July 2014 Podcasts


July 2014 Podcasts

Shhh... I love Mrs Browns Boys 07 Jul 14 Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie is number 1 at the UK box office. But will ANYONE actually admit to watching it? So many people must be loving it but all you ever see online is people hating it. Scott tries to get someone to be brave enough to admit loving it on air. Greg's G In The Park festival starts today, but what will security find as they come to search his bag? Greg also plays Real Or No Real live from the site. And we were all enjoying the Wimbledon highlights montages from the finals this weekend. But what's the music called?
Nick Grimshaw Innuendo Bingo 08 Jul 14 Grimmy's in for his first Innuendo Bingo since the infamous moment he shared with Chris in the shower at Fearne Cotton's house. This is sure to be a wet one! Also, Scott and Chris are worried they're about to be fired after their latest prank call. Will they even be allowed to play it? Charlie Sloth's in for another Fat Tuesday on Real Or No Real. What happened when Matty from The 1975 found the picture of Matt Edmondson we hid in Greg's luggage yesterday? And who stole Scott's chocolates?
Union J Play Innuendo Bingo 10 Jul 14 It's Union J Day on Innuendo Bingo. Scott's got some amazing clips in store for the four lads as they gang up on Chris to give him a soaking. Greg James is live from G In The Park to play Real Or No Real. Did some school kids really try to escape from their own playground by digging a tunnel with a spoon? Chris's holiday plans are really starting to stress him out; Scott watches the mounting crisis with glee. Oddly, Rhianna off of Films is on the show and is actually on about films for once... she's been borrowed from Greg for one week only. And have you ever cheated on your hairdresser with another guy? If so, there's an awkward phone call you need to hear.
What Would You DM The Saturdays? 11 Jul 14 After Scott's little prank with The Saturdays and an unsuspecting member of his team earlier in the week, there's some unfinished business. During the prank Vanessa from the band started following him. Will he dare tweet her? What should he say? Scott throws it over to you to decide. Some top advice if you're ever going to a comedy show. Have The 1975 got bored of playing "Chocolate" live yet? And Real Or No Real is with Dev. Did Chris Martin really ride on the London Underground and not get spotted?
Chris Grunts At The Gym 14 Jul 14 How much grunting is acceptable at the gym? Chris pretends he's lifting some intense weights to see how much he can get away with. Scott wants to know what weird things people take with them on nights out. And Dev plays Real Or No Real.
Amelia Lily Innuendo Bingo 15 Jul 14 Two years on from her first appearance, Amelia Lily braves another game of Innuendo Bingo. But has she realised how much wetter it's got in the time she's been away? She also plays us her new song, California. Scott's thought of a new way for Chris to show off his incredible grunting skills from yesterda: it's time to go to the pub! And it's Fat Tuesday, so Charlie rolls in for Real Or No Real.
Rixton #lookatthefeetonthat 16 Jul 14 Rixton join Scott in the studio as their debut single starts heading towards the number 1 spot. They join in with Scott's continuing fascination with the weird ways people get dumped and also start a hashtag with the amazing phrase: "Look At The Feet On That!" And Alice Levine plays Real Or No Real.
Rachel Riley And Rhianna Off Of Films on Bingo 17 Jul 14 Scott's had to make a double booking for Bingo today cos Chris is off playing Netball (long story). The good news is, both Rachel Riley off of Countdown AND Rhianna Off Of Films step up to the bin for a legendary game. Also, would you take someone on a first date to a Chocolate Factory? And in Real Or No Real we decide whether Eminem has really won more Oscars than Leonardo DiCaprio
Rizzle Kicks Innuendo Bingo 31 Jul 2014 Rizzle Kicks play Innuendo Bingo and replies flood in to Chris's inappropriate all-staff 'short & curly' e-mail. Plus Real Or No Real with Greg James

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