January 2018 Podcasts


January 2018 Podcasts


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Jan Slam & Emma Willis - 02 Jan 18 It’s a brand new year and Scott and Chris are back on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, and will be revealing the very first and very AMAZING Jan Slam prize of 2018 – you do not want to miss this. Scott promises this is last time you’ll hear about Mariah Carey until December, she’ll be popped away in the garage and covered in a dust sheet until December. Emma Willis pops in to the studio to help Scott and Chris clear up all the Celebrity Big Brother rumours, and Listener Hannah takes a gamble on-air and ruins the New Year (…Well, for some of you) 34:55.0
Lil’ Buffet Bar – 03 Jan 18 What’s your rap name for 2018? Just take the word Lil’ and add the first thing you bought in 2018. Celebrity Big Brother has started and Scott and Chris already have a favourite celebrity! It’s time to give away the first Jan Slam prize of the year, and would you like NOT3S and Mabel to shout out your area? Sure! That can be sorted out for you, no problem. 34:26.0
Can I Be Completely Hairless? – 04 Jan 18 Scott’s been asked for his feedback and approval on his new photo for the website, so it’s time to properly troll the Radio 1 Web Team. Why has Scott called his local chemist on Davina McCalls’ request? Listener Shannon takes control of Radio 1 and is mid eyebrow prep. before work. Chris has got some test results. PLUS! The BIGGEST Jan Slam prize yet is revealed! 39:22.0
James the Private Investigator Concludes – 05 Jan 18 James, the show’s very own Private Investigator is in for another sordid, adulterous tale of cheating – this one is not to be missed, it’s SO juicy! Scott doesn’t know why he’s tired, because he hasn’t done anything. Jimmy Blake has Game of Thrones, Celebrity Big Brother and Justin Timberlake news. It’s time to give away such a BIG Jan Slam prize, with the help of Jason and Osi from the BBC NFL Commentary team… Two tickets to the Superbowl in Minnesota? Sure! PLUS, have you been ghosted on the dating apps? Scott and Chris want to hear from you. 39:19.0
Haters become Lovers – 09 Jan 18 Scott and Chris have managed to find two of our listeners love! When Scott and Chris were on the Breakfast show a couple of weeks they spoke about a new dating app that matches people on similar things they hate. Listener Lauren downloaded the app straight away and met her boyfriend, Steven, on the app; Scott and Chris chat to her about how hate brought her love! Also Scott and Chris reveal one of the best-kept secrets at Radio 1…the Live Lounge farts, which some nervous stars let slip during their performances! 30:15.0
Weird Jobs + Bamboleo Wednesday – 10 Jan 18 We’ve made it to the middle of the week so of course it’s time for Bamboleo Wednesday! Scott and Chris wonder what kind of jobs you lot get up to whilst listening to the show. We get a lot of listeners trying to trick us with fake jobs like a Dolphin Shaver, but we get a chance to hear from some people with amazing jobs like a Donkey Groomer and a Horse Dentist! Plus, Scott and Chris think enough time has passed since Christmas that it’s ok to google the value of your Christmas presents. Obviously it’s the thought that counts but Scott is a feeling a little unloved in the Christmas present department. 29:59.0
A New Chant For The Kop 11 Jan 18 Alice Levine is back for the return of The Woogle Game, Scott is in desperate need for a win in Bangers and we have a new football chant for The Kop. 33:29.0
Tom Kerridge’s Rude Foods – 12 Jan 18 Scott and Chris are joined by TV super chef and the man with the best laugh EVER, Tom Kerridge. Tom plays their new game – Rude Foods, where he has to guess which naughtily named foods are real or no real! Scott and Chris have more real life spy drama from James, the show’s very own Private Investigator. This week James tells Scott and Chris about the time he nearly got his cover blown by someone he was spying on! Plus, Scott and Chris discover what the Queen really thinks about her Crown Jewels. 27:12.0
Nek Minute & Dumping with the help of Usher – 24 Jan 18 Scott is back from his adventures in New Zealand and has found a viral video that contains your new favourite phrase “Nek Minute.” You won’t be able to stop saying it once you’ve heard it! Also Scott quizzes Chris on his knowledge of New Zealand slang and Chris gets very confused by some of Scott’s pronunciation. Plus, Scott and Chris speak to listener Tanya who dumped her ex using the lyrics to Usher’s track “Burn”. Tanya uses the Usher lyrics AGAIN to dump Chris on the show and he takes it pretty personal! 26:29.0
Meat & Two Veg – 25 Jan 18 More listeners are on to tell Scott and Chris how they used song lyrics to dump someone. Chris has got a new special power and wants to put it to the test, but Alice Levine isn’t convinced. Who’s set to win Bangers today? PLUS! Imagine the worst radio competition ever and times it by 1,000! 28:09.0
Assembly Bangers 26 Jan 18 Chris test his "Special Powers" again and tries to guess who's a vegan in Meat & Two Veg and James our real life spy is here again. Plus Cauliflower Is Fluffy and I Was Cold I Was Naked ??,  we stir up some old school memories with Assembly Bangers. 33:50.0
Flirting + Banter = Flanter! – 29 Jan 18 Chris has got a new game for Scott, it’s The Take Me Out Game – ever wondered what Flanter is? Wonder no more… It’s a brand new week in Bangers! So the slate has been wiped clean, although Scott has gone proper out there with his choice. Plus! How comes every child in the land knows the tune to, “Good Morning Mrs. Smith! Good Morning Everyone!” – All the big questions answered. 31:01.0
Noughts & Crosses – 30 Jan 18 James is a university student and REALLY fancies someone in his uni library, and who better to ask for advice than Scott and Chris? Scott’s taken an early lead in Bangers! Can Chris even it up today? Literally ALL of Wales are on ‘cos Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend. PLUS! Listener Tom is suspicious of his girlfriend and her personal trainer… Again, who better to ask for advice than Scott and Chris?! 29:26.0
Fancy a Game of Noughts and Crosses? – 31 Jan 18 Scott and Chris catch-up with Listener James, he’s back in the library at uni – but has he plucked up the courage to ask out the girl of his dreams? Chris has got a super power, he can spot a vegan just by the sound of their voice, and it turns out that some of you have super powers too, well… Sort of. Scott is racing ahead in Bangers! Can Chris edge it back, even just a little bit? Plus! We’re halfway through the week, Bamboleo anyone? 33:11.0


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