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    The Future of Radio 1

    Don't know why it's still suggested Mills will eventually move to weekends and do some weekday cover. I would put a large amount of money on that not happening. He'll go out at the top on weekdays 1-4. Why would one of Radio 1's most legendary presenters who's been on weekdays for nearly 15 years agree to be demoted to weekends and the subs bench. Never gonna happen in my opinion.
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    The 8th with Charlie Sloth

    So what are we all making of it so far? There's a load of voices we haven't been introduced to, the music is very much more 1Xtra than Radio 1 (it's Charlie Sloth, I don't know what I was expecting - Taylor Swift?). So far it seems a bit naff and contrived. EDIT 21:42: a lot naff and contrived. And all the music sounds the same.
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    The 8th with Charlie Sloth

    I like the zoo format, the randomness and the sense of not knowing what'll happen next. Seems like a really good idea for a show but the music is putting me off a bit. The show is meant to be R1 AND 1Xtra, I know rap and grime is huge right now but I think the music needs to be more of a hybrid between the two stations. He's playing a lot of stuff that would be on the 1Xtra daytime playlist- it's a nighttime show so I wouldn't mind more specialist nighttime music (a mix of what Annie, Toddla T, Mistajam, Benji B are playing etc).
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    The 8th with Charlie Sloth

    It is the first time I've ever listened to him. I like the fact the ZOO format has returned to Night times. I will listen now and again but the music genre is not my cup of tea. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOƒ? Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    Schedule Changes

    So MistaJam announced this evening that he is not the only change to the Saturday Dance Anthems show. He revealed there will be a different theme each hour. Hour 1 will be classics, hour 2 will be current songs and hour 3 will be future and upcoming hits. I would swap the classics and current songs around but that sounds like a really interesting new era for the show. MistaJam will make it work!
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    A good blog here from @Matt D on the RAJARs. http://www.mattdeegan.com/2017/10/26/rajar-q32017/ Grimmy's slumped to the smallest audience for Radio 1 breakfast, but there's good news for Clara, Greg, Annie Mac, and Scott who have seen growing audiences. This somewhat contradicts that Radio 1's audience are shunning radio - although I guess they have more appeal with older audiences. Moyles and Radio X are also on the up which is pleasing to see.
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    That's from the 6 Music service licence - its remit is focussed on its output, not its audience it seems.
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    I've made this point before but I feel Radio 1's target audience should be 16-35, and not 16-24 (or 29 officially) as it is now. Radio 2's target demographic is 35+, leaving no mainstream BBC radio service aimed for those of us aged between 25 and 35. It's also all very well Ben Cooper talking about Radio 1's YouTube subscribers but without the pull of a strong breakfast show then there may well be less engagement with the platform. And of course radio should always be the priority. I happen to quite like Grimmy now, however the show really needs a bit of a revamp. The finest moments are when Grimmy is just himself and not so "on-script"- for example I enjoyed him talking about his dogs yesterday, or when him and Fiona naturally bounce off one another. The entertainment news is quite good in the sense that it gives Grimmy someone else to bounce off but there seems to be heavy reliance on it as a "feature".