July 2012 Podcasts


July 2012 Podcasts

Grimmy Sits In And Beccy Plays Call Or Delete! 2nd July 2012 Nick Grimshaw sits in for Scott while he's on his holidays and that. Beccy's still here though working on her studio tan, so Grimmy challenges her to her first ever game of Call Or Delete. Whose numbers is she suddenly wishing she doesn't have in her phone!? Plus, Charlie Sloth drops in for a quick "Oh!" and Greg James updates us on his sofa-surfing voyage around Glasgow.
Grimmy makes Conor Maynard play Bingo - 3rd July 2012 Conor Maynard is in for a chat and to play a gruelling round of Innuendo Bingo with Rihanna off'uv Films. Nick Grimshaw is sitting in for Scott this week and has had a right palaver trying to get an interview with Katy Perry. Download the Daily tomorrow to hear how it turned out!
Grimmy and Katy Perry - 4th July 2012 After Grimmy nearly spent the whole of yesterday's show in a cab trying to get it, we're all VERY glad the Katy Perry interview sounds great! She's on good form despite having not slept since jetting in to the UK. Katy talks about everything from forgetting what day it is to promiscuous cats. Also, it's day three of Greg's sofa surfing trip around Glasgow and we've got a bit bored of everyone saying how nice he is. It's time for some mischief! And more Oh! with Becky and Chris (Smith).
Scotts Back - 9th July 2012 Scott's back afer his hols. While he's been away there's been a small to-do about Andy Murray and Wimbledon. Fortunately, Chris is on standby with Balls Of Disappointment and has done a special version of the song to mark Sunday's sad events. Also, what's that slapping Chris around the face? Find out in Oh! What's Occurring?
Ne-Yo, Sneezes and Bingo - 10th July 2012 Ne-Yo is on to talk about his new single, but Chris is more concerned with teaching him the Inbetweeners dance. Scott is worried that he might need a new sneeze. And there's a particularly wayward edition of Innuendo Bingo in which Rihanna Off'uv Movies makes a terrible mess of herself.
New Breakfast Presenter - 11th July 2012 If a panicked-looking stranger (say, Scott's mate Chris, for example) ran up to you in the street and asked you to do an impression of Nick Grimshaw, would you do it? What if you had to do it live on Radio 1? What if you also had to answer questions about his big move to the Radio 1 Breakfast Show? This is what we've been wondering in the office today. Find out what happened when Chris tried it out! Also, everything's being getting a little raunchy on The Hotel Inspector and Chris is worried that last night he may have, err... popped out for a bit.
Aiden Grimshaw Plays Innuendo Bingo - 12th July 2012 Aiden Grimshaw is in to play a really quite ridiculous game of Innuendo Bingo with Chris. Scott's got a theory about what Lady Gaga does at home late at night after she's had a few wines, and Grimmy's in to help us answer a simple question: go hard, or go home?
Fun and Filth is back! - 13th July 2012 Radio 1's Fun And Filth Cabareeeeeeet is back for a second year at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Scott, Becky and Chris are very excited about it. Also, Scott's been listening to some weird foreign radio stations and there's a chance to hear some more correspondence in Dear Scott after yesterday's technical mishap.
Amazing Phil and danisnotonfire - 16th July 2012 Amazing Phil and danisnotonfire from the actual internet join the team for this year's Fun And Filth Cabaret and Scott gives them a mission to find the best acts from around the country to join the show. Also, we say "welcome" and "bienvenue" (it's French) to all those arriving in the country for the Olympics; Scott calls another one of his mates to recite some song lyrics, and there's something going off in Oh! What's Occurring?
Misha B plays Bingo - 17th July 2012 After Aiden Grimshaw had a very nice time playing Innuendo Bingo last week, the X Factor theme continues today with Misha B taking on Chris. How wet will she get? Also, there's an awful lot of Volcano-related admin to get through, and lots of listeners have started to audition for Edinburgh.
