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March 2017 Podcasts


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Not Just Bieber's Birthday 01 Mar 17 We wanted to share the birthday love to those who's day gets overshadowed by Bieber's. Chris & Scott give an insight into what they search for online in the Google Game. Greg James plays Real Or No Real and we speak to a dutch listener who is learning English by reading Scott's Book 'Love You, Bye' 38:04.0
Ali Plumb’s Wet Crotch 02 Mar 17 Radio 1's film expert Ali Plumb breaks his Innuendo Bingo duck with Chris. Meanwhile, why is Scott being blamed for the relationship break-up of listener Dan? Alice Levine plays Real Or No Real - what really is in those humps off of camels? 38:37.0
Is it true your head never stops growing? 06 Mar 17 Scott and Chris reveal even more about themselves (and certain…ahem…preferences) in radio’s most revealing feature – The Google Game; how many Chris Stark’s would pay for a Scott Mills? Is Scott Mills Matt Edmondson’s only friend? He’s got a badge that says so, plus Greg James plays Real Or No Real – Chris thinks your fingers never stop growing, but isn’t that your head? 34:24.0
Totally Addicted to YASS! 07 Mar 17 Scott starts a Yass Clinic, where those afflicted by an addiction to saying “yass!” can get the help they need. Bobby Norris and Pete Wicks from TOWIE take on Innuendo Bingo – no sign of Megan McKenna, does this mean her and Pete are finished? Charlie Sloth plays Real Or No Real as Chris reveals how his mum used to make him eat his ‘bollogs’, and there are kittens in the Live Lounge so Scott and Chris decide to buy them a load of catnip and have a cat rave. 41:45.0
Hot and High Maintenance 08 Mar 17 So… What started out as, “How good are you at doing happy face when you’ve received a rubbish gift?” – Quickly escalated to, “Are you hot and high maintenance?” – Scott and Chris took a call which really is NOT to be missed. It’s the middle of what feels like a really long week, so why not Bamboleo with us? Bangers! is back, can Scott win make it 3-Nil and win the week? Plus! Is Ed Sheeran forming a boy band? Find out in Real or No Real with Greg James. 40:17.0
Innuendo Bingo with Mallory Knox 16 Mar 17 …It’s the day after the 24 Hour LOL-a-thon and Sam and Mikey from Mallory Knox are on for Innuendo Bingo, and it’s a PROPER wet one! Bangers! is back… Anto Sharp off of ‘Straight in my basket’ drops in to play Real or No Real and Scott And Chris give Fearne Cotton nightmares in a live TV interview… It wasn’t their fault, we promise! 49:46.0
Yaaas Queen! It’s Korean Billy 17 Mar 17 Internet sensation and all-round lovely man, Korean Billy has flown all the way over from Korea to see Scott and is on-board to help Scott translate some classic Scott Mills-isms… Have you seen the new line-up for The Great British Bake-Off? Scott’s not impressed, so he’s going to randomly generate some new ones. Plus! Is Justin Bieber really a shapeshifting lizard? Find out in Real or NO Real with Greg James. 31:23.0
Hello! You’re a Liar, Aren’t You? 21 March 17 Scott LOVES you. He LOVES that you’ll literally tell him ANYTHING; and you’ll do it on the radio too. Today, Scott is looking for someone that’s told a MASSIVE lie in the last 24 hours and as ever – you DO NOT disappoint. Chris is away, Scott’s got his under the table, so let’s roll out The Whoooooo?! Game. Plus! Find out if One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson really has got a telephone number that can get him pizza at anytime, anywhere in the world in Real or No Real with Charlie Sloth. 33:55.0
“I’m Not Adverse To A Chemical Peel” 22 Mar 17 On today’s show: it’s another revealing Google Game as Matt Edmondson joins Scott and Chris to talk about staying young and not showing your nails on TV. Chris is back from Spring Break (filming a documentary and not a holiday apparently) and he’s brought a song for Bangers with him, and Scott points out the differences between him on Radio 1 and his appearance on Radio 2. Don’t forget: Bamboleo Wednesday too! 32:52.0
So I've got to re-sit first year... "...oh god" 23 Mar 17 Scott has convinced listener Will to come clean to his Dad about failing the first year of Uni - how will he take it? Tom Hardy's back to read another story on Cbeebies, and there are some shocking revelations on Real Or No Real with Alice Levine. 40:14.0
Saluting Magpies 28 Mar 17 Scott plays The Google Game with Greg James and it throws up some more revelations - are you a saluter of magpies? There's an update from listener Sarah as Scott finds out if she's going to fly to Ireland to see the guy she's only met once, and Charlie Sloth drops by to play Real Or No Real. 30:15.0
That’s Cardiff For You! Scott's show takes a Welsh turn as listener Sarah has met a new man in Cardiff, but should she follow him back to Ireland for a weekend date? Meanwhile Chris has a new game - can he and Scott work out which callers are naked? It could be Tom in the Welsh capital! Dev's in for Real Or No Real to find out whether Rylan has his own diary room from Big Brother, and we finally hear the results of Chris' weekend Japan with 10,000 naked men. 37:09.0
Everyone’s Got A Sick Bucket! 29 Mar 17 Scott tries out Chris’ new game from last Friday but with a twist: with all the sickness going round, three callers are on the phone saying they’re ill – but two of them are lying! Can the boys guess who’s telling the truth without falling out over whether it’s normal to have a sick bucket in the house? Also, is egging back on? One listener thinks so. And find out if Justin Bieber is a wanted man in Brazil in Real Or No Real. 39:39.0
Hi Scott, I DESPISE All Time Low 30 Mar 17 Fresh from their incredible Live Lounge, Alex and Jack from All Time Low pop in to say ‘Hi!’ to Scott & Chris – and Scott’s got a great game for them! He’s lined up three callers that all HATE All Time Low, or do they? Two super fans and one not-so-big fan have to convince ATL that they hate the band. The absolutely WONDERFUL Angela Scanlon from The One Show and Robot Wars jumps in to the wet seat for Innuendo Bingo – and she LITERALLY doesn’t stop talking! …But is also brilliant. Plus! Find out if Adele loves Neighbours so much that she’s asked the Producers to write her in to an episode in Real or No Real. 42:25.0
I Know How Guys Work! 31 Mar 17 Welsh Sarah is back on for a final update before she heads to Ireland to spend the weekend with man called Paddy who she’s only met once. It’s New Music Friday, but that doesn’t mean anything to Chris as once again he’s concerned that we’re running out of music. Plus! If you have a massive beehive hair-do, do you have to have it frisked at the airport? Find out in Real or No Real with Greg James. 37:31.0

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