October 2011 Podcasts


October 2011 Podcasts

Its Only Bley Friday! - 1st October 2011 Scott celebrates the start of the weekend with some screeching. Plus, Smooth Talking Dan has been out on Stupid Street finding out how patriotic people are by asking them to support different rugby teams.
Beccy fails as a receptionist - 4th October 2011 Scott finds some companies where Beccy would never be able to answer the phone. Plus, Scott is worried about his nipples and Beccy's Christmas present list.
Massive Fail - 5th October 2011 Scott accidentally gives out a phone number, which does not belong to Harry off One Direction. Plus, Smooth Talking Dan talks pet names on Stupid Street and Chris thinks he's perfect to replace Harry Hill on TV Burp.
#harrygate continues - 6th October 2011 Find out what happened after yesterday's Harry Styles incident. Plus, hear our favourite entry from an online ringtone competition (it has to win!) and Scott reveals a bit too much about his private life with Chris.
Slip It In - 7th October 2011 Chris has thought up a new game called Slip It In - will he be any good at it though? Plus, the Posh Radio 4 Lady reads out your texts and emails in Dear Scott and Smooth Talking Dan hits Stupid Street to find out which TV show they'd like to live in.
Joe Jonas - 10th October 2011 Joe Jonas pops in for a chat, the Trolololol man makes an appearance, Scott massages UHT milk into his legs and Dev tries to guess whether Bad Kebab and Stink Face are real wrestling moves. Plus, the Posh Radio 4 Lady reads out your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
Scott will live forever - 11th October 2011 Chris has got a plan to make Scott live forever, well... in a nursery rhyme. Plus, Dear Scott, Stupid Street, Beccy's Christmas present list and moles in holes with musical birthday cards.
Russell Howard - 12th October 2011 Our favourite comedian, Russell Howard, pops in to talk about monkeys, dogs and his new show on BBCThree. Plus, Scott's found the original version of the Sak Noel track and Chris has some crazy programme ideas on his phone.
Matt Cardle - 13th October 2011 Matt Cardle pops in to play Truth Or Dare, Scott has a Dutch dilemma and is dressing down for Katherine Jenkins ever acceptable? Plus, more Slip It In and your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
Charlie Simpson - 14th October 2011 Charlie Simpson pops in to talk about his new album and sing his version of Loca People. Plus, Beccy has cheated on her hairdresser, we find some very bored voiceovers in shops and Chris forgets his mum's birthday. Doh.
Dom Straat - 17th October 2011 Scott went to Amsterdam for the weekend and found their very own Stupid Street, or in actual Dutch, Dom Straat. Plus, CVs, mooning and a surprise guest for Beccy.
CVs, Pregnancy Burgers and Alan Sugar - 18th October 2011 We get our CVs scrutinised by a top expert, a pregnant lady needs a breakfast burger NOW and Beccy has a quiz on Lord Sugar. Plus, the PR4L reads out your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
One Direction and Harry Hill - 19th October 2011 We have a very weird chat with One Direction about their new single Gotta Be You. Harry Hill pops in and Scott gets stuck in a car with the Hoff.
Deborah Meaden and Robbie Savage - 20th October 2011 Deborah pops in to give us our job interview feedback and Robbie finally gets Scott to talk about football. Plus, the cosmetic surgery game, gossip from Scott's toilet and Beccy's mini meltdown over a dog hanging out of a car window.
Olly Murs and Jason Byrne - 21st October 2011 We get Olly Murs to play Truth or Dare and comedian Jason Byrne also pops in for a chat. Plus, Beccy's entering an eating competition, the diva demands of celebrities and the Posh Radio 4 lady reads your Dear Scotts.
The Midnight Beast - 25th October 2011 Our friends The Midnight Beast pop in for a chat. Scott's got some advice for people planning on photoshopping their partners in pics... they won't like it. Plus, he's had it less than a week but Scott's already broken his new phone.
Chappers is back! - 26th October 2011 Yep, the man himself is back, to help Chris further his career as a football pundit. Plus, Smooth Talking Dan finds out how many people on Stupid Street are sexy and they know it and Beccy gets very wet in Innuendo Bingo: The Duel.
But Im a lady... - 27th October 2011 Scott calls a Spa with a very deep voice, but will they believe he's a lady? Plus, Frisky and Mannish pop in, Scott's had an incident with some soup and Matt Edmondson's Star Caller goes horribly wrong...
One Direction Scandal - 28th October 2011 Beccy is embroiled in a One Direction scandal and Chris admits something incredible about his bathing habits. Plus, more punditry from Chris and the Posh Radio 4 Lady reads out your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
Nicole Scherzinger - 31st October 2011 Nicole joins Scott for a chat about Simon Cowell, X Factor and aeroplane food.

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