April 2007 Podcasts


April 2007 Podcasts

Scott appears in Casualty - 3rd April 2007 Scott's an extra on Casualty in Bristol and there's still more heart-warming birthday messages from local radio stations.
The worlds worst quiz contestant - 4th April 2007 They are truly the world's worst quiz contestants... bite your lip!
The most stupid quiz contestant ever? - 5th April 2007 This quiz contestant will have you throwing bricks at the radio.
Lauras farts - 10th April 2007 Laura farts and we try and prove German's have a sense of humour with our game 'Making German's Laugh.
Treadmill Trivia - 11th April 2007 The first ever running machine quiz show... this could go very wrong!
Celebrity Treadmill Trivia - 12th April 2007 More physical and mental action with 'Treadmill Trivia'...this time with Edith Bowman in tow. And Scott's friend has an irrational fear of Sandra Bullock.
Scott snogs a granny - 13th April 2007 Ooh er Mrs...things get a bit fumbly!
How to make Germans laugh - 16th April 2007 How to make German's laugh and naked listeners.
Catherine Tate - 17th April 2007 Catherine Tate and checking out the 'good looking' people on the internet.
Britney, Revenge and NOT pimping Scotts ride - 19th April 2007 Britney: Bald and bonkers. Plus Jo Whiley gets revenge on Scott with water-filled condoms and Tim Westwood and Scott have a hip hop tiff about Scott's Micra.
Getting Castaway contenders to go naked - 19th April 2007 We've got four Radio 1 listeners desperate to join the reality survival show. If we pretend to be Castaway producers on the phone, can we find out if the finalists are up for going naked and getting off with the others?
Livestock Lounge - 20th April 2007 There's real animals... in the live lounge!
Daleks and melons - 24th April 2007 Daleks, melons, and Jo Whiley's potty mouth!
Shooting an apple off Lauras head - 25th April 2007 In a beer garden not far from Radio 1... Laura's head is in jeopardy!
The scariest advert ever - 26th April 2007 The scariest advert ever, Brazilians, Paris Hilton, and cats on MySpace...it's all a bit wierd!
The rude car man - 27th April 2007 Calling the rude car man and Jo Whiley tricks Scott.
Gaylord the dog and naked Mark Owen - 30th April 2007 Gaylord the dog - a genuine 1950's American toy who comes 'with a bone of his own'. And just who listens to us naked?

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