January 2008 Podcasts


January 2008 Podcasts

Scott is the new face of darts - 2nd January 2008 Scott believes he may be the new kid on the block of the darts scene - who needs beer when you've got a perfectly fine glass of Pinot Grigio to hand? Oh and then of course there's his darts intro music to consider. Plus we hear some 'interesting' impressions from our listeners and more baffling flirt diverts!  Happy New Year!
Gok-erellaaaaaaa! - 4th January 2008 Scott decides on a new question to randomly text unsuspecting mates. We hear the humiliation of listeners who have been knocked to the floor by volatile grannies, and Scott airs his opinions on 'How To Look Good Naked' and Gok Wan's attempts to coin his own 'Gok phrases'. Plus, real pet cemetries and are webcams the sign of a perv...? Enjoy!
Selling Stories To The Sun - 10th January 2008 Scott, Chappers, and Laura try to sell showbiz exclusives to The Sun newspaper. Who can keep them on the phone the longest? Also, there are concerns that the mysterious "Scariest Movie Of All Time" may involve Scott... naked!
Lets Play Darts - 11th January 2008 Scott plays at the World Darts Championships, what are "complicated" relationships?, Breaking Britney News has a new theme tune, and kids re-enact old horror movies!
Paul McKenna - 17th January 2008 Hypno man Paul McKenna tries to help Laura con her boyfriend into marrying her! Also, how to "woo" the ladies like Craig David, and we try to get a listener off the hook with his girlfriend.
Radiohead play the quiz - 18th January 2008 Radiohead pop in to play the new quiz, Scott and Chappers try to sell more stories to newspapers, there's a new Pointless Survey, and how many 5 year olds could Scott take in a fight?
Sarah Beeny - 22nd January 2008 The first of our Best Guest Fortnight Sarah Beeny comes on the show and talks dating, sheds and of course…boobies. We are all marvelled by Scott's recent bizarre eyeball antics which has hit the top 5 watched clips on YouTube. Plus cringey pet names, more bemusing flirt diverts and the dubious story of the guy who 'accidentally' boffed his girlfriend's mum...hmmmm!
Voiceover Man - Peter Dickson - 23rd January 2008 The competition for the Best Guest heats up with Peter Dickson - the voiceover guy for pretty much everything! We hear some more embarrassing pet names, we speak to Pom Pom Pete and find out the reasons why men become cheerleaders(!) plus the lady who collapses whenever she hears Sean Paul...
Chocolate Sauce - 24th January 2008 It's day 3 of Best Guest Fortnight and things get a bit gross in the studio when skin-stretcher Garry Stretch and sword-swallower Hannibal Helmurto from the Circus of Horrors come in to perform their acts. Lovely! We also find out just what blokes will do to meet girls, hear another You're Sick If You Laugh story, and meet a lucky lad who lives with 9 cheerleaders. Plus we speak to a girl who accidently found some of her dad's embarrassing underwear...
Cheerleaders - 25th January 2008 On day 4 of Best Guest Week, Chappers gets a team of cheerleaders along to teach Scott their moves while he's in full costume. Plus, we conduct a sneaky experiment around the office and hear some of the Radio 1 DJs' best "career laughs". And then there's the bit about a bloke who eats roadkill. Ew!
Atomic Kitten meet X Factor Emma - 28th January 2008 The Best Guest week comes to a heady climax with Atomic Kitten and their meeting of minds with the queen of last year's X Factor - Emma Chawner. Find out if she made it as a new kitten to the litter, plus the final results of Best Guest week...who has won the trip to Normandy to eat fromage and reminisce about Bruce Forsyth with Scott's dad?
Never Seen A Bond Film - 29th January 2008 Are there really people out there who have never seen a Bond film, not even one... ever?! Jono off of Unofficial Mills hasn't. Plus Flirt Diverters are still flying the oddball flag nice and high resulting in the return of Cluedo Dave who attempts to work out the clues left in one particular message.
Psychic Sally predicts Scotts future - 30th January 2008 Psychic Sally is spookily accurate about Scott, a listener admits he lets his girlfriend practice her make up skills on him and we look at some of the entries for Scott's new TV show - 'Upstaged'.
Introducing Scott the Psychic - 31st January 2008 Scott discovers he can tune into his inner eye, something enters him and he can predict the future.  He tries his new found skills out on Barry who asks Psychic Scott whether he'll get lucky tonight?

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