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    2016 Power Intros

    * MONTAGE ALERT * I present to you, The Sound of "The One"... https://www.dropbox.com/s/z7trjsoeqn95te9/The Sound of The One - BBC Radio 1 2018.mp3?dl=0
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    20 years of Mills

    The Unofficial Mills Twitter account has reminded me that today's the day! 20 years of Scott on Radio 1. I'm so happy he's lasted this long, and hope he doesn't plan to go anywhere anytime soon. The absolute best in the business. A radio legend. Happy 20th Scott!
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    Fantasy Radio 1 Schedule

    Following up on Welovemoylespart2's post about Fantasy Christmas schedules, I was thinking, If you were the controller of Radio 1, what would your dream schedule be? What would keep you listening 24/7! Here's mine: Weekdays 6:30-10:00: Radio 1 Breakfast With Greg James 10:00-13:00: Adele Roberts (Feat. Live Lounge) 13:00-16:00: Matt & Mollie 16:00-19:00: Scott & Chris 19:00-21:00: Future Sounds With Annie Mac & Nick Grimshaw 21:00-23:00: Charlie Sloth Weekends 6:30-10:00: Weekend Breakfast With Dev 10:00-13:00: Jordan North 13:00-16:00: Alice Levine 16:00-19:00: Chart With Scott/Dance Anthems with Mistajam/Life Hacks with cel&katie.
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    I’d like to see Greg&Scott co-host Christmas Day Breakfast if Greg can’t do it solo. My dream Christmas schedule would be Christmas Eve Greg James Breakfast Adele Roberts Radio 1’s Greatest Christmas Hits with Maya and Jordon Matt and Mollie Phil Taagart The 8th with Dev Indie Show with Jack Saunders Christmas Day Breakfast:Greg and Scott (or Just Greg) Artist Takeover Bangers with Jordon North Matt and Mollie ArIelle Free. Annie Mac Boxing Day Scott Mills Best of the Live lounge with Adele Greatest Hits with Katie Pre-recorded show maybe Annie Mac New Year dance party with Mistajam Not sure after this
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    I started listening sometime from Monday 18th July 2011. Amy Winehouse died on Saturday 23rd and when this news broke I had only been listening a few days. The way I switched was random - I was listening to Magic 105.4 for months and one evening whilst driving home I got bored and hit a random preset on the radio which happened to be R1. I thought “let’s listen to R1 for a few days” and soon realised I had been missing out on great chart music, new music and fantastic club anthems. Intending to change to another random station soon, I realised I couldn’t because I was hooked. And since then my radio has stayed tuned to R1. I can even remember a song I was listening to within an hour of changing - Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce.