July 2009 Podcasts


July 2009 Podcasts

Scotts back - 2nd July 2009 ... and he's just about recovered from hanging out with The Hoff 24/7. There's more Search for a Scott action, plus Beccy's Classifieds and a Glastonbury themed Oh! What's Occurring.
Search For A Scott - 3rd July 2009 We go through some more of your auditions for Scott Mills the musical. Plus, Beccy asks for a pillow, Scott has a problem with window cleaners and Chappers still hates cats. There's also more of your correspondence in Dear Scott and of course, Oh! What's Occurring.
Its Only Bley Friday! - 6th July 2009 It's a Wimbledon themed special this week. Plus, our new favourite TV show and more of your auditions to play Scott in the musical.
John Barrowman - 7th July 2009 Torchwood's Captain Jack comes in for a chat with his mum and dad. Plus, is Beccy's Forte escaping from a strait jacket? And if that's not enough, Oh! What's Occurring features lots of Take That mentions in Albert Square and Beccy getting covered in cream.
Sugababes - 8th July 2009 The girls pop in for a chat and play us their brand new single. Plus, Scott's air freshener accident and Beccy tries to get people to donate to her ridiculous new charity in Oh! What's Occurring.
Midweek Madness - 9th July 2009 Scott decides he might have wine flu and he wants to learn Spanish cos he likes Shakira's new single. There are more bargains in Beccy's Classifieds and Oh! What's Occurring is a Nigel extravaganza.
Avenue Q - 11th July 2009 The puppets and their friends come in to give us some advice for our musical... including Scott and Beccy kissing! Very strange. "Obviously" there's also Oh! What's Occurring and more of your Dear Scott's.
Its Only Bley Friday! - 13th July 2009 And boy is it a good one this week! Plus, Ross is feeling left out as he's not going on holiday... so Scott comes up with some amazing ideas to help him feel better!
Its Only Bley 3OH!3 - 14th July 2009 3Oh3! are on a day trip to the UK from America (as you do), so they pop into see Scott. Catch up on the latest from Scott Mills The Musical boot camp and Scott tells Chappers about a marvellous invention called The Wonder Boner.
Search For A Scott - 15th July 2009 Adam is in today - he's one of the 3 finalists and really wants to play Scott in the musical! Plus, there's science news, Innuendo Bingo and Oh! What's Occurring.
Scotts back - 28th July 2009 Mr Mills returns from holiday with a very scary story! Plus, he's been on American TV and got some more amazing Innuendo Bingo. Oh! What's Occurring features lots of cats and we've got a new game called "Just For The Pun Of It"
Just For The Pun Of It - 29th July 2009 Today Scott and Beccy try calling a florist and butchers - but how many awful bad jokes can they get in? Plus, Scott's suffering from a break up, there's more from Joe who's playing Scott in the musical and Scott's very proud of his TV Oh! What's Occurring... but will it be any good?!
Beatboxing Beccy - 30th July 2009 Scott wants to be a bad boy as he thinks girls love them. We've all got an injury or ilness, Beccy has become Chappers PA and Aled has too much alcohol in Oh! What's Occurring. Plus, there are some amazing bargains in Beccy's Classifieds especially if you've got a bald pet!
Hey Sweet Cheeks - 31st July 2009 Scott uses some of his favourite compliments in Oh! What's Occurring. Plus, more of your amusing correspondence in Dear Scott.

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