October 2010 Podcasts


October 2010 Podcasts

Paddy McGuinness - 1st October 2010 Paddy pops in for a chat about all things northern. Plus, find out how @totds is getting on with his twitter campaign, Beccy's found the bar on her train home and the Posh Radio 4 lady reads out your text and emails including Rene Le Taupe off of France.
Scott Meets Rihanna! - 4th October 2010 The lovely Rihanna joins Scott live in the studio. Will Scott actually call her 'Ri Ri' to her face as promised? She gives us all the goss on Katy Perry's 'bachelorette' party, what Eminem is reallly like and her views on Russell brand - is he good enough for her best friend?
Lovely Golfing Lady - 5th October 2010 Scott's found a clip from 5Live featuring a lady having an amazing time at the Ryder Cup... in the champagne bar. Plus, Tinie Tempah pops in for tea and gaming and there's some more brilliant Innuendo Bingo to make you laugh.
Golfing Lady Mash Up - 6th October 2010 The lovely lady from the golf (Champagne Andi as they're calling her on 5Live) features on Pro Green's latest track! Plus, Tinchy Stryder joins us in the Gaming Lounge, our new compilation CD is coming along nicely and Adele is back singing her TV themes.
Kelly Rowland - 7th October 2010 Kelly drops in to play some games, actual Jason Mohammad from the 5Live Drunk Lady song calls up and Michael Urie from Ugly Betty pops by to tell us all about his new show Celebrity Autobiography. And if that's not enough, learn everything you need to know about Pigeon Racing with Sara Cox.
Diana Vickers - 11th October 2010 Diana pops in for a chat. There's another amazing IOBF and did you hear? Fearne's been to Peru!
Steve Carell - 12th October 2010 The 40-Year Old Virgin star drops in to talk about his new film Despicable Me amd the US Office. Plus, we annoy Matt Fincham again, Beccy's noisy neighbours are back, Scott's got a problem with shopping in the dark and we find an amazing new TV show featuring sausage plaits.
Inside Beccys Mind - 13th October 2010 Since we mentioned sausage plaits on the show yesterday, Beccy hasn't been able to think about anything else... hear what's going on inside her mind. Plus, Scott's new wardrobe, more Stupid Street, Beccy in the papers, Coxipedia and an update on the noisy neighbours.
Chile or Chill-ay? - 14th October 2010 Scott's convinvced it's pronounced Chill-ay cos he saw it on the news... now he just needs to persuade Beccy. Plus, Scott wants to sound like Zane, Beccy's loves Tom Daley, Stupid Street discuss their over 50s list and Zane does some quite incredible Family Guy impressions.
Konnie Huq - 15th October 2010 The Xtra Factor host drops by to dish the dirt on Simon & Louis. Plus, Scott starts the show as Rob Da Bank, we've got a special mystery guest on the phone, the PR4L reads out more of your Dear Scotts and Matt Fincham tries really badly to get his own back on Beccy.
Harry Hill - 18th October 2010 It's Only Bley Friday so Harry Hill joins us for a catch up!
Up early covering for Chris Moyles - 25th October 2010 Scott tells us what he got up to on holiday with his Mum. We compare Scott’s life to that of ex Radio 1 DJ Bruno Brookes and we go out on Stupid Street to find out their life motto’s.
Up early covering for Chris Moyles - 26th October 2010 Michael Buble is in and tells us about how he did not mime on X Factor and he does some singing on Wings track. We have some Dear Scott’s and we look at another day in the life of Bruno Brookes comparing it to our very own Scott Mills.
Up early covering for Chris Moyles - 27th October 2010 Take That live in the studio! Amazing...it was that good that Mark kind of fell asleep! They talked about the new tour, who they'd like to support them and their new fans.
Good News... Its Russell Howard - 28th October 2010 Russell Howards's on to tell us about why it's a bad idea to set alight to your backside hair. Also, behind the scenes secrets at Coronation Street, the woman behind Toni and Guy and the greatest ever Australian.
Peter Andre, Star Defender - 29th October 2010 Peter Andre's in the studio (the greatest ever Australian?) ahead of his single going into the charts. And as Scott's stint covering for Moyles comes to an end, so does the Diary Of A Radio 1 DJ. Today Bruno's 80s antics reach a showbiz climax.

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