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    I think 275k is pretty amazing for 24 hours! The Gregathlon got a million but that was over a week so 5 days, it was all in daytime, got heavy promotion & regular updates on all the daytime main shows and was more of an "achievement" thing. Scott & Chris only had 6 and a half hours of primetime R1 really (Drive on Tuesday when it was only starting so the hype wasn't there yet and it hadn't hit its stride plus breakfast on Wednesday). A lot of it was evening, overnight, mid-morning, afternoon- hardly peak time. What an amazing 24 hours of radio though- the Non-Innuendo Bingo was possibly one of my favourite ever Mills moments (so hilarious), the Chris Stark roast, Sex Hour, Charlie Sloth Fat Jokes all brilliant and it really got going with Matt Edmondson, Alice Levine, Nick Grimshaw and Greg James there from about 10pm-4am. That was just the Lolathon and Radio 1 at its best and the jokes got much filthier! Only criticisms: they could've booked slightly better/bigger celebrities to come in- they got Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand etc but there could've been more big names maybe? Also- the music got really boring after a while. They must've played Lorde and Kings of Leon about 10 times each. Best bits were Ten Minute Takeover, Grimmy's picks (like Kaytranada, Florence & The XX etc- sounded amazing on late night radio and were great throwbacks to his time doing that show), Mistajam had some good ones, Workout Wednesday on Adele's slot: there should've been more of that and more variety- maybe some older tracks and ones Radio 1 hasn't played in a while. The playlist just got quite repetitive. Brilliant show, great job by Scott & Chris, hilarious, fantastic cause and loads of money raised! *hand clap emoji*
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    It wouldn't be the first time the Radio 1 bosses have done such a thing with their best presenter(s). Losing Scott would be a huge loss though, simply down to the fact that he's head & shoulders above anyone else there imo. As regards with Scott moving to Radio 2 in the near future, it can happen and I think will work even if he has to adapt a little. But by the time/if he goes R2, it'll have a different sound to now. I think pre 1980 music will feature a lot less, if at all during daytime hours. Look at it this way, Radio 2 is a changing station even more so than Radio 1. How many presenters during Scott's Radio 1 years (or slightly before) work on Radio 2 now? Chris Evans, Simon Mayo, Sara Cox, Dave Pearce, Mark Radcliffe, Jo Whiley etc. Plus one off shows. Not only that but I think some long standing presenters will be moving on from there over the next 5 years to make room. Radio 2 took a big controversial decision with cutting "Sounds of the 60's", wrong or right they are moving to a different age themselves. They are aiming to pull in people like me, from their late 20's who've long outgrown Radio 1 to people approaching 50 now. I gotta admit they are winning me over as well.
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    I've uploaded all of the shows to the website - http://unofficialmills.co.uk/mp3downloads/download/lolathon/ They could do with being clipped to just the speech but for now they're there so we know we have them.
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    Noooooooooo! I don't want to lose Mills! Even if he's 42, he still is the best DJ Radio 1 has got. Sent from my D6503 using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    Harry Hill and Lee Nelson on in the last hour. Both massive WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO's, in my opinion!
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    No. I don't think that this is a good idea for a show. First: it's a bit too long. Honestly, 6 am to 11 pm, nobody will listen to it completely. Second: The presenter/s may be a bit annoyed and tired after 17 hours on air, 7 days a week. Third: Where do you want to put all the other shows. Honestly, Scott or Greg don't fit into a show about fitness. In French. And there would be only 7 hours left for all the other programs, so it is a bit too long. And nothing for a national radio station. Maybe a pop up digital station like R2 country right now. 7 days of fitness, maybe in January, but NOT IN FRENCH! Sent from my D6503 using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    I have to agree with you guys. I don't mind amount of music during Scott's and Greg's shows but in the first part of the day it's just unbearable. Clara's show has no content at all and the worst thing it just does not sound good unlike Capital or other commercial rivals. And the breakfast show sounds tired. In fact, I think that drivetime show sounds better than the breakfast one which is a shame and a main issue Radio 1 keep losing listeners IMO. On the other hand, I love weekend output. Dev's great so is Matt, Alice and Danny.
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    I agree, I think Annie's great but not right for that show, Jam is way better at Mon-Thur 7-9, Danny can go back to just saturdays cause he's a bit meh, and I'd like Annie to do more daytime stuff as she's a great presenter but way more suited to daytimes somewhere! Also, time for the rock show to bugger off so we can have Dan & Phil back!
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    Just been reading that Scott will present a one off show on Radio 2 tomorrow as part of Sara Cox's 24 Danceathon. Should be a good show. Anyone else think this could be trial to see if he could fit Radio 2 as permant fixture in the future? Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    When Chris Tarrant gives you a cheque then takes it back saying But we don't wanna give you that. And rips it up in front of you. Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    Me and radio1fan have also been grabbing and editing the shows - so far we have 1pm on Thursday to 10am on Friday I think, should be ready soon.
