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July 2017 Podcasts


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Trust Me, I Can Get You On Mate 3 Jul 17 After Chris received a late night call from an overly-excited colleague over the weekend, he decides to call her out and get her on-air today After she promised her cab driver that she could get him on Bangers! It's a new week for Bangers! And of course, Scott & Chris have a very special guest on the phone ready to play (could he be a cab driver by any chance). Chris had an eventful weekend which contained an axe, some blood and lots of heavy metal (what?!). The future is now, and it's in Scott's house! Plus! Is Marcel's Mum joining the cast of Love Island? Find out in Real or No Real with Greg James. 38:59.0
Jamie Matrix & Calum Scott Innuendo Bingo 04 Jul 17 Jamie from Matrix & Futurebound & Calum Scott play Innuendo Bingo. Plus Scott keeps saying forbidden words so has to give away lots of tickets and has upset Chris by not telling him some very important information. The Snake!! 34:54.0
Hello! We're Adventurous. 05 Jul 17 It's another Bamboleo Wednesday and Chris is somewhere in the Arctic Circle, listener Ella tells us of a strange text she received from her boss and new Radio 1 family member Jordan North plays Real Or No Real. 32:18.0
Bigtime Blaggers! 06 Jul 17 All of Scott's show, without the music! Innuendo Bingo, prank calls, Chris's stories, listeners' dilemmas, Real Or No Real, stupid games: it's all here for you, five days a week. 24:35.0
I Can't Fit Into The Trousers 07 Jul 17 Americans have discovered the TV show Embarrassing Bodies and they don't know what to think. Alice joins Scott for Real or No Real and Chris Stark is joining a gay choir at another extreme festival but, he can't fit into the trousers. 35:15.0
How Old Is Cinderella? 10 Jul 17 Scott and Chris play a round of the Google Game And as ever it brings out some of the stranger things that Scott and Chris like to Google. Plus! It helps the guys come up with a new game, ˜The Cartoon Character Age Game'. Snake Mills talks all things Saturday Kitchen after appearing on the show over the weekend and Chris has many, many questions to ask. It's a brand new week of Bangers! And find out if Greg Wallace (1) Lives in a boat on the river and (2) Likes raving in Ibiza in Real or No Real with Greg James. 47:21.0
Innuendo Bingo with Charlotte Crosby - 11 Jul 17 Top Geordie lass, Charlotte Crosby drops by to play Innuendo Bingo and to tell us how romantic her boyfriend Stephen Bear is He hides behind bins to surprise her don't you know? Scott and Chris have got a brand new game The only problem is It could get them fired “ because it involves some really, really famous people and some seriously salacious gossip! It's 1 v Nil to Chris on Bangers, and he's got what he feels is a pretty out there choice for today. Plus! Is there really a new dating app that will find you potential matches that look like your celebrity crushes? Find out in Real or No Real with Charlie Sloth (When he eventually turns up!) 43:05.0
#AskEddie: The Interview 12 Jul 17 Remember your work experience? I doubt it involved taking over a rail company's Twitter account and becoming a social media star, but that's what's happened to 15 year-old Eddie “ Scott and Chris have the first interview and try to sign him up for a regular feature. Also, what would you do if, like listener Callum, you were invited on to First Dates, but you're kind of seeing someone right now? There's a brilliant gap on Bamboleo Wednesday, more ponderings on which pop stars have dirty kitchens, and has Simon Cowell hired Downton Abbey to pretend it's his new pad on X Factor Judges' Houses? Greg James finds out on Real Or No Real. 47:14.0
Innuendo Bingo with Olly Murs - 13 Jul 17 Fresh from a day out at Wimbledon with Louisa Johnson, Olly Murs jumps in to the wet seat to play Innuendo Bingo, and he tells us exactly what he does with all of the knickers that are thrown at him onstage Scott and Chris reveal something they did last night at the BBC Radio Awards which could get them in A LOT of trouble. They hear more stories from your work experience and learn a new phrase, œHello Boot. PLUS! Is Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps really going to race a Great White Shark? Find out in Real or No Real. 42:06.0
Summer Bummer Explained - 14 Jul 17 Something's been lost in translation in the new Lana Del Rey song, so Scott and Chris get some American help to decipher her lyrics. Plus, the Love Island contestants are mixing up their words again, the Wealdstone Raider has been spotted handcuffed to a stag in Barcelona - don't ask - and Mistajam is on hand to help with an ATM-themed edition of Real Or No Real. 40:03.0
Penicillin Injection - 17 Jul 17 Scott's back from Stockholm in Sweden and has ALL the stories! He met some lovely listeners and a man called Loverdee “ who's claims to be kind of a big deal in the pop world. Have you ever told a little white lie at the start of a relationship and then not told your partner? Rebecca did just that “ she claimed to be best friends with Radio 1Breakfast Show Host, Nick Grimshaw I can't see that backfiring AT ALL. It's Monday, so how's about a Google Game “ ever wanted to know ALL the different ways to snog someone? Then this is the game for you. Plus! It's a new week in Bangers “ who's going to have to drop trou at the end of the week? 36:08.0
