December 2010 Podcasts


December 2010 Podcasts

Scotts back! - 7th December 2010 Yep, Scott's back from OZ, but is he OK? We think he might be slightly jetlagged. Plus, Jason Derulo pops in to talk horse riding, we catch up with the Hoff in his panto and little Jake is back too, talking about getting fired from his nativity.
Christmas Dogs - 8th December 2010 Grimmy joins us to talk about his Festive Festival, so we make him play a game of "We Woof You A Merry Christmas". Plus, posh Alex is stuck on the motorway, Scott is obsessed with Corrie Come Dine With Me, Beccy loves Miranda and we've made an amazing Silent Night / Black Eyed Peas mash up.
Scotts bad gramma innit - 9th December 2010 Scott was on 5Live last night talking about language and the lady he was chatting with wasn't very impressed. Plus, poor Les has been dumped, Stupid Street are feeling Christmassy, football confusion, Surfin'Bird and will Scott's friends Chris and Gary pretend to be celebrities on a radio show?!
Mariah Christmas - 10th December 2010 Beccy gets Scott the best Christmas present ever... a chat with his favourite Santalicious singer, Mariah Carey. Plus, school nativity plays, Snoop Dogg on Chat Roulette, the greatest Scottish person ever on Stupid Street and the PR4L reads out your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
Its Only Bley Friday - 13th December 2010 It's Scott's first IOBF in a while so fingers crossed he hasn't forgotten how to do it. Bill Turnbull off BBC Breakfast does an amazing dad style interview with Tinie Tempah and Dev tells us all about his trip to Lapland.
Secret Shopping Channel Santa - 14th December 2010 We decide to buy eachother some lovely Christmas presents from TV shopping channels, but with a twist. Find out what really happened when Scott got bundled on X Factor, Bill Turnbull is back with yet more Dadisms and Kay "Cougar" Burley features on our new feature OMG, it's Kay Burley.
Is wrapping yourself up a good present? - 15th December 2010 Scott tests the lyrics of his favourite Christmas Song by wrapping up his mate Chris and leaving him as a present for Fearne Cotton. Will she love it? Plus, we call Dial A Carol for a festive song and have the people of Stupid Street heard? About the word?!
Christmas Classifieds - 16th December 2010 Discussing the best Christmas songs Scott reveals his Ricky Martin favourite of off cassette. Beccy reveals some of her classy gift ideas on Christmas classifieds.
Shaun Ryder Interview - 17th December 2010 Shaun Ryder is in but Aggro is on the phone due to a changing illness. There seem to be a lot of international Dear Scott’s this week with Regina from Russia. Andy who thinks he is Scott’s biggest fan in Austria and Raphael who thinks he is Brazil’s biggest Scott Mills fan.  Scott has tickets for Lady Gaga but should he be concerned his seat has a height warning on it.
Bird is nearly THE word - 20th December 2010 Just a few days until the Christmas Number 1 is revealed and Bird might be about to become THE word of 2010.
Miranda & Auto-Santa - 21st December 2010 Miranda off'uv 'Miranda' is in to talk about the perils of being tall and unstable in this cold weather! Plus, Santa is now making his list using a call-centre. Natalie from his office has been calling some top celebs.
Slow News Day & Meaty Madness - 22nd December 2010 It's been a slow news day in America - stay tuned to hear the the barrel being scraped in way that really stinks! Plus, last night's Festive Festival might have been all about the live music, but for Scott, it was the Meat Raffle that really made the night. We've got lots of meaty highlights.
Best of Annoying Matt Fincham - 23rd December 2010 We remember a GREAT year of Beccy annoying Matt Fincham. Plus, as it's Christmas, Scott thought he'd play a fun Jools Holland game. How festive?! There's also a Christmas visit to Stupid Street.
Dear Scott & Best of the PR4L - 24th December 2010 Scott answers more of your emails in Dear Scott and plays some of the PR4L's top hits. All your favourites including her Remix to R Kelly's Ignition, her version of Lady Gaga's Telephone and something very special from Another Level. David Beckham's given us another exclusive from his Christmas album. And Scott's heard his favourite ever Newsbeat story.

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