December 2013 Podcasts


December 2013 Podcasts

Jeff Brazier Confirms For Deadline Day 02 Dec 13 Relationship Deadline Day looms. Scott manages to secure a top reporter to take part. Dan and Phil play a game of Real Or No Real which includes shock revelations about Hollyoaks. Also, Chris kissed a mouse!
X Factor's Sam Bailey On Innuendo Bingo 03 Dec 13 The amazing Sam Bailey from X Factor is a massive fan of the show and is really excited to come and play Innuendo Bingo. Chris doesn't know what's hit him! Scott has made another star signing for his team for Wednesday's Transfer Deadline Day show. Find out who will be joining Jeff Brazier to bring you news of break ups from around the country. And Greg pops along for Real Or No Real.
Transfer Deadline Day LIVE 04 Dec 13 Deadline Day is here! Anyone in a relationship by 3pm has to stay with the partner over Christmas. Scott anchors, Chris is at the rumours desk, Jessica Wright is in the hub, Jeff Brazier is on the street, Chris Kamara has the celebrity news and Gemma Cairney is on a roof (no one's sure why.) With last minute deals going on across the country, they have all the news, LIVE as it happens. There's phone calls with desperate members of the public as they decide what to do. And Miss X from Tinger has a dilemma on her hands too.
You Me At Six Innuendo Bingo 05 Dec 13 You Me At Six are in for Innuendo Bingo. Will they be able to withstand the accidental rudeness of Holly Willoughby, Simon Mayo and Mary from Coronation Street? Scott's been sent a present, but it might not be the nicest of thoughts. We remember the glor of Transfer Deadline Day. And Chris has got mad beef with the Breakfast Show team. Why is he phoning a company called Steve's Manure?? Plus, Greg pops in for Real Or No Real and for some reason tries to give everyone the hiccups.
Scott The Football Commentator (?!) 09 Dec 13 Scott's been asked to commentate on Grimmy's football match tomorrow as the Breakfast Show squad take on Olly Murs's team. This can't end well! Also, Chris is having some big stress as he prepares for his first Christmas in his own flat. Dan and Phil play Real Or No Real. And Rebecca Black is back with the follow up to "Friday"... it's... "Saturday"!
Innuendo Bingo And Football At Wembley 10 Dec 13 Scott's invited Phil and Alice from the evenings on Radio 1 to play Innuendo Bingo. It's mainly a chance for Scott to wheel out his favourite story about Alice and a popular ice cream. Plus, Scott's been down to commentate on the Breakfast Show footbal match as Grimmy's team take on Olly Murs's lads. It's not quite his bag! Hear how it went for him. And Charlie Sloth comes in to play Real Or No Real.
Radio 1 Christmas Party Real Or No Real 11 Dec 13 It's the day of the Radio 1 Christmas Party so Scott and Chris are naturally nervous about what's to come. To make them feel even worse, today's Real Or No Real is all about Christmas Parties of the past! Greg James is along to join in and he also signs up for Scott and Chris's DJing collective. The three of them are playing a set for Phil and Alice tonight. Also, Scott has an interesting Christmas plan involving Chris's mum. And why on earth do so many people love all the death and misery in their Christmas soaps and magazines?!
Sinitta Innuendo Bingo (With Chris In Leaves!) 12 Dec 13 This is actually happening! Sinitta off'of X Factor is in to play Bingo and, in tribute to her magnificent outfit of the past, Chris is playing dressed only in leaves! All the awkwardness ensues. It's the day after the Christmas Party so there are some stories to be told from Scott, Chris and Greg's filthy DJ set. And Greg himself drops in to play Real Or No Real with a proper good fact about the lyrics to 'Fairytale Of New York'. But is it true?
"I've Hated Them For Five Years" 13 Dec 13 Scott gets his friend Kelly on to call her boyfriend and tell him the TRUTH: that she's hated the chocolates he's been getting her for the last FIVE years. Ouch! It's all for the best in the long run. Scott's favourite new (old) Christmas song is catching on. They're singing it in Spanish classes now. And Real Or No Real contains some top Christmas facts to impress your friends. But are they completely made up?
Scott in for Grimmy on the Breakfast Show 16 Dec 13 Grimmy is off doing the Apres Ski thing so Scott is on! Sam Bailey off of X Factor talks about winning, Chris thinks her fans should be called The Bailiffs.
Will Ferrell Innuendo Bingo! 17 Dec 13 So here it is in all its awkward glory! WILL FERRELL on Innuendo Bingo. Did we really make him do it? Chris absolutely loses it in front of his bemused hero. Will pulls some amazing faces and does maybe Bingo's greatest ever spray! Must listen stuff. Also, Mariah may have had a spot of bother singing the high notes in All I Want For Christmas Is You. Charlie Sloth finds out something startling about the Prime Minister, but is it Real Or No Real? And it's Christmas in a week and a day. Long time fans of the show know that can mean only one thing!
Bear Grylls Feels Inadequate! 18 Dec 13 Bear Grylls makes everyone feel inadequate, right? He's got so many more cool stories than we'll ever have? Scott thinks it's time to make Bear feel inadequate for once so opens the phone lines for calls from listeners with amazing stories of their own. Can he match a listener who had maggots in her back!? Also, it's a HUGE Scott Mills Show Christmas tradition: it's time for Dial A Carol, on the phone direct from the USA!
Eggnog Innuendo Bingo With Grimmy 19 Dec 13 Scott and Chris were at Fearne's Christmas Party earlier and took over the bathroom to play Bingo with Nick Grimshaw in the shower! Fearne offers up her eggnog and some blended Christmas Dinner to make things more festive... which doesn't go down too well with the boys. Also, will Chris get his Christmas wish of two girls carolling to him from Dial A Carol in America? And Greg James teams up with Charlie Sloth to take on Chris in Real Or No Real.
Last Day Of Term - It's All Gone Weird 20 Dec 13 It's the last day of school and Scott & Chris have got the last day vibe going on too (despite being on every day over Christmas!) Topics up for discussion include: JLS, will they ever *really* go away? Is it ever right to fancy a mannequin? Is Keith Lemon a real man? And why shouldn't you get so over-indulgent on Christmas Eve that you can never look your parents in the eye again? Plus, there's some bonus Innuendo Bingo to add to the last day fun!

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