Author: Jono

Jono is a social media manager working in the news industry. He created Unofficial Mills back in 2004 when he was just 15! Two decades later he still contributes to the website.

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Fabio Capello, off of the World Cup, makes some calls to Radio 1. Firstly he gives Scott a bell about the position he wants to play in South Africa. Fabio also calls Chappers out of retirement to talk football tactics. Check it out and while you're there listen to Lloyd's re-appearance on the show. [...]
Matthew Morrison drops into Radio 1 towers. He plays Will Schuester in Glee. He talks to Scott Mills about last night's season finale (but there's no spoilers - promise!) and talks about his solo album, a potential Glee tour in the UK, and Sue Sylvester put downs. What's more he calls Scott 'moon face' throughout! Listen here. [...]
Kevin McHale aka Artie from Glee visits Scott in the studio ahead of the season finale of Glee. Listen back to the interview here and listen to Kevin playing Oh What's Occurring - a Download special. [...]
Missed Diddy? You missed out! He was introduced to the PR4L and her ukulele and the X Factor voiceover guy who have him a spectacular introduction. Listen here. [...]
1 28 29 30294 / 294 POSTS