Inappropriate with Zac Efron - 18th July 2012 Our listener Emily has had a moment of madness with Zac Efron. Scott finds out all the juicy details! We continue the auditions for this year's Fun And Filth Cabaret in Edinburgh. We're still at the early stages so it's a mixed bag. Pitbull's got himself into a spot of bother, and there's a mystery movie to guess in Oh! What's Occurring?
Swedish House Marr-fear - 19th July 2012 Apparently we've been saying the name "Swedish House Mafia" all wrong. Find out how to say it properly in today's Oh! What's Occurring? Rihanna and Chris are back for another ridiculous game of Innuendo Bingo. And there's more from the show inbox in Dear Scott. Find out why Chris ends up phoning Greg to tell him he's fit.
Whats in Angeloss Bag - 20th July 2012 Angelos Epithemiou is Scott's guest on the show but can you guess what's hiding in his lovely orange shopping bag? More listeners take the opportunity to audition for the Fun & Filth Cabaret and Grimmy pops down for more Oh! What's Occuring?
Delilah gets a nudie pen - 23rd July 2012 Delilah is in to discuss her new album, her views on nudie pens and her love of Don’t Tell The Bride. Westwood encourages the audience to 'make some noise' in Oh! What's Occuring? The team had very different weekends, Beccy went to a sheep dog trails where one of the dogs was called Pig, Scott was working in Zante and Chris DJ-ed his cousins wedding but as Scott has misplaced his suit he wasn’t dressed quite right for the occasion. Listener Johnny announced the show today with his two blue peter badges and Greg James pops in to chat cricket.
Matt Edmondson on Bingo - 24th July 2012 Matt's in to play Innuendo Bingo. Let's hope he's brought a spare pair of trousers! Scott auditions some more acts for Edinburgh and Oh! What's Occurring goes all highbrow with a visit to BBC Breakfast news.
Peter Amazing Impressionist - 25th July 2012 Peter has been on to recommend himself for the Fun And Filth Cabaret in Edinburgh this year. We'll leave you to judge for yourself whether he's talented enough to get on! Also, Scott and Chris are in the middle of hatching a plan with their old phones, Beccy's got her hand stuck in something and there's more Who's That Tweeting?
Lingerie Launderer - 26th July 2012 More auditions for The Fun & Filth Cabaret continue and Rhianna from films is in to play Innuendo Bingo. Scott doesn’t appreciate the need for more than one phone and Chris learns what a zucchini is. Listener Gemma the accidental shop lifter aka ‘The Lingerie Launderer’ introduces the show.
Lighting Olympic Torch - 27th July 2012 Scott receives a mysterious call from Sebastian Coe which convinces Chris that it is in fact Scott who is the surprise guest lighting the Olympic torch at the Opening Ceremony tonight. Guess the Autobiography is on Oh! What’s Occurring? today and Chris takes on Becci to win points. Katie from a pub toilet in Nuneaton demonstrates her talent for the Fun & Filth Cabaret of Dido doing the Crazy Frog. They start to think about what Chris will do as a performance and most of the text suggestions from listeners are mainly in a Man V’s Food style challenge.
Think Sunny - 30th July 2012 Today, Chris reckons that he can make it sunny just by thinking positively. Plus, Beccy tries out her David Guetta impression for a 'hiarious' call - but it goes a bit wrong. Also, we get Dan & Phil (off've the internet) on to listen to your strange Fun & Filth Cabaret auditions. Scott gets a bit excited about The Olympic Diving. And in 'Oh' Jameela Jamil has been off to New York - but she doesn't like to mention it.
Look, Ian Thorpe - 31st July 2012 Ian Thorpe stars in today's Oh! What's Occurring? after some slightly repetitive banter with Gary Lineker. And the Olympics theme continues in Innuendo Bingo as Chris and 1Xtra's Nick Bright battle it out. Plus, standby for some huge Pitbull news.

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