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    It's actually quite an alright idea. So on the show today, the idea was raised by Chris to have a snap election at Radio 1 to let the listeners decide where each presenter should go on the radio schedule, (following the stuff that happened this morning). It's actually quite an intriguing point, and certainly something that could be discussed on these forums, because we've always chatted about who we personally want where in the schedule or who the big bosses at the BBC would like, but what do we think as a listener and nothing else? Aside from thinking whether Jordan North deserves to be higher up the schedule (which he does) and thinking that Clara's technical side of things isn't as good as Alice's, or whatever, what do we think the Radio 1 listeners would choose?
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    God he has an irritating voice. Sounds so forced and unnatural. Reminds me of when Chris Moyles does his wacky deejay impression.
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    If anyone wants to hear some early Chris Stark appearances, the first I could find was the 8th June 2010 podcast when he thought Scott was going to be called up to play for England in the World Cup, and a very funny one on 29th June 2010 where he was talking about spending an entire month's wages on World Cup merchandise.
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    Scott Mills talking in the Guardian about us running out of music! https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/apr/13/has-pop-finally-run-out-of-tunes-ed-sheeran-plagiarism?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
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    God I love the Guardian. I read that, it's so interesting. Love that Scott is now a musicology expert.
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    No TBH, but whatever it was, WTF are people like, they did 24 F***ing hours on radio for homeless people in the UK yes the UK, give them a break... I would be so hurt if I was him - Scott if you're reading, and I know you do - or at least see the Tweets from this site, then you have MY FULL support in this, and everyone else.
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    Ah, now it does need an apostrophe. Use an apostrophe whenever you mean 'it is', and don't when you don't. Unless, of course, you're joking.
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    I like the fact more documentaries need to be made, they are always really interesting and make radio 1 distinctive. However, Ines such as little mix in numbers are a bit boring!
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    Interesting to see how they handled this. I plan to save Scott and Dev's shows off the iplayer before they dissapear. I only dropped into Dev's show about 4.30 and he sounded upbeat. I do plan to have a proper seek through this though. Seems like they spent the first hour behind the scenes probably debating how to handle the situation, what the tone of the station should be. So Scott probably wasn't told to do anything differently during his time on air. Chris Price is back at Radio 1 now, he was working as a music producer at Radio 1 when September 11th happened. So has experience vastly with things like this. What happened last Wednesday was awful without question, but not on a scale of 7/7 or 9/11. I'm old enough to remember Radio 1's output on both of these occasions. Over 50 people (I believe, not sure of the exact amount) died on 7/7, the reports you hear on the vault on this site were recorded by myself. Scott was on breakfast and got reports in at 9.30, 9.45 and right before Jo Whiley at 10am. The rest of the day handed to Newsbeat frequently, but the Radio 1 playlist never altered that much I recall. I remember Colin & Edith in the afternoon being upbeat/friendly but respectful at the same time. Scott had to cover for Vernon Kay, who was meant to be on from 4pm as Scott was on Breakfast in for Chris Moyles. He spoke to Vernon on the phone I'm sure. I planned to save that day from listen again as it were back then, I stupidly never did for some reason. I do have Scott's show from 21st July 2005 when they tried the same again in London but failed, nothing much out of the ordinary on that day though only mentions of it on Newsbeat. 9/11 was a totally different animal. The world felt it like it was on the verge of the biggest war since WW2 all that week, and the shock of the attacks were broadcast live around the world. Nothing much but the Newsbeat reports and small bits of other stuff survive from Radio 1 around then. Remember, there was no iplayer or listen again to save. But if you listen to the 2.30pm and 3pm Newsbeat reports by Clare Bradley from Mark & Lard's show, you can clearly hear the shock in her voice as she talked of the planes hitting the towers and people jumping to certain death from 110 floors in the air. Radio 1's daytime playlist altered quite a bit that week, usually songs from the last 5 years until that point. Although Moyles played Basement Jaxx - Romeo and Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag on the afternoon, which were normal mood Radio 1 playlist songs. I think things got solem in the days after. Moby's Poreclain was played a lot, Zero 7's Destiny was another. I also remember The Avalanches - Since I Left You, Bob Marley & Lauryn Hill - Turn Your Lights Down Low, Spiritualized - Stop Your Crying. Travis - Side was another. Scott Mills and (I believe) Dr Mark Hamilton hosted a special edition of the Sunday Surgery at the end of that week. Very few, if anyone survives at Radio 1 from these events. Only Scott and Chris Price on the playlist team. So they haven't really been tested on such a scale. I don't know for sure but I imagine the Radio 1 bosses would use Scott primarily during a major obit situation. After him, who knows. I'd say Greg. As for the Queen, there are well placed procedures in place to deal with the event like mentioned in the above article. So it will be easier to deal with for Radio 1 in some sense than a terrorist attack, because they know exactly what they have to do. Diana dying was a huge shock, but I imagine Radio 1 will sound similar to this when the Queen does pass away. https://ia601504.us.archive.org/9/items/19970831Sun09591018BBCRadio1DeathOfDianaPrincessOfWales/1997 08 31 Sun 0959-1018 BBC Radio 1 - Death of Diana, Princess of Wales.mp3
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    One thing that I found striking at Big Weekend last year was the queues of people who were talking about their favourite DJs. It was Scott's name that came up various times. I mean it's hard to say how much these people listen to Radio 1, but I think he remains the most recognisable name with young audiences. Now you could argue that's the strength of Scott's work, you could also argue Radio 1 has more to do to connect its audiences with the newer DJs.