I've Never Done That Live on BBC One - 18 Jul 17 It's time for another round of the Celebrity Last Line Game Scott and Chris give you the very last line of a super salacious celebrity story, and you fill in the blanks “ sure, they would love to tell you the whole story “ but they would be fired in an instant! Jonas Blue, not off of Scandinavia and also not really called Jonas, jumps in to the wet seat for Innuendo Bingo and he gets a proper soaking! It's 1-Nil to Chris in Bangers, can he make it 2-Nil or can Scott even it out? Plus! Dua Lipa's got a brand new fan, œYas! #FemaleJesus. 35:37.0
You've #SlayedMyExistence 19 Jul 17 All of Scott's show, without the music! Innuendo Bingo, prank calls, Chris's stories, listeners' dilemmas, Real Or No Real, stupid games: it's all here for you, five days a week. 27:48.0
Letters of Complaint - 20 Jul 17 So, after Chris decided to write a strongly worded letter of complaint to a take-away on yesterday's show, Scott asked you if you could blind copy him in on your letters of complaint, and you didn't disappoint! Listener Sean is on and he's VERY unhappy with a hotel stay, although he's really regretting his œslightly inebriated letter of complaint right now. The Vamps give Chris an absolute soaking in Innuendo Bingo, and tell us all about their pop star problems Loft conversion delays anyone? It's 2 v 1 to Chris in Bangers, Scott needs to even it up else he'll lose the week. Plus! Do you like Jazz Flute? You Do? Today's your lucky day! 33:13.0
Where Are My £60 Italian Laced Pants? - 22 Jul 17 Scott's found a serial complainer and she's got a proper stress on at her local laundry! Listen carefully to the end of her call for an unexpected twist. It's a good one! Also, is it ok to put on a party but call it a festival? Has The Beast from The Chase really done a club PA? And it's the end of a long week on Bangers. 34:11.0
We're The Eamonn and Ruth of Daytime Radio 24 Jul 17 Oh no! Chris is stranded in Barcelona, so isn't here for today's show “ and Scott is WELL annoyed at the airline for leaving him there “ so what better way to vent that frustration than with a letter of complaint Written by YOU! Why is everybody celebrating One Direction's 7 year anniversary, is that even a thing?! It's the finale of Love Island tonight, are you having a Love Island themed party? Plus, it's a brand new week in Bangers! He may be stranded in Barcelona, but can Chris take an early lead? 26:56.0
Declarations of Love “ 25 Jul 17 Did you see the totally cringe declarations of love on the final last night? Literally THE WORST “ but I guess if you can't be them, join them “ so today Scott and Chris declare their love for their all-time favourite things: pizza and tanning. Speaking of Love Island, fresh from the villa, Jonny Mitchell jumps in to the wet seat for Innuendo Bingo. Plus, what's the last thing you say before you kiss someone? 36:26.0
Hot Names - 26 Jul 17 Do you have a hot name? We're not asking if YOU'RE hot, just your name Scott and Chris put your names to the test and decide once and for all? The entire Live Lounge Month list has been announced and it is HUGE! But there's one secret name missing from it “ Scott thinks he's worked out who it is. It's 1-1 in Bangers. Who's going to take a midweek lead? And speaking of midweek, what better way to celebrate than with a cheeky Bamboleo? Plus, Scott and Chris speak to Oli, who has what we think is the first Love Island themed job! 35:18.0
Innuendo Bingo with The Voice of Love Island Iain Stirling! - 27 Jul 17 Probs the most famous voice in The UK right now - Iain Stirling - jumps in to the wet seat for Innuendo Bingo and talks Love Island, plus we find out why EVERYONE keeps shouting "ROMFORD" at him. Lord of the Dance Danny Howard pops in to the studio with some INCREDIBLE news which involves Ibiza, Chris Stark and a toilet. Listener Lyndsay, off of crying on a second date, is back on and she's found love at work Plus, it's 2-1 to Scott on Bangers! Can he take win the week? 40:19.0
Toilet Music Research - 28 Jul 17 With Chris' set in the club loos at Radio 1's Ibiza Weekend announced, Scott & Chris conduct an experiment to find out which songs sound good when you're in a toilet. Will the listeners who've sneaked off to the bathrooms at work pick the songs he'll be playing next Friday night? There's more of your back garden festivals and the nail-biting finale to a week of Bangers - with the scores tied at 2-2, who will triumph? 27:22.0
6pm Jaguar Skills, 7pm Jaguar Skills, 8pm Jaguar Skills - 31 July 17 Listener Luc is on, he's been trying to book Jaguar Skills for his DIY festival, but he's gone about it completely the wrong way Louise calls up to apologise to Scott after she did something a little weird to him at a Coldplay concert. It's a brand new week on Bangers! Chris gets told off by Scott for pulling together his Ibiza DJ set whilst he's still on-air, and why is almost EVERYONE verified on the social medias? 30:45.0


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