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    Maybe he will become the new weekday DJ if someone moved on? or looking to get him on R1 and someone like Jordan or Cel on 1xtra Hes been on R1 xtra for some years, maybe they are trying him for a new breakfast or drive host Maybe just that Dev is busy?
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    DAB pop up "Radio 1 Vintage" station for three days from 30th September with one hour extracts from archive shows. Tony Blackburn and Nick Grimshaw to launch it with a joint show and... MOYLES IS BACK!* *although I'm not sure how big his role will be, the article suggests it'll just be a five minute introduction to his retro show segments. Very excited about this. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/jun/29/radio-1-at-50-golden-oldies-to-return-for-celebration?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
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    Love the montage! Really pleased they're going all out on the 50th celebrations, the digital station is a brilliant idea. Surprised Scott wasn't included but I suppose he's still a current presenter. Would've liked to see Nick Grimshaw & Annie Mac from the Switch days on the line-up and Reggie Yates & Fearne Cotton rather than just Fearne considering Reggie was on both R1 and 1Xtra for so long and they were a great pairing (Fearne's best days were with Reggie). Regarding Moyles, it would've looked ridiculous and petty if they didn't include him (longest serving breakfast presenter and all that)- also, it's nothing to do with Global. Radio 1 own all of The Chris Moyles Show content and it'll all still be on their systems somewhere. Hope Live Lounge Month is a bit different to usual. Would also love Annie Mac to do some shows reflecting on the new acts Radio 1 have broken early on in their careers over the years. A countdown of the best 50 songs Radio 1 has played over the 50 years would be amazing too. Put out a shortlist of 100 and people can vote on the website. Count it down on the last Thursday in September- Scott doing 50-26 from 1-4pm and then Greg doing an Official Chart Special revealing the Number 1 before 5:45.
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    Interesting article here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-40431793 But I think Ben Cooper is being a bit disingenuous. It's not that there isn't a pool of talent available - it's that he isn't fully tapping into it. There are tons of people on commercial radio who'd do a decent job on Radio 1, but Ben Cooper never seems to commit. Look at the way Jordan North has been deppping for the best part of 2 1/2 years without a full time show. Pete Allison as well was a missed opportunity. I also dislike the way he talks about casually plucking people off TV as an easy way of recruiting.
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    Dev was unavailable to cover as he was in Majorica (I think!). Yasser covered his weekend show. Mistajam was much better than Cel Spellman!
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    It looks like MistaJam is covering Greg's show on Thursday and Friday this week. Interesting to see him doing more weekday cover.
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    I really enjoyed MistaJam covering for Greg particularly on The Official Chart Show. He sounded so slick and it really came across that he was hugely honoured to be hosting the Historic show. Also enjoyed the fact he did his own feature on Thursday between 6-7 replacing the Ten Minute Takeover. It was a way more enjoyable experience than Dev. Perhaps Dev's days are numbered at R1? Or he was just in a can't be arsed to cover again mood (I wouldn't blame him) Sent from my SM-A520F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
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    Interesting article. It's a fair point about syndication and cuts to local commercial radio and that the likes of T4, MTV live shows etc aren't around anymore and they often had young talent to choose from. However, there are still plenty of young, talented, passionate presenters out there to choose from. They took a risk with Greg James- got him to cover Sara Cox the day after he graduated! There's got to be some brilliant talent from student radio they should nurture and develop. Same with commercial radio- recruit young talent from local or regional stations who have potential. Only if they're good enough of course. He's brought in Clara Amfo, Jordan North and Adele Roberts (from 1Xtra) in recent years but it seems like way more could be done. Getting Rylan to cover seemed like desperation, as did Cel Spellman getting a show (he's not awful and yes, he's a big CBBC name but will never be weekday material IMO and a 20 year old from student radio who has natural radio talent should be given a chance instead). One name I'd keep an eye out for- Riyadh Khalaf. He's been doing BBC3 documentaries, has a huge YouTube following and presented on a radio station in Dublin as well as being an entertainment reporter. Wouldn't be surprised to see him doing some weekend cover in the coming months.
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    Funny that Chris Evans is absent as well given he's still at the Beeb, completely rehabilitated. And Steve Wright. Then again, if you want to hear a retro edition of Steve Wright in the Afternoon, all you need to do is listen to yesterday's episode - you won't be able to tell the difference.