August 2010 Podcasts


August 2010 Podcasts

Real Headline or Magazine Headline? - 2nd August 2010 Scott is in for Chris Moyles on Breakfast and does the best of Oh! Whats Occurring? Alongside the posh Radio 4 lady and plays Real Headline Or Magazine Headline with Fearne Cotton.
Tracey from Oh challenges a priest - 3rd August 2010 Scott feels more like a man after a trip to a DIY store. Tracey from Oh goes up against a priest and we play Live Lounge or X Factor with Fearne Cotton.
Guess the headline via catty comments - 4th August 2010 Scott plays the best of Oh! He's eaten a restaurant out of chicken and he's been researching the comments that people write under online newpaper stories.
Fearne Cotton calls herself - 5th August 2010 Does Scott Mills look like Kim, Aggie or Ellen DeGeneres? We record Fearne Cotton calling herself and Beccy guesses how long it takes her to find out she's speaking to....herself! The best of Oh has a new contender with a cow and we have Tracey from Oh news. Plus more Dear Scott with the PR4L.
Truth Or Dare - 6th August 2010 Scott has to play truth or dare with his cleaner, his flatmare and a 6 year old boy called Jake. Alongside the best of Oh! featuring the one where Matt Fincham gets papped outside Radio 1.
Scott cocks up his voice changer - 9th August 2010 Scott uses something like a vocoder and it doesn't go to plan. We replay the infamous Sara Cox food montage from the best of Oh! Also we've got more of the pr4l and Dear Scott.
How many times can Miley say like, like? - 10th August 2010 Scott does the best of Oh! The ones where Greg James proposes to Pippa from the office and where we see how many times Miley Cyrus can say 'like. Scott plays the headlines game with Beccy too. She forgets to take a peg off her nose after going synchronised swimming which is why she sounds a bit nasal.
Timmy Trendy is back on - 11th August 2010 Scott has been in rehearsals for the Bjorn Identity and Sara Cox has been doing some rather rude sounding fx for it. More PR4L where we recap two spoons Dave Spoon and we hear from Timmy Trendy in the best of Oh!
Happy Birthday Beccy! - 12th August 2010 Today is Beccy's actual birthday - the only problem is is that she is not here! She is off sick and so has missed all her birthday surprises. These include special celebrity guests and a smelly birthday cake - it has 5 tiers and is made of different cheeses! Scott speaks to someone who is thinking of getting a tattoo that says 'would you risk it for a choccie biscuit' Hear the PR4L say 'Good Morning Everybody' in the stylee of Chris Moyles in Dear Scott.  Also, Scott's mate Chris is  taking tips from a 'wise man in the pub' by wearing a sombrero in order to pull the ladies!
Its Only Bley Edinburgh Soon! - 13th August 2010 It's only Bleeeeey Friday!

OMG! It's nearly time for Scott, Beccy & TOTDS to perform their one-man shows in Edinburgh and Scott is actual terrified! Hear how the latest rehearsals have been going and people who watched people had 'confused faces'.

Also, learn about Scott's most prized possession which he would liked to feature in 'Scott Mills Museum' in 'Dear Scott'.

Lauren rang in to ask Scott for advice about man issues - She has just moved in with her boyfriend and is wondering how long she needs to wait before she can change him and his manly habits and drop the 'perfect girlfriend' act and fart in front of him.

Grimmy faces some Home Truths from his closest friends and family - find out why his back is so weird as well as his fave place to wee.

Discover how many 'willies' there are in the Best of Oh! And listen to another of Beccy's disastrous attempts to prank calls Chappers - this time she pretends to be actual Sebastian Coe off of the Olympics - Oh dear!

Scott Mills smells like Daddy - 16th August 2010 Live from the Edinburgh Festival, Scott has guests KT Tunstall, Sean Hughes, Ali Cook, Alex Horne and Grimmy on the show. TOTDS is doing his show in the evening called Silent But Deadly and it's a sell out!
TOTDS gets 5 stars for his performance - 17th August 2010 Scott broadcasts from the Edinburgh Festival with guests: Arj Barker, The Wau Wau sisters, Sarah Milican, Tom Wrigglesworth, and Rhod Gilbert. Beccy is on the street giving out tickets and Grimmy has his own live performance looming.
Did Grimmys show Team Hate work? - 18th August 2010 Scott does day 3 from the Edinburgh Fringe and guest Reginald D Hunter critiques Grimmy performance 'Team Hate' from the night before. Alongside Axis Of Awesome who shoehorn as many songs as they can into one track and comedian Rebecca Donohue.
John Bishop, Stephen K Amos and more - 19th August 2010 Scott is getting nervous as his performance of the Bjorn Identity at the Edinburgh Fringe festival is now only a few hours away. Guests include comedians: Stephen K Amos, John Bishop and performances from Showstopper.
The last day in Edinburgh - 20th August 2010 Scott is relieved the day after his show The Bjorn Identity and after a few glowing reviews. Comedian Jason Byrne reviews the show and Scott also talks to performer Mr Bean.
Anyone fancy a Snazzy Nap? - 23rd August 2010 The team are back from Edinburgh and have had glowing reviews of their one man shows. Beccy has found her new favourite invention, something called a Snazzy Nap. There is also the last week of Oh! What's Occuring, the champion of champions with all your favourite contestants.
Pixie Lott says yes to a man named Bob - 24th August 2010 Guest Pixie Lott brings in her new single and talks about her friendship with Chipmunk and Professor Green. Also Jedward have a new TV series and we do Oh Whats Occuring, champion of champions.
Taio Cruz is the nicest man in pop - 25th August 2010 Taio Cruz pops in before he finds out on the R1 Chart Show on Sunday whether he is number 1! Scott and Beccy talk about how uncool it is to see your teacher on holiday and also Beccy starts to tweet what she eats in an attempt to enhance her dieting.
A butcher called Dick - 26th August 2010 Scott and Beccy answer more of your questions in Dear Scott, they interview Jedward with only questions for Justin Bieber and phone 5 butchers to find a Dick in Oh! Champion of champions.
Good Mornin! The hot answer phone - 27th August 2010 It's only blaaaay Friday. Scott catches up with Lauren off of the Breakfast show and is tipped off by Donna who found a really hot woman on a store answer phone. Also have you had your car broken into but they've left your CD collection?

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