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    One of my favourite things about this is that on Heart's afternoon show in 1996, Chris Smith was reading the news for Scott. And 21 years later, on Radio 1's afternoon show, Chris Smith is reading the news for Scott.
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    We've been discussing this a bit in the Chatbox but this does deserve it's own thread. OFCOM, the new regulators for the BBC have announced a new draft operating license which sets out some rules about the standards on it's programming and it's competition. These changes apply to BBC Radio 1/2 as well so here's a rundown on some of the changes.. A new peak-time requirement for a longer news programme on weekdays, the 1 hour requirement is staying though and there will be still 2 extended bulletins. There will be more focus on emerging and new UK acts and the music output will be more distinct from other broadcasters. The music played during the daytime will be focused from those in the UK. R1 will still be required to broadcast a certain amount of Specialist Music each year. There will be a bigger broader range of music played on R1/R2. This means the playlist could be set for more changes in terms of it's size. More than 40 documentaries will need to be made each year. https://radiotoday.co.uk/2017/03/ofcom-publishes-draft-bbc-operating-licence/ https://www.ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0033/99519/bbc-performance-consultation.pdf (Start at Page 25 for all the juicy information)
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    I think he's right. Not only that, most tracks sound similar to everything else now which makes it difficult for Radio 1. Back in say 2005 Radio 1 could say play 3 songs in a row, Foo Fighters, Pendulum & Girls Aloud. Each song completely different to the other. You couldn't imagine that now, rock music doesn't seem to be doing very well. Dance is in a better state than the 2010 EDM Swedish House Mafia phase, but still is way off it's millenium peak. And pop is just dominated by Ed Sheeran. Look at how the likes of Maroon 5 & Linkin Park have changed to try and fit in with the current sound. Even Paramore's new track sounds nothing like a Paramore song.
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    I remember that show that Moyles did - I wouldn't exactly say that "in the olden days Moyles would have covered it". It was a complete one off and remember Chris joking that he was something like 7th to be asked!
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    I don't agree with you there. I found him very good. He seemed sympathetic, the friendly guy I want on weekend radio. Sent from my D6503 using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    I wonder whether he's driving the desk himself - he's too loud but the bed is too low. Gotta say his voice really grates at this time of day (or any time of day). I'm just waiting for him to screw up the news, any minute now. Pretty sure he's already messed up the backtiming. (Although to be fair to him Dev was THREE minutes over today. Quite unlike him.)
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    I wouldn't want to spoil all your elaborate cover scenarios, but... Jordan North?
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    This is absolutely disgusting, Scott and Chris were doing this for charity. He would never cause offence to anyone, and deserves a medal for his efforts. I would like to see his accusers.
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    Me and Radio1Fan were editing it - I'm not sure how close he/she (but probably he) is to being finished but I've done a fair amount. I'd imagine it'll be uploaded to UM when it's finished.
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    It looks like they're gonna have to put a 15 minute bulletin in the breakfast show to me... (not that I'll mind as it's 15 mins less Grimmy in the morning) I've always loved how seriously they take the 1 hour day time news rule it's exactly right to the minute: 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, 9:30 all 3 mins so 18 mins. 10:30 and 11:30 are 2 mins each bringing it to 22. 1:30 is 1 min (23), 2:30 and 3:30 2 mins (26), 4:30 3 mins (29), and 5:00 1 min (30) - add the 15 min bulletins and there is your hour!
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    I always look forward to Scott being on breakfast until I listen and remember how much worse it is than the afternoon show. Absolutely nothing to do with Scott or Chris - just the constant entertainment news, and Grimmy's shit features that take up so much of the show that Scott and Chris can never do their own thing. Hopefully if they cut down on ents news and do their own show but in the morning it should be good though.
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    Hmmm.... seems to be suppressing creativity and flexibility of stations up and down the country, and has arguably led to the complete sanitation of commercial radio. Let's hope the BBC remains distinctive(ly ahead of its competition) btw, OP, you used the wrong "it's" every single time. Doesn't need an apostrophe. That's not a dig, just a point.
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    I enjoyed the novelty of Innuendo Bingo on BBC 1, but I didn't think they used the best clips. There are much better ones they could've used, although the time of day and potential audience might've been a factor. Ofcom have had quite a few complaints about Comic Relief - not sure whether any were about Bingo specifically or the other stuff, like that awful Suzanna Reid sketch.
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    That woman who put the cat in the bin... WHOOOOoOOOooooOOOOOooOOoooOoooooo
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    Just done a bit of research on this new name. It appears R1 bosses have selected someone with a radio background for a Change. It's refreshing hopefully he won't let us down. Come on Lukey boy be good for us all. Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    And from a geeky perspective his news intros are spot on - right up to the vocal.
