August 2011 Podcasts


August 2011 Podcasts

Dionne Bromfield Is On - 8th August 2011 Scott and Becky have just about made it back from Kavos where Becky fell asleep in a club and was exposed to a stray boob...

We also confirmed our latest addition to the Edinburgh line up and Dionne Bromfield popped in.

Hoff Duets - 9th August 2011 Scott goes through some suggestions for his duet with The Hoff in Edinburgh - weirdly 'Islands In The Stream' seems the most popular so far... We also add 'Mascara Face' and 'Sneeze Face' to our faces list, hear some more Dear Scotts, and discover that Scott has never seen The Lion King...
One Direction Were On - 10th August 2011 One Direction were in with their brand new single! We got a fan on the phone who's only question was 'Why are you so fit?'.

Scott has been invited to Joey Essex's Birthday Party (he's not sure he's reem enough), we continue our search for a Frenchman, and we announce that Frisky & Mannish will be joining us in Edinburgh!

Beccys Hair Looks Great - 11th August 2011 Beccy has new hair and it looks great! We continued our search for a French, the PR4L read some Dear Scotts, Grimmy was in, and we confirmed loads more performers who'll be on in Edinburgh..
Becky is off as its her birthday! - 12th August 2011 Becky is off as it's her birthday so she can't eat all the cheese that's been delivered and Scott reveals another guest for the Radio 1 Fun and Filth Cabaret Show next week!
Back From Edinburgh - 23rd August 2011 Scott's back from all the Fun & Filth in Edinburgh and now everything seems very normal. What's an appropriate gift for a girl, Scott usually gets flowers but is the Ahh Bra worth considering? Scott puts Hannah's parents straight after she slaved over preparing everything for their dinner party tonight. Seeing rude movies with your parents or in some peoples cases with their Grandparents.
Olly Murs loves an innuendo - 24th August 2011 Ollie Murs get's drenched with Scott again as he's in to play his favourite game 'Innuendo Bingo'. Chris is off to the station to woo the ladies with his 'Girl On The Platform Looks Hungry' song and his Ukulele.
Tarts and Bottoms! - 25th August 2011 Guess the number of tarts and bottoms in The Great British Bake Off. More Goosebump moments and Vanessa off of Eastenders hates bubbly more than Scott!
Deep Fried Pies - 26th August 2011 Dear Scott brings such treats as crisp networking, is Becky Mousey off of Bodger and Badger, aftersun tan nightmares and deep fried pies, get in!
Its Only Bley Bank Holiday - 29th August 2011 Mills is concerned by the amount of people that think he looks like Jonny Robinson off of X Factor, and how do you remove a red wine stain, from a dog?!
Scott thanks you all! - 30th August 2011 Inspired by the youtuber who thanked all 10,000 of his followers, Scott considers thanking you all!
Paul O'Grady Is His Special Guest! - 31st August 2011 Paul O'Grady is his special guest. They talk talent shows and letting yourself go in the Country. Scott spills red wine on a white dog and considers the option of a bum double.

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