January 2007 Podcasts


January 2007 Podcasts

Scott vs Bobby George - 8th January 2007 Is it wrong to have sexy time with pets in the room? George off of the news thinks not. A shocking revelation about Hannah Montana and Scott discovers he'll be stepping up to the ocky this Thursday to challenge Darts champ Bobby George!
Scotts New Game - 9th January 2007 Introducing the World Peace Game, Scott does his bit to bring the people of the world closer together.  Some sad news for Mary off of Laura's sister and Scott is the new forces sweetheart.
Designer Chickens - 15th January 2007 Scott and Laura try different excuses for pushing in queues at the supermarket, more from the Flirt Divert answer phone and Scott buys a designer free range chicken.
Eating Celebrities - 16th January 2007 Scott has done another pointless survey, find out which celebrities the people of Britain would eat if they were stranded on a desert island and Georgina off of the news shows Scott a very strange dating website for cat lovers!
Westwood says DO YOUR HOMEWORK! - 24th January 2007 Westwood tells school kids...DO YOUR HOMEWORK! and DONT SMOKE! Then Scott tries to invent another game...what the hell are you doing? That sounds very wrong.

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Scotts New Game - 9th January 2007Download
Designer Chickens - 15th January 2007Download
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