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    What the...! He really sounds like a bad impression. Hope he will practice before the next time. Sent from my D6503 using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    I wonder if they would do to Greg what they did to Scott a few years ago, when Scott goes move him on to the 1 to 4 again and put one of the guys like Alice or Matt on drive with Chris? I however love Alice and Chris on the 1-4 when she has covered Scott - provided Scott didn't take the big show at R2 I would continue to listen to R1 with those two. I would have to keep swapping my shifts for lates if Scott got a morning show on R2 - I also wonder if a commercial station will snap him up - Radio X could do the "go to work with Moyles and home with Mills" tag line from the early noughties R1 used to use
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    perhaps an hour long show every week at 9pm that sees the return of Tap End?
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    The good thing about Chris is he can literally slot into any show and still seem a good fit - whether that's with Greg James, Alice Levine, Matt Edmondson, etc.
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    The problem is that he came to Radio 1 as Scott's mate so when Scott goes, what happens with him? My guess is he'll focus mainly on the BBC Three documentaries he's been doing and also some Radio 1 Stories documentaries. They'll probably give him a weekly show on the Radio 1 iPlayer rounding up the week's viral videos and big online things. Radio-wise, he might not even want to be a solo presenter and R1 may not see him as one. He could get trained up as an Assistant Producer on one of the shows who contributes on-air from time to time. He could just hang around in the background contributing to some features across the schedule when needed- pops up to play Initial Reaction with Matt, does Rage with Greg sometimes, goes out and does stunts/ interviews/ funny things for the breakfast show? Or they could decide to make him a co-host with Matt or Alice. One of them will probably be taking over afternoons when Scott leaves so they could just leave Chris on the show as the audience is used to him and it would help Matt or Alice settle in as weekday presenters (there are times I think Matt could really do with a co-host).
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    Not completely related to this thread, but the sexism of Global, especially on Capital really pisses me off. Only 1 solo female DJ on the whole network schedule (Aimee Vivian), the woman always being secondary to the bloke in both presentation and billing on co-host shows (especially on Heart but it happens on Capital as well). But the formal name of the new breakfast show, to be hosted by Roman Kemp and Vick Hope is... Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp. Not even a mention of her in the shows formal name, that goes on the website, the app, and all the marketing. Really irritates me. Can't imagine how pissed off she must be about it. In terms of the Radio 1 snap election, I'd vote for Scott and Chris on breakfast any day of the week.
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    Maybe with the news that Capital is putting a 24yr old and a whole new crew on Breakfast, they will have to react, hopefully using Alice Levine to go up against him or maybe even Mills (here is hope - and there would be no competition)
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    Luke is with the same agency as Grimmy Intrestingly, Scott and Sara Cox are with the same agency - a different one to Luke and Grimmy and Greg James is with a totally different one, and Clara Amfo has her own site !
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    Scott and Chris for Breakfast I think most people would say. Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    I've put together a map of all the places Big Weekend has been, it's quite interesting seeing the gaps. http://unofficialmills.co.uk/2017/01/radio-1s-big-weekend-heads-to-hull/ So did anyone manage to get tickets? I've managed to somehow get both days despite being well out of the area. So you can rely on me to be tweeting the whole thing...
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    Agree, I thought he was a good listen and sounded a good weekend deputy for that show. Sure he wasn't perfect but for a first attempt it wasn't bad. Would listen again.
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    Can't help but feel that slot should be a more magazine-style show. Ain't cutting it for me with the drivelling long, winding, loud links. I'd suggest Rylan and Matt doing it together (not like I'd listen to that carcrash radio) if R1 is going for this angle. Whatever angle that is.
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    He was talking to Dev after the show, who said he was hanging about to help him if he got into trouble, Rylan is definitely not driving it
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    Brilliant chat with Scott on the handover
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    Poland (as in actually living here as well). I've came across Greg's podcast first and started listening to Radio 1 live whenever I could. It's been 3 years now.
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    Fresher here (also an international listener)! I love this website and all the job you guys do with the archive. Keep going!
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    Hi all! Nice to see you all sober. Another long time lurker here. The bits I've heard of the lolathon so far have been hilarious. I'm a really big fan of Scott and Chris - but less so the music. I was just wondering if anyone has edited a version of the lolathon with all the speech but without the music? Thanks!
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    Haha he's everywhere on TV in the UK- does Big Brother's Bit on the Side, did Xtra Factor last year, does showbiz slots on This Morning, has his own chat show on Channel 5. Don't think he's ever done radio before though- very strange booking.
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    Moyles ripped all of Red Nose day apart this morning. Including Bingo. Quite rightly so. The comedy throughout the evening was a mess. Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    So Greg is back tomorrow but In 7 shows off. He's had 3 different covers. Is it just Dev wasn't available or are they starting to think about a new host for this slot? Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    Great WHOOOOO! British Home Stores... WHOOOOoooooOOOOOOOoooOOOO! (Too soon?).
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    Here's the Whooo-Tube video Sent from my D6503 using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    A generic R1 mug wouldn't go amiss, if I ever visit London, thanks for the info!