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    Greg was on with Matt Edmondson and Molly King just now and they were suggesting features, then at the end Matt goes "I've got one more... How about Car Park Catchphrase"?
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    Is Chris Smith leaving Newsbeat?

    God, what a dignified exit. Chris Smith is such a class act.
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    The first confirmed feature of Nick Grimshaw's drivetime show is... the entertainment news with Sinead Garvan! Wonder whether they're bringing back the 6:30.
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    Dev and Alice: interim drivetime

    I've been thinking about this a lot, and I think there's something in it. The thing Alice Levine lacks as a radio presenter is a bond with the audience. I can't put my finger on why - maybe it's the regular absences, maybe it's the sarcastic and slightly cutting sense of humour. But you never quite feel like she's talking to you in the same way you do with Greg, or Scott, or Dev, or Matt, or Grimmy. Weird. But sadly I think she's brought that over to the show with Dev - it now feels a bit more insular with him than when he's by himself. I'm not sure why - I like double acts and zoo formats in general. There's just something that doesn't feel quite right with her. I miss Dev's solo shows.
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    Dev and Alice: interim drivetime

    Just wondered whether anyone had any thoughts on Dev and Alice's drivetime cover. It's not bad, but there's something about it that just doesn't feel quite right. I can't quite put my finger on it - it might be that the whole thing seems very pre-planned, in a way that Greg's show never did. Could do with a bit more spontaneity imo, and maybe a couple of regular features. Any other thoughts?
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    Greg James Breakfast Show Bingo

    Ahead of the first show on Monday, I wanted to put together a Greg James breakfast show bingo card. This is what I've got so far, is there anything to add? There's a Celebrity Listener Sings to a newsreader Sings anything Ten Minute Takeover Does a funny voice Plays the "raaaay" or "get on the beers son" sound effect Plays Mumford and Sons Plays Coldplay Mentions David Attenborough Does a Chris Moyles style "goooood morrrrnin' everybodyyyyy" Mentions Chris Moyles Mentions gammon Mentions his dad, Alan Mentions Bishop's Stortford Is late for the news Does the pips Appoints a Star Listener
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    On a slightly side note, anyone else think the new R1 branding looks a bit... pants?
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    It wasn’t a sung theme.
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    For those that missed the original, all I can explain the imaging as is it had a sung theme, which sounded like it could be quite chanty. They had a tagline like 'The one to wake up with' or something
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    Radio 1 Playlist

    I get what you mean. I listen to The Official Chart show every Friday religiously and over the last year especially it has become dominated by music you'd hear on 1Xtra. I'm 19 and I'm not a big fan of rap as a genre on the whole so it's nothing to do with age, people just have different tastes in music. The chart is definitely not fixed, but now they include streaming and video plays in the charts I think it's safe to say that rap's not going anywhere for the time being. As long as young people are listening to it, it'll be in the R1 playlist.
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    New Greg podcast announcing that he's going daily! Plus a sneak peek at the imaging https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06hqn8p
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    Another interview with Greg... https://www.standard.co.uk/stayingin/greg-james-reveals-all-on-pranks-pay-and-5am-starts-as-he-prepares-to-take-over-as-bbc-radio-1-a3911431.html Lots similar to the Guardian interview but I found this bit interesting: Wonder if that's a little dig at Grimmy?
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    "someone's doing well"
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    Radio 1 is far too scared of "creating" another Moyles-style personality centred show, they're taking away aspects of ownership, creativity and ego of the shows, and are in danger of making the breakfast show too sterile again! I want the Greg James Breakfast Show, not Greg standing in for Grimmy with a few new features...
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    Just noticed that Chris Sawyer has updated his Twitter bio. Deffo moving with Greg as co-producer. Wonder who the other producer will be? Possibility that the show will simply be called "Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James" too? "Co-Producer, Radio 1 Breakfast with @GregJames" https://twitter.com/ahchrissawyer
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    So Greg's last drivetime song was Mystery Jets - Bubblegum, which helped him with his 1st Gregathlon and is one of his favs. I think Grimmy didn't choose his last breakfast show song by himself, Drake - Nice for what, which they play everyday. Just a small detail here, but it's kind of showing the attitude they both have. Grimmy's treating his show just like job and Greg being ever so engaged with it. Grimmy's never been my favourite DJ, but he seems like a decent, nice chap and I hope that he'll find his new show exciting and will want to do something brilliant with it. I'll remember his breakfast show as just an okay one. [EDIT]: didn't notice that OhhErr also wrote about Grimmy's last song. Yes: Hm. sums it up neatly.
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    The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw ends much like it started - not with a bang, but with a whimper.
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    Dev and Alice: interim drivetime

    I think Alice is just quite restrained when she's on radio. We know a lot about Greg, Scott, Chris so we treat them like friends. I don't mean deeply personal stuff, but with Alice I don't think I could even tell what her favourite music is. Tuning in to Greg or Scott is like catching up with an old friend. As weird as it sounds - we don't know them, but at the same time, we kind of do.
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    Dev and Alice: interim drivetime

    This is actually so true. I actually end up preferring Alice chatting with a fellow R1 DJ compared to a listener, whereas Dev works better with the listeners. They literally are chalk and cheese, but I like them both! I do think theres potential in the show. I like the bit at the start of the show where they have a chat about things that have happened on the day (even though Greg already did this). There’s just a feeling they’ve scripted the direction of their links before they go on air, which sometimes doesnt sound right when it comes to double acts, as we’re so used to that natural zoo format approach when there’s more than one on air voice. Scott and Chris can sometimes be the like that but their constant listner interaction makes it sound more subtle. But Dev and Alice still have time to find their feet and these 6 weeks are the perfect opportunity for them to improve!
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    How R1 Shows are titled

    I think it should be Adele Roberts Jordan North Sits in That makes much more sense and keeps it similar to what you would expect to be hearing
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    Dev and Alice: interim drivetime

    Alice: Lorde and Green Light, she is clearly someone who follows the green cross code... I hate myself. Dev: that's okay, I hate you too. Metaphorically spat my tea out.
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    Darren m

    Schedule Changes

    She is also doing early breakfast on the 13th aswell maybe a new signing but don't know where they would put them
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    Schedule Changes

    Interestingly weekend breakfast on 12th August weekend breakfast is with Arielle Free & Will Best, with Arielle covering Dance Anthems the day before
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    Schedule Changes

    Scott on Breakfast WB 13th August. Matt and Mollie on 1-4