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    He would be perfect for R2 and it would be a huge achievement for him to be able to stay at the BBC. Who knows in many years to come it might be Scott Mills in the afternoon on BBC Radio 2? Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    You forget, though, that Scott has changed his act and modernised to stay on R1 into his 40s. Also, his "kind of music" probably isn't the R1 playlist- I'd say he has a very broad taste in music and would adapt to the R2 playlist. And he obviously wouldn't be bringing Innuendo Bingo or Bangers across to R2- he'd be on a different station doing a different show and would come up with new features and games to suit the R2 audience.
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    It would be a MASSIVE mistake if the bosses went out of their way to remove Mills from Radio 1. He is by far the best DJ on the station.
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    Phil's show is one of my favourites on the station- amazing chilled music, so perfect for a Sunday night. Was so disappointed when Annie left that show but pleased that it's continued in the same style. Hope he stays there. Can't agree with you there- Annie has taken to the weekday show like a natural, one of my favourite presenters on the station, great personality and knowledge. Has a broader musical knowledge than MistaJam from my point of view. Looking forward to her being back.
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    Anybody else noticed how when they say "text LOL to 70703" they sometimes add the explanation that it's because of the Lolathon. Someone belatedly realised that playing out serious emotional appeals about serious issues and then responding to them with a "LOL" was a bit crude and ill thought through.
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    Too old for Radio 1 now, plus I can't imagine them putting Skepta and Stormzy on par with Jesus, like seems to be written into the Radio 1 DJ's contracts. (They'll both be like Goldie Lookin Chain in a decade btw) They made a great pairing 10 years back though, I'd put them on par with Mark & Lard but only about as half as close.
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    I've heard bits and pieces of it on Soundcloud and it sounded really fantastic, much better than most commercial radio breakfast shows. Obviously slightly tarnished by the fact that Stephanie was so desperately unhappy for the whole time she was doing it, but nonetheless I'd love to hear more. Does anybody have any recordings of it?
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    Update: I just tried washing up the mug and the handle broke off in my hand. Ffs.
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    Guess who's just bagged himself a Radio 1 mug and pen from NBH (and I think saw Ali Plumb wander past as well)? To clarify, I didn't just go to NBH to stalk Radio 1 DJs and buy obscenely expensive Radio 1 tat, I did have tickets to see a show being recorded (which I ultimately didn't. Oh well.).
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    As I mentioned in the chatbox, Bauer stations are broadcasting the brits this year, between 7 and 11pm, I believe they may have snagged exclusive radio rights to it for the next few years. As I type this, Alice and Clara from R1 are on ITV2 doing the red carpet show, which I think is just pre recorded interviews and some montages. Update: Tried to listen to the networked Bauer show, gave up after 5 minutes, truly awful, even by Bauer standards
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    It was weird listening to today's normal show and last night's R2 show and hearing the difference in style. He seemed more chilled and mature (aware he was broadcasting to an older audience) and was clearly enjoying some of the 80s music. Back on R1 today, you can tell some of the more youthful aspects to his personality are emphasised, which is what's kept him relevant and still going strong on afternoons!
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    I'm listening back to a bit of it - it reminds me of that clip knocking about of Scott on Heart in 1996 where he's doing the All Requests Lunchbreak - he definitely went a bit more posh than usual. Not bad from what I've heard, but a bit weird hearing him not on R1.
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    Really enjoyed Sounds of the 80s with Mills and Coxy. I think he could become Sara's cover when she's off. He said Radio 1 instead of 2 twice in a 4 hour show. Not bad going. Sara also joked the door was still open for her to join R2 when Jo Whiley jumped across. Nice to see they left it open for you also Scott. In which Mills replied with only temporary though LOL Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    Lots of big names from the industry are there. Including Christian O Connell. I'm now waiting for someone to say Whooooo? Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    Catching up on last Thursday's podcast now so "That's going straight in my basket!"... ... ... WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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    Hopefully, his replacement would take up all of these features as they are perfect for the slot on R1 and far better than some of the ideas they would have.
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    I would hope for him on breakfaston R2 or Ken Bruce's slot
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    The time always comes I'm afraid. I'm sure the Grim Reaper will be sniffing around Radio 1 soon Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    She said on Twitter she'll be back in "a few months" so I'd say May is more likely, possibly just before Big Weekend. Looking forward to her being back, I wonder where Mistajam will go- the original press release didn't indicate he'd be going back to his 1Xtra show so R1 would then have to find a slot for him. Really hope it doesn't mean Phil Taggart being dropped. Maybe Thursday 9pm replacing the Artist Takeover and Sunday 7pm with the Rock Show moving to Thursday 10pm?
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    First total just there: 28,000. Absolutely loving nighttime Mills. These sort of 24 hour events are just R1 at its absolute best- real event radio, relaxed, edgy, all the DJs chipping in. Really coming into its own now at nighttime with more free reign on jokes- some hilarious ones in the last hour or two & getting dirtier lol. Matt Edmondson & Grimmy have been brilliant on this.
