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    Jordan is going to go to bigger and better things quickly. Matt seems to be focusing a lot more on TV presenting and producing, so I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan replaced Matt as Scott's cover presenter very soon. Radio 1 has 2 very good northerner presenters in Danny and Jordan and a bit of a rubbish one in Grimmy. All from Lancashire though, wouldn't mind seeing some representation from Yorkshire.
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    Didn't know that Whitney Houston was a cover presenter for Simon Bates!
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    Every weekend in September Radio 1 are playing some of the best songs of the last 50 years too during the 10am-1pm slot. Grimmy played some old songs this morning, complete with old jingles blended in with normal imaging. Sounded really good. I also never thought we'd hear power intros of Wham! and Stevie Wonder...! Heard some during Adele's show.