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Beccy is the worst prank caller in the world. She makes another call to Chappers... this time as Olympics organiser Lord Sebastian Coe. Will Chappers fall for it? Of course not!
Chappers is on holiday so Beccy calls him posing as a worker from his hotel.
Scott wasn't on this evening but Radio 1 still tried to make the New Year a spectacular event. Here there's how the station entered 2009.
Newsbeat goes live with some new remixed beds. Here is a clip from Greg James' show.
Fresh to Radio 2 Paul O'Grady welcomes along Greg James on his new show.
Those old people are back on again to describe some celebrities to Scott and Chappers.
Listeners are asked to guess correctly Scott's brother's name for a chance to shock Scott. How many on the text list will identify his brother's name correctly?
Scott Mills in the Livestock Lounge in this 'extreme' version. Hear what happens when he comes face to face with a cute little penguin... oh and a massive snake!
The Honesty Game is back again and today we find out whether the team have ever ended up in the wrong bed Chappers' bizarre board game favourites and which Moyles team member they'd each eat if stuck on a mountain together.
1 212 213 214 215 216 219 2140 / 2182 POSTS