June 2013 Podcasts


June 2013 Podcasts

Union J play Truth or Dare and Dear Scott 03 Jun 13 Union J are in to play Truth or Dare, with some horrific results for JJ. Dear Scott helps us out with how to pronounce some tough words, plus there are handy pub facts in Real or No Real.
Sarah Jane Crawford Innuendo Bingo 04 June 13 1Xtra's Sarah Jane Crawford is in to give Chris the soaking of his life. There are tips about what to do with your beef in the kitchen and a fascinating story about Lord Hereford's Knob. Scott has been out to practice his pronunciation of some tricky words. And Charlie Sloth is in to play Real Or No Real. Is it really impossible to lick your elbow?
Chris Flies A 747 (Simulator) 05 Jun 13 Scott feared the worse when two 747 pilots asked for Chris to be their Plan B. Some of Chris's Plan B's have gone pretty badly but life has never been at risk before. Happily, it turns out he's only training on a simulator. Will he manage to land the plane without risk to the (virtual) passengers? Exactly how much of an idiot will he sound making annoucements on the PA system? And will he ever take off the Top Gun style shades? Also, Sara Cox is in to play Real Or No Real. Do you know why pirates wear eye patches? We find out. But is it all a terrible lie? And some amazing audio from a US news show where two of the presenters have fallen out big time, live on air!
Chris Covers His Face For Innuendo Bingo 06 Jun 13 Chris spurts over himself in the name of Innuendo Bingo today. He's flying solo after a last minute drop-out from the frequently-traitorous Matt Edmondson. Listen to him spew a range of artisan yoghurts over his own face! Also, a vital fact for the users of pedestrian crossings in Real Or No Real with Greg James. Scott's observations on the British in the heat. Some happy memories in Dear Scott. And a plan is forming to make the star of BBC Three's 'The Call Centre' do something really quite brilliant.
"But Why Is There An Owl?! 07 Jun 12 Scott's worried Chris has finally lost it. He's insistant that when he was younger he had his formal school photo taken WITH AN OWL. Surely this can't be right. Also, an amazing Fish Pie Sue call as our listener Toni tries to get to the bottom of who 'Darren Manhole' is in her phone book. Danny Howard plays Real Or No Real. And Scott's got some big plans for Psy's visit next week.
We Feed PSY Toad In The Hole. 10 Jun 13 Our actual favourite and Scott's look-alike PSY is on the show. We feed him Toad In The Hole, and PSY performs a Cuppa Fart on Chris. Plus Scott has made some unusual friends in New York, and it's Real Or No Real with Dan & Phil.
Nev From "The Call Centre" And Bingo 11 Jun 13 The star of BBC Three's real life drama filmed in a Swansea call centre is in to chat about his amazing motivational techniques and the brilliant chracters he employs. He gets the Radio 1 office fired up and ready to go with a rendition of Mr Brightside. Huw Stephens is in for a particularly low-brow edition of Innuendo Bingo which includes some especially surprising news about a horse and a very frank interview with Ann Widdecombe. Charlie Sloth rolls into the studio for Real Or No Real, but will Scott be fattist again? And will Chris master his latest rap challenge?
All Time Low Are In... But Is It Rock? 12 Jun 13 It's Radio 1's week of rock and Scott's called up his most ROCK friends, All Time Low, to pop in and help celebrate. Meanwhile, Scott and Chris aren't entirely sure they get this whole rock world and are keen to get some advice from the Count Of Rock himself, Daniel P Carter. Sara Cox is in to play a rockin' Real Or No Real. And Example has taught us all an amazing new insult.
Jessie J Distraction, Danny O'Donoghue Bingo 13 Jun 13 It's all about The Voice today as Jessie J drops by for a chat and Danny O'Donoghue brings his contestants in to watch him play Innuendo Bingo. He gets a real soaking at the mouth of Chris Stark. Jessie thinks she's going to get away lightly in comparison but Scott's been planning something even weirder than Bingo for her! Huw Stephens plays Real Or No Real. That's if we can hold his attention for long enough (he's very distracted by Springwatch's Michaela Strachan). And there's a whole palaver about a Nickleback song that you'll really just need to hear to understand.
Saucy Beth Is Today's Fish Pie Sue 14 Jun 13 Our listener Izak has a 'Saucy Beth' in his phone and has no idea who she is. Scott makes him phone her to find out who she could be and how they met. Meanwhile, everyone listening clenches their fists and tries to find something to bite down on. Also, Chris has a business plan to help out those going to a formal event on a low budget. And Matt Edmondson finally sticks to one of his bookings with us and actually turns up for Real Or No Real.
Spanish Scott Mills & Impressing Shania Twain 17 Jun 13 Scott has always wanted to be enough of a big deal to have his voice dubbed into the languages of the world, and it's finally happened for him. But what voice have they chosen for him? It's been fathers' day and there have been no end of social dilemmas for Scott and Chris to grapple with. The PR4L is back with more of your emails in Dear Scott. And there's more on Shania Twain being very hard to impress on Twitter during Real Or No Real with Dan and Phil.
The Wanted Innuendo Bingo 18 Jun 13 Scott's persuaded Jay and Max from The Wanted to return and play Innuendo Bingo against Chris. Will they be able to hold their water while faced with an onslaught of both new clips and old favourites? Also, we've spotted an incredible school trip. Chris has tried to blag his way into places using Scott's good name. And Charlie Sloth is rolled in to play another brilliant game of Real Or No Real.
Coming Out For Selena Gomez And Dizzee Rascal 19 Jun 13 A lot of our listeners are very excited about the new Selena Gomez single but are too scared to admit it. Scott gives them the chance to come out. Dizzee Rascal pops by for a chat. Chris has a problem with his mate Dicko's upcoming wedding. Sara Cox is in for Real Or No Real and is very worried that Venezuela might have run out of toilet roll. And does Scott carry on presenting the radio even when he's in the pub?
Kristen Wiig & Innuendo Bingo 20 Jun 13 Radio 1's Gemma Cairney gets a dampening in Innuendo Bingo, and Kristen Wiig finds time to pay a visit despite being in almost every film released this year. Plus Greg James plays Real Or No Real?, and Chris is having horror-movie hallucinations outside the studio window.
A bee-sting made me gay 21 Jun 13 It's the return of two of our favourite features: Fish Pie Sue and the Real Life Magazines Game. Who are Studs & Wolverine? Which group of retail workers are known as 'the trolls in the dungeon'? Did Kanye West get arrested for stealing printers? What's Gail Platt been singing this week? Answers to all these questions and more, in today's Scott Mills Daily.

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