August 2018 Podcasts


August 2018 Podcasts


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A New Tune From Horsey Kisser? - 01 Aug 18 It's Wednesday so Scott does a solo Bamboleo, we play another round of The Whoooo Game and listener Liz is desperate to join the Radio 1 family, so we get some people to give her their feedback. Plus Mollie King is about to go to Ibiza, but will she be able to cut in the Ibiza Dance scene - Pete Tong put's her to the test.
Paul Rudd 02 Aug 18 All of Scott’s show, without the music! Innuendo Bingo, prank calls, Chris’s stories, listeners’ dilemmas, Real Or No Real, stupid games: it’s all here for you, five days a week.
WIG! – 06 Aug 18 Scott’s seeing ‘WIG!’ on ALL of his socials, but what does it mean? …And what happens if we hit the streets of the UK and ask the general public. Chris has left Scott one final Banger! before he gets back to the radio tomorrow. Sophie from the show has got an ingenious way to solve her ‘chub rub’ problem. PLUS! You share some of the worst opening lines you’ve received on the dating apps!
Welcome Back Chris! – 07 Aug 18 After leaving us for two weeks to go and do adult things like get married and have a honeymoon, Chris is back on the show – and Scott has got him an INCREDIBLE wedding gift, involving a very infamous internet celebrity – and Chris’ reaction is quite something! Scott’s continuing to use the Internet slang, “WIG!” and Chris isn’t so sure about it. Bangers! is back, PLUS what happens when Aston Villa’s Alan Hutton scores a goal for the first time in 7 years, you go out and CELEBRATE! Well… One group of friends certainly do.
Mon Petit Chou Chou D'Amour - 08 Aug 18 It's Bamboleyo Wednesday already and we have a cringe fest for you as listener Ellie advises us on how NOT to write a dating app bio and we have, probably THE two most "loved up" people in the U.K
Ellie's Not Amused - 09 Aug 18 James the P.I is back with news of a celebrity he's been working for and listener Ellie rates some more of your dating app bio's. Plus Freya Ridings calls to talk about her new track Lost Without You.
The Radio 1 Watford Junction Breakfast Show - 13 Aug 18 Scott and Chris are presenting the shortest Breakfast Show in the history of Radio 1, but what to call it? Scott takes it upon himself to bring us the Entertainment News, including some cheese-based Strictly chat. And Chris bigs up a colourful character he met on a night out at the weekend.
The next Strictly contestant revealed - 14 Aug 18 Scott and Chris on day 2 of the shortest Breakfast Show in history. Scott shares his ways to celebrate left-handed day and takes it upon himself to bring us the Entertainment News again. Ever fancied somebody on an advert? Scott and Chris will try and track them down. Plus, Scott announces the next Strictly Come Dancing contestant, but who could it be?
The longest story ever to be told on the radio - 15 Aug 18 It's Bamboleo Wednesday: Scott and Chris continue the shortest Breakfast Show in the history of Radio 1 with the longest story ever to be told on the radio, more Entertainment News from Scott, Chris experiences a power cut and they track down the people you fancy off of adverts.
Why can’t your phone smell things? - 16 Aug 18 Scott and Chris’s final Radio 1 Breakfast Show, featuring popstar Robyn, the phrases that really annoy your partner but that you do on purpose and the famous people’s names you mix up. Plus, Scott’s obsessive for Australian TV continues.
Chris's Friday Extra Show Since there’s no show on Fridays anymore, Chris thought he’d make his own podcast to put in the Friday slot.  Chris reviews the week with show favourite Good News Jamie, and calls back Nathan the Boring Story Guy to find out how his week has been since being on the show.  He calls Greg James to ask him about the new breakfast show, and he answers a load of behind-the-scenes Radio 1 questions you’ve always wanted to ask.
Penguins, Pizza's and Pete - 21 Aug 18 Is there really such a job as "Penguin Erector"? Plus, how people dated by video in the 80's, a listener who loves pizza even more than Chris and why Scott could never go out with Pete Davidson!
Sending My Best, Honey! - 22 Aug 18 Chris is off sick so Scott calls to make him even sicker and the things you say just to annoy your partner. Plus, Liam Payne's dad is back in touch, Slaves call us after someone disgraces themselves at their gig and Scott is starting to get nervous about his Reading festival appearance this weekend.
Polish Paulina - 23 Aug 18 Listener Will has a LONG story about unrequited love with a Polish lady called Paulina. What is Love Island's Dr. Alex doing on his socials, seriously?! Scott and Chris just can't hear George Ezra burping in 'Shotgun', PLUS! Are Scott and Chris ready to perform with Deaf Havana on Saturday at Reading? NO CHANCE!
Chris's Friday Extra Show 2 Chris is back with his behind-the-scenes podcast. Chris talks to Jordan North about which swear words he'd love to say on air but can't. He also catches up with listener Brad whose speakers blew on Bangers, speaks to Good News Jamie, and answers listeners questions.
She was really on form, did all the hits - 28 Aug 18 Scott and Chris adopt a new favourite phrase you can use anytime you've been to a gig... Another reason why Australian TV is the absolute best, the ghost story lady on This Morning has a new lover and did Example's promise to get a listener to one of his gigs actually pay off?
The Birthday Game - 30 Aug 18 Scott and Chris invent The Birthday Game, meaning birthday shout outs on the radio will never be the same again... The best caller ever from Reading Festival and do they find a celeb to record their farts for a week? Plus has Jason Derulo ruined a classic?
Chris's Friday Extra Show: Embarrassing scenes at Radio 1 Chris takes you behind the scenes of a week of embarrassing scenes at Radio 1 - for him and Scott on stage with Deaf Havana at Reading Festival, and for listener Sam who was the first victim of the Happy Birthday game. Chris also speaks to Jack Saunders who starts his new show at Radio 1 next week, and catches up with Good News Jamie. Plus listeners questions answered goes back in time to 24 Years At The Tap End (whoooo).

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