries to keep his room at home just as he left it. Plus, Alison Hammond reveals how she got Ryan Gosling & Harrison Ford laughing in her viral interview and Scott is racing away on Bangers. 37:42.0
You were Rear Of The Year - 05 Oct 17 Boss Chicken returns as Scott and Chris compete to avoid having to shout an awkward phrase at Big Boss Aled, it can only end badly. Another budding entrepreneur gets put straight through to Deborah Meaden's house in Instant Dragons' Den - can listener Jackson convince her to invest in his magnetic gym idea? Chris stares down the barrel of a whitewash in Bangers; will there be trousers down for the second week running? 29:34.0
Disciples Play The Pete Tong Game – 09 Oct 17 Since Disciples are Scott’s Tune Of The Week this week, he and Chris invite them in to catch up and play a round of The Pete Tong Game – surely as producers and DJs they can tell the difference between the real and made up acts?! Plus, with the old one pound coins no longer being legal tender from next week, Scott and Chris decide to mark the occasion by phoning the pound coin’s greatest ambassador – it’s £1 Fish guy! The slate is wiped keen for another week on Bangers and it turn out The Pussycat Dolls might be reforming, will they be so overstaffed this time? 32:47.0
Sassy Replies To Your Boss - 10 Oct 17 Scott helps write some sassy replies to your horrible bosses, we hear of many a speech that's been "borrowed" from T.V & movies and we listen to some pre media trained Cheryl Cole. 31:32.0
“We eat each other’s bogeys” – 11 Oct 17 Scott & Chris hear about that one habit you have in a couple that's weird to everyone else, including each bogeys and whistling Hunger Games noises in the supermarket. Plus there are more sassy emails for the boss, someone will take the lead in Bangers, and Chris' favourite Bamboleo gap in a long time. 32:02.0
Impersonating Your Dog – 12 Oct 17 With Chris handing out Duke of Edinburgh Awards at St. James Palace (oooh, someone’s doing well), Scott hears more stories of weird things couples do as so many people got in touch. Today, it’s Andrzej and Annie, who talk to each other in a dog voice instead of having an argument…it’s a little strange…and cringe. The Whooo Game makes a reappearance, Scott can win the week in Bangers and why does Jay Z sound like he’s making a Korean pig noise? 22:03.0
“You can’t come in this lift, I’m a celebrity” 13 Oct 17 Scott and Chris make use of the BBC lifts to play their new game You Shall Not Pass! Can Chris stop anyone else from getting in his lift with a range of embarrassing excuses? A plan is hatched to take Scott and Chris around the world - but in cardboard cutout form. Plus, Scott's already won the week on Bangers, but today's tunes are tough to choose between and why does The Duke of Edinburgh think Scott's got one of his awards? 29:28.0
Gym Asthma - 16 Oct 17 After its appearance in TOWIE yesterday, Scott and Chris get an actual doctor - Dr Ranj from This Morning and CBeebies - on the phone to clear up whether Gym Asthma is real. There's more from the angry fans on ArsenalFanTV after the weekend's loss to Watford (guess who's delighted), Chris has to come up with a present to give away on CBBC's Mash Up this weekend, and, since Dom and Jess are opening a kebab shop in Leicester, Scott and Chris try to get the rest of the Love Island cast some PAs at fast food joints around the country. 36:47.0
Ailment Or Ale House? – 17 Oct 17 After yesterday’s discovery of some oddly-named afflictions (Housemaid’s Knee anyone?), Scott and Chris try out their new game Ailment or Ale House; can listener Jack tell the difference between some real life pubs and actual illnesses? Scott can take a 2-0 lead in Bangers, and Chris resorts to taking something from the office as he still has nothing to give away on CBBC’s Mash Up this weekend. 29:41.0
A Really Annoying Sneeze – 18 Oct 17 Chris confides in Scott that his girlfriend’s sneeze is really annoying. Who else in the celebrity worlds can claim to have one worse, and what can they do about it? Another round of the Google Game starts some conversations on handwriting, pec jiggling and dancers (do they love it?). Plus, Scott can win the week on Bangers. 29:52.0
James The Private Investigator Returns – 19 Oct 17 Scott & Chris catch up with Private Investigator James, who's caught a cheating husband red handed AND has tips for how to invent a backstory. Listener Esme & Dad Matt play another embarrassing round of The Freshers' Game - what's really happened during her first weeks at uni and will it end up in her Dad ripping down the posters in her old room? Teen Heroes Holly and Ollie pick Bangers and talk to Scott about their trip to a theme park with Scarlett Moffatt, and, with Scott and Chris in Leeds to present a fancy radio awards ceremony, they plan on taking a breathalyser to see how much fun the guests are having. 37:58.0
Love Island's Kem Plays You Shall Not Pass - 20 Oct 17 Kem from Love Island joins Scott & Chris to talk Teen Awards and play their game You Shall Not Pass; can he ride all the floors without letting anyone else in the lift? There are some sore heads after last night's radio awards, but the breathalyser has worked a treat on the red carpet and an extra award has appeared out of nowhere... Chris plays for pride on Bangers. 32:13.0
Scott & Chris Meet Marshmello - 23 Oct 17 Scott & Chris take on the challenge of interviewing Marshmello - the secretive US DJ and producer who doesn't speak. Will their plan to have him type out his answers and turn them into funny voices actually work? Chris finally got his own back on his barber by gunging him on CBBC's Saturday Mash-Up!, but his prize wasn't that great. A new week on Bangers begins, and Scott thinks he's found new product that won't mean he has to get a cat. 36:28.0
“Don’t post these on Facebook, they’re cheating chocolates!” – 24 Oct 17 Scott & Chris hear more profession confessions - this time from a chocolatier and her stories of cheating chocolate buyers and inappropriate requests. Listener Jessica needs help with a Tinder date; could her potential love interest have already dated someone she knows? Can Chris take a 2-0 lead on Bangers, or will Scott draw level? Bradley Walsh, Alexander Armstrong and Nick Knowles have all done it, now Scott reveals the next teatime favourite to release an album. 30:19.0
Scott & Chris are...Ghostbusters – 25 Oct 17 Been stood up on a date or ignored on dating apps? Who you gonna call? Scott & Chris obviously; they're taking on those responsible for 'ghosting' - will listener Nicole get her own back on the guy who ghosted her twice? There's another incredibly cringe-worthy round of Boss Chicken and can Chris can win the week on Bangers? It's down to Liam Payne's dad Geoff to decide. 31:47.0
Charlie Puth Sings His Interview – 26 Oct 17 Pitch perfect pop star Charlie Puth has his musical talents put to the test by Scott & Chris - with a keyboard in front of him can he sing the answers to his interview questions? Alice Levine reveals far too much in another round of The Google Game, since when was Chris a tennis coach? Plus, Chris has another chance to win the week on Bangers and Scott is STILL being kept awake by those foxes. 31:22.0
P.I James and The Ballroom Chancer 27 Oct 17 The show's own private investigator James calls with a new spying story, this one involving his nan and listener Sinéad has another ghost story. 22:59.0


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