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    also noticed in Gregs time, Scott as usual, fades the music in to the speaking so well, you can so tell he is on the decks
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    I seem to remember Scott and Chris not much liking Lee Nelson, or at least not finding him very funny. When he pulled the Sepp Blatter stunt, they were less than impressed.
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    Apparently Alice Levine and her "My Dad Wrote A Porno" podcast co-stars will be on after 10pm with "swearing allowed" according to Scott on the breakfast show this morning. Anyone who's heard that podcast will know how hilarious it is: can't wait for 4pm for the whole thing to start, think it's gonna be brilliant!
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    Haven't heard that much of her but from the bits I have heard, she's very good. Been impressed by Sophie Little who's done some cover for Huw too. Shame that Phil Taggart isn't doing it though- his Sunday show is fantastic and is always good in that 10pm slot. I still miss the extra specialist output (more diversity in terms of the 9pm shows and the 12-2 slots were always good)- I used to love Jen Long and Ally McCrae's BBC Introducing show on Sunday nights at 12-2, unfortunately it was axed and both Jen and Ally were let go despite being great specialist presenters- the likes of Abbie and Sophie could've done that now but there aren't many opportunities.
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    Abbie presents the BBC Introducing show in Kent and has provided cover for Huw in quite a few times in the last year or so. I've never listened back to a whole show of hers but what I have heard is very good!
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    Pounds and ounces. And whilst we're at it, shillings, yards, and pints. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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    Disagree here, we were behind the rest of the world with the chart - with songs being released on Fridays/Saturdays, meaning they'd be part of the UK chart on the Sunday yet would place low as only being around for a few hours, thus not reaching their possible potential. Moving the chart to a Friday is better for artists, and allows for a more accurate representation of their album sales in the chart - it therefore makes it more interesting for the listeners too. I do agree however that it was better for programming when it was on a Sunday, and it's definitely a shame to have lost Greg's Friday show; the chart is bigger than Radio 1 however, and they have to move for the chart and the music industry, not the other way round.
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    Any good recommendations for radio? Excelling student radio stations, shows, presenters to watch, commercial shows? And anything I can listen to at breakfast? I'm seriously struggling, because I like hit music in the morning especially but I like to hear news, weather and interesting presenters. I genuinely cannot find anything on DAB that plays good music, has good chat, and is feelgood. Moyles has lost his spark and is now sounding like a tired and grumpy old man who constantly reminisces about the good old days. Audio branding is poor, and that combined with the adverts just makes for unpleasant listening. chrismoyles.net (Am I allowed to say that? I hear UnofficialMills has some kind of ongoing feud with them?) post a Chris Moyles Radio 1 show every single day, and I enjoy dipping in and out of those, but that requires internet and thinking. I need something as an alarm. Ideas welcome.
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    Fair play to him, Chris hit the News bang on in both of the intros he did though!
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    Surprised to be woken up by Matt on Friday revealing he had been whisked away from a rehersal to do the show I would have loved to have seen Chris or Alice
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    Love Scott and Chris every day I listen when I can, specially in the gym in afternoons, it is a proper show and it seems to be getting better Shame they cant be on breakfast, but then if they were I would not be able to listen as often as I can now
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    Got one of those pin badges on my folder for school just to make me happy again and to keep me from falling asleep... Sent from my D6503 using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    Dan and Phil were okay but not worth bringing back to remove a specialist show. Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    I actually like it the way it is. Sorry to say but the chart has become pretty much irrelevant for me and I suspect many others nowadays. It just doesn't have the same buzz or excitement it used to. I also think streaming being included has devalued the number 1- we've only had 2 number 1s in 3 months or something (Shape of You and Rockabye)- boring. Radio-wise, I miss Greg's normal Friday show. I'd much rather have Feet Up Friday back than listen to the chart. I also love Dance Anthems and tune in especially for that at 6- great show, sounds huge and is perfect for the weekend. That slot has traditionally been like that too (Ready for the Weekend and Floorfillers with Scott (whoooo)). I suggested it at the time and I'd favour it moving to Clara's slot, it gets nearly 3 hours like before but doesn't clog up one of the main personality shows. Greg's one of the best Chart presenters but I feel he's wasted doing it- Clara was good and a huge upgrade on Jameela in the time she did it on Sundays. I do miss the Reggie Yates Sunday 4pm days though if I'm honest- the chart belongs there and Reggie was perfect as a presenter (and Scott used to be the main cover which was always a nice surprise on a Sunday). Anyway, times have changed
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    Stealing good stuff is better than inventing bad stuff Sent from my D6503 using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    And we had another emergency tape at 22:00 last night when Phil Taggart messed up - what a day!! Sent from my iPhone using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    Found it especially weird as when Fuse ODG began, it paused / went silent and you could hear the breathing and movements of someone, I would assume Matt?
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    I'll bring my spam viagra adverts to